Nate Grimes

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Blue
Dick Size: 7 inch dick
Height: 6’0″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 175lbs
Sexual Positions: Bottom

Men gay porn scenes of Nate Grimes

Soft-spoken Nate Grimes describes his first sexual encounter with a guy, how he discovered he was a bottom, and what he’s most looking forward to in his scene today with Diego Sans, and it makes him impatient to get started.

The guys’ arousal increases as they kiss passionately, pulling off each other’s clothes, and Nick gets his first taste of Diego’s big cock.

Diego uses his tongue and his fingers to make Nate’s ass nice and ready for him, then takes him deep in doggy style.

Nate loves to ride Diego’s dick and even takes a hard pile driver pounding before Diego’s talented fucking skills have him cumming hard, and Diego pulls out to add his load to the mix…Join them!

Doctor Nate Grimes is trying his hardest to keep his mind on his current patient all the while hottie Zane Williams is having a sponge bath from sexy nurse Michael Jackman on the other side of the curtain.

When Nate sneaks behind the curtain he finds Michael sucking down hard on Zane’s huge cock.

Dr. Nate takes over the handjob, then sucks the patient’s cock with his nurse assisting before they line up to eat each other’s holes.

It’s the doctor’s turn to get fucked by Zane first, then Michael rides Nate’s cock before getting fucked doggy style by Zane.

Nurse Michael then gets to penetrate Dr. Nate till he pulls out and cums, before the sexy nurse takes a facial from both Zane and Nate.

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When silver fox Ron’s (Dale Savage) overnight house guest arrives while the A/C is out, he tells the nerdy, young man to slip out of his duds and get comfortable.

IT guy Greg (Nate Grimes) is a bit shy to strip in front of the older man at first, but before long the guys have their dicks out and are challenging each other to a sword fight.

Nate sucks Ron’s cock and Ron fingers Nate’s hole while swallowing the twink’s boner, then fucks Greg missionary before telling the younger man it’s his turn to top him.

Greg does a great job of pounding Ron’s hole till the DILF cums, then feeding Ron his load.

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Nate Grimes has been planning his Thanks Giving dinner for months but when his friends all cancel at the same moment he decides to invite his neighbors to share the celebrations.

While Kyle Connors and Kaleb Stryker are in the kitchen with Nate preparing the food, Jack Hunter is feeling horny and finds a hollowed-out gourd which he uses to jerk himself off.

They return to find Jack with his big dick balls-deep in the butternut squash and they get so excited that they get naked and Kaleb starts sucking Kyle’s huge dick.

Nate can’t believe his dinner party has turned into a veggie orgy, but Jack encourages him to give the gourd a try.

Nate’s dick gets super hard fucking the squash, and soon he’s joining Kyle and Kaleb and getting fucked in a hot threesome as Jack watches and strokes his cock.

Kyle, Nate, and Kaleb give Jack a triple facial before the veggie perv blows a hot load on the sexy squash.

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Sexy bearded hunk and professional removal man Dante Colle is delivering the boxes to his cute young customer Nate Grimes.

As Nate is bending over opening a package Dante catches an eyeful of the young Nate’s hot bubble butt through his pants.

Nate surprises Dante and catches him in the act. “Yes, that box goes in the bedroom,” replies Nate.

Dante trips as he enters the bedroom sending the contents flying all over the floor.

It is Nate’s sex toy box and the room is now covered in different sized dildos.

Dante plays with the wobbly rubber dicks pretending to deep throat one and flashing the another from his pants.

He’s getting horny and starts to suck on a huge dildo whilst feeling his soft cock getting hard with his hand in his crotch.

Dante pulls out his big almost erect dick and starts to jerk off, all the while licking and caressing the plastic dick.

Nate returns and finds Dante’s big cock sticking out from the bottom of the box. He sucks down hard giving Dante a balls deep blowjob.

Nate sits on Dante’s cock before telling the top to fuck him with the massive dildo, and Dante can’t believe his eyes as the power bottom’s hole swallows the whole thing.

That hole is still nice and tight when Dante fucks Nate doggy style and piledriver, and soon Dante has Nate cumming before finishing off with a hot facial.

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Sexy young stud Nate Grimes tricks his hot mates Pierce Paris and Johnny B who are all really horny to give him a double cum facial, but just as they both explode cum all over the place, Nate dodges the bullets.

Pierce and Johnny are determined to get Nate back but each time they get close to him he manages to miss all the cum flying about, while Nate manages to jizz on their faces when they are not expecting it.

They two hot hunks blindfold cum dodging Nate with his own pair of undies and then they shoot their loads over him finally giving him the jizz shower that had been deserved.

The three of them celebrate the fun with a hardcore barebacking threesome.

Johnny fucks Nate doggy style as Nate sucks Pierce’s cock, then it’s Johnny’s turn to get pounded in piledriver by Pierce as he sucks Nate’s dick before Nate fucks Johnny doggy style.

Pierce and Nate take turns stretching Johnny’s tight hole, then Nate lies back to take the double facial he deserves before cumming all over himself.

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Sexy young stud Michael Boston is wide awake in bed and he’s super horny but when he wakes his BF he is not ready to play but wants to sleep longer.

So Michael lies there frustrated until he hears an intruder in their home.

The sexy bottom boy Michael heads downstairs to confront Nate Grimes in nothing but his boxers, and Nate agrees to let Michael pat him down.

When Michael feels the masked man’s hard dick in his pants, he takes it out and sucks it, then leads him into the bedroom for Nate to eat his ass right next to his cuck boyfriend.

Michael moans as he takes Nate’s cock deep in doggy style to wake his BF up, so he quickly cuffs him and makes him watch as Nate pounds his hole in mish, then he rides the ass bandit on the couch.

The anal intruder bends Michael over the bed till the bottom cums, then leaves some evidence on his cheeks before he makes his escape.

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It is the anniversary of hot couple Arad Winwin and Nate Grimes meeting and they are struggling to find a way to celebrate as they cannot go out for their anniversary this year.

Instead, they decide to make the best of it.

Nate decorates their home with a sexy glamping theme to surprise his man, and the guys relax and feed each other chocolates before sensually kissing.

Nate gives Arad a slow, sensuous blowjob, then Arad undresses Nate and sucks his cock before rimming him.

The top teases Nate’s hole with his hard dick, then eases inside in doggy style.

The lovers gaze into each other’s eyes as Arad penetrates Nate missionary, and the bottom rides his husband until he orgasms, then eagerly takes a big cum facial.

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Have you always wanted to hook up with your favorite gay porn stars?

Enjoy the next best thing as today Nate Grimes brings you into his world.

Hang out with Nate in the barn as he teases you, taking off his backward cap and pulling up his white undershirt to show his cut abs and chest, then slipping off his plaid shirt to flex his biceps.

Nate strokes himself through his jeans with a wink, then pulls down his jockstrap to show you his surprisethe black cock cage he’s wearing.

Nate spreads his ass for you and eagerly fills it with a huge toy.

When Ashton Summers joins the fun, Nate sucks his cock through a glory hole, then rides the top.

Ashton penetrates Nate in missionary and bends him over a crate to fuck that hole doggy style, then cums in Nate’s mouth.

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Clark Delgaty gets home early from his jog to catch his husband Nate Grimes cheating.

Nate tells his lover Skyy Knox to climb out the window, but the naked cheater gets stuck, and when Clark enters and sees a bare ass poking out, he thinks it’s his man’s, immediately spanking it and fingering the hole.

Skyy gets so horny that when Nate comes outside to see what’s the holdup, he starts sucking Nate’s dick as Clark fucks him doggy style.

That’s when Clark catches them and pulls them both inside.

He roughly feeds Nate his big dick, then hatefucks him doggy style before enlisting Skyy to help DP the cheating bottom.

Clark and Skyy take turns fucking Nate piledriver, then Nate eats Skyy’s load.

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Fisting Central gay porn scenes of Nate Grimes

Head Prison Guard Myles Landon is showing his newest inmates to the ways of Dorchester Correctional Facility, where he rules the roster with an iron fist and a rock-hard cock and uses and abuses his power on the prisoners for his own selfish amusement.

Back in restraints and with his nuts crushed in a C-clamp, Nate Grimes watches with a mix of fear, revulsion and arousal as his fellow inmate Drew Dixon is chained to a desk with a boot strapped around his neck and repeatedly violated by Officer Myles’ thick nightstick of a cock.

Myles wrecks the British brat’s butt hole, all the while taunting and tormenting Nate with threats of even worse treatment. Nate is soon told to kneel and eat his buddy’s freshly fucked ass, as Drew wisely surrenders to the hopeless situation and starts finding pleasure in his brutal punishment.

Myles makes Nate stand up and pound Drew till they all reach a thundering orgasm and the two little prison bitches are put back in their places in their holding cell to await whatever wicked new ideas Myles can whip up for them tomorrow and contemplate their new prison life that is both stir crazy and ‘sir’ crazy…Join them!

Fisting Inferno gay porn scenes of Nate Grimes

Alone in a rural bathroom, Drew Dixon strokes his uncut cock at a urinal.

When Drew is joined by Nate Grimes, a few words are exchanged and suddenly Drew is on his knees deepthroating Nate’s dick.

From the front to the back, Drew proves his oral skills with a sopping wet hummer and deep blowjob.

Now that Nate is all slick with spit, Drew surprises Nate with a raw cock in his ass.

When Nate wants something more than Drew’s pole, Drew hits his knees again and begins working his fists into Nate’s crack.

As the hefty fists disappear between Nate’s cheeks, Drew delivers a vigorous handballing that Nate can’t get enough of.

After taking it from behind, Nate gets on top to ride Drew down to his forearm.

Drew lays Nate on his back and keeps fist-fucking his gaping ass while he sucks Nate’s cock, until he hits the right spot inside Nate, making Nate shoot all over himself.

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Young mustached stud Nate Grimes is helping Ace Stallion, his sexy gym buddy to perfect his warmup stretching before they get started on their big workout.

After an intense rubdown in the locker room, Nate decides that Ace’s hot bubble butt could use some internal stretching.

Nate lubes up Ace’s ass with his tongue before using his hard 8′ cock to bareback the jock’s smooth hole.

With Ace on all fours and his shorts pushed down to his knees, Nate’s fist begins to work its way inside of Ace.

Nate then brings it to the next level by using his dick to fuck Ace while simultaneously keeping a fist inside of his stretched-out hole.

After a few more intense thrusts of Nate’s raw cock and some strokes from his own hand, Ace moans, shoots his load and gets ready to hit the gym showers.

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Bromo gay porn scenes of Nate Grimes

It is at times like this that Nate Grimes gets terribly nervous, he’s waiting for gangland mobster Chris Damned who is holding a briefcase full of ready cash.

The tattooed criminal immediately figures out something’s up, stripping Nate to find the wire taped to his chest, and running his hands all over the go-between’s body to find a stack of cash stuffed down the back of his pants.

There’s more money missing, so Chris bends Nate over the table, leisurely removing his expensive suit as he rims the nervous bottom, then fists his hole.

Despite Nate’s best efforts, Chris finds the roll of cash stuffed up that ass, pulling it out and replacing it with his cock instead! Nate makes it up to Chris by sucking him and riding his dick reverse.

Then the mobster fucks the power bottom with a baseball bat as Nate jacks off till he cums, and Chris shows him who’s boss with a facial.

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