Leo Grand

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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Leo Grand makes his porn studio debut in a very special condom-free scene with real life boyfriend Blake Mitchell. In this love letter to their relationship they allow us an intimate look into their life together from its beginnings to today including a romantic and erotically intense glimpse into their sex life.

Lying together they fondle and admire each other’s growing cocks with Leo taking a taste of Blake and then sucking him with increasing, lustful enthusiasm. Leo pleases his man by deep-throating him several times with remarkable ease, leading Blake to lovingly suck him back.

Soon Blake lies Leo on his back to feed his cock into his throat and eventually leaning forward to suck him deep in a sensual 69. It isn’t long before Blake turns his attention to licking and fingering Leo’s hole and asking him to ride his cock. Leo eases himself down on Blake’s thick cock and fucks himself before yielding to Blake thrusting deep inside him.

In time Blake turns Leo around and resumes his upward thrusts and soon Leo is eagerly bouncing up and down on his cock. They slow down and Blake picks up Leo to lie him on his back for a variable speed deep drilling. Blake relentlessly thrusts into Leo and easily fucks a HUGE load out of him, Blake uses it as lube and flips Leo on his stomach, fucking him deep while pressed against him.

He soon rises up to shoot all over Leo’s bubble butt and his back and buries his cock back in. Blake is wiped out and speechless, leaving a happy Leo to add some levity with his witty punchline…Join them!

Sweet cute Leo Grand and curly-haired ripped twink Zeke Wood really hit it off on this their first-ever meeting.

Zeke loves sensuous touching and smothers young Leo’s nipples and neck with hot kisses.

The hot boys make out, kissing passionately in just their tight sexy underwear feeling each others’ sexy bodies and unleashing their big soft dicks.

As soon as they touch each others’ dicks they spring up to attention fully erect.

Leo sucks down hard on Zeke’s huge thick dick before Zeke returns the favor sucking Leo’s long cock right back until his balls are on his lips.

Zeke then fingers Leo’s tight boy hole and gives his firm ass a resounding slap.

Soon, Zeke, has Leo bent over so he can really finger and eat out his tasty hole before moving in front of him so Leo can suck his big dick and give vivid pleasure

Soon, Zeke wants his ass eaten and lies back while Leo gives his hole the same attentive oral pleasure…and some finger probing.

In response Zeke gives Leo his best sucking, taking his rigid cock into his throat. And after getting it hard and slick, Zeke wants to be fucked. With his legs up and open he takes Leo’s sensuously driven, deep thrusts, his cock hitting the target every time.

Still, Zeke wants his turn, adding a kinky twist by fitting Leo with a collared harness and he proceeds to have fun with Leo’s hole again.

He rims and probes him with one and two fingers and after opening him up enough Zeke plows him deep, periodically tugging on the collar as he fucks. Zeke gets close to the edge but switches it up again.

Zeke withdraws to sucks Leo’s cock again…and then ride it.

He dismounts several times only to suck Leo and lube his cock until he leans back, riding him to the hilt.

With the help of Leo stroking him, Zeke finally let’s go and shoots his load over Leo.

He kisses him gratefully, but Leo isn’t done. He fucks Zeke from behind and pulls out to shoot his load over his hole and into him. Zeke and Leo couldn’t be happier, acknowledging this joy with passionate kissing.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

After the party, Leo Grand and Brock Banks get some alone time in the bedroom where Brock affectionately kisses Leo all over.

He soon focuses his attention on Leo’s cute ass, specifically his “honey hole” and he uses all of his mouth and tongue on it.

Brock just can’t get enough, and Leo loves all the pleasure including Brock cock-teasing his hole.

So, when Brock wants it, Leo is happy to suck his big dick.

Leo gives Brock’s cock lots of attention only stopping periodically to kiss him.

At the same time, Brock can’t keep his hands off Leo’s butt.

Finally, he just has to be inside Leo, who agrees and in no time, he’s sitting on Brock’s cock, riding him and taking his deep thrusts.

Brock still gives his hole a break by sucking his cock, while Leo reaches behind Broke to stroke him.

And when asked, Leo goes right back to sucking Brock and getting his cock spit-lubed again.

Soon Brock puts Leo into position and after a little more ass-eating slides in from behind and power tops him with passionate domination and dirty talk.

After pounding him every which, Brock gets Leo on his back to drill him on his back and their connection intensifies.

Brock’s targeted thrusts do their job and Leo shoots a thick load over himself.

Brock pulls out just in time to cum on Leo’s hole, a thick load they both love.

Already bound together they seal it with one more deep kiss.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!