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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Taurus
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8 inch dick
Height: 5’11”
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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Instant chemistry rules as Ace Quinn meets fellow French Canadian Carter Dane. After getting to know each other a little, Carter lies back, teasingly stroking himself in front of Ace, who takes the bait and makes out with him.

Ace’s sensual kisses slowly move down Carter’s muscular torso and down to his cock which he sucks just as sensually, much to Carter’s pleasure. Soon Carter gets on his knees and goes down on Ace, sucking him deeply and taking some of his face-fucking.

Ace soon takes more control flipping Carter back on the bed to eat his ass and sit lube him. And in time Ace flips Carter on all fours to give his hole a variable speed drilling.

He slows down only once to thrust deep into him and flip him back to pile-drive him over the side of the bed. After pulling Carter back up the bed Ace slides back in sideways and drives into him deep bringing Carter closer and closer to the edge.

But before he does Ace turns Carter on his back and keeps fucking him until he explodes in a thick load over himself. Ace keeps pumping and shoots inside Carter.

He plays with the cum oozing out of Carter’s hole and gives him one more passionate kiss for the road…Join them!

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Alex Mecum is ready to fulfill his dirty cuck fantasies, so he brings Bo Sinn home to fuck his boyfriend, Ace Quinn, while he watches.

Ace sucks Bo’s cock, and Alex steps in to help take off Ace’s tight jeans, then sits back and strokes his cock as he enjoys the show.

Bo fucks Ace doggy style and spoon before the bottom gets on top to ride that huge dick hard.

Ace loves getting pounded by the sexy tattooed stranger so much, he blows a massive load, and Bo pulls out to cum all over the bottom’s cock…Join them!

Bearded top Freddie Daze is a very visual person who enjoys watching muscular guys play with themselves… and he loves diving in deep to eat ass.

Ace Quinn is excited to see what Freddie can do, and the sexy top hungrily devours Ace’s cock before sliding his tongue into Ace’s hole.

Ace wants Freddie’s big dick in his ass, and Freddie goes deep, pounding Ace in doggy style before the handsome bottom rides him till he cums, then takes Freddie’s hot load on his face…Join them!

Ace Quinn has planned a special surprise for his boyfriend’s birthday: He leaves a note on the door telling him to come in and eat his cake, then waits, blindfolded and on all fours, with a mouth-watering cupcake balanced on his spread ass.

But before Ace’s BF can come home, stranger Markus Kage sees the birthday surprise and decides to take it for himself, slipping inside and slipping his tongue into Ace’s ass.

Markus tastes the cupcake before feeding Ace his dick and then pounding his ass… which is when Ace’s man arrives, and no sooner storms out.

Markus has been doing such a great job fucking his ass, though, Ace wants to keep going.

He takes that dick till he cums and Markus gives him a creampie, then for the cherry on top, feeds Ace a cum-dipped cherry…Join them!

Ace Quinn thinks Michael Boston is super cute, with a fat, juicy ass he can’t wait to eat and nice, plump lips he’s excited to kiss.

Ace dishes the details on his favorite kind of sex, his porn-watching habits, and his fave positions before hopping into the shower with Michael to finally get his hands on that ass.

The guys start some intense making out before Ace fucks Michael’s throat, then eats his ass and fingers him.

Ace fucks Michael’s tight hole nice and deep in doggy style and then enjoys his favorite topping position before Michael cums hard, moaning loudly.

That’s just what Ace likes to hear, so he pulls out and cums all over Michael…Join them!

Diego Sans is so excited to shoot with new Men.com exclusive model Ace Quinn, he doesn’t even know where to start.

He decides to dive right in with pressing his body up against athletic Ace as the two men kiss passionately, then hungrily devouring his cock and balls before tasting his ass.

Ace can’t let Diego have all the fun, so he takes a turn sucking Diego’s dick before he hops on and rides him reverse.

Ace definitely lives up to all of Diego’s expectations, cumming hard as he takes a deep doggy style pounding, and Diego leaves a big load on his perfect ass…Join them!


Ace Quinn and Gabriel Clark first met on the set of a mainstream movie where they were cast in a sex scene together…with no real fucking.

That’s why today Ace is stoked to finally get topped by Gabriel for real, something he’s been thinking about ever since that day.

Ace says that what’s most important to him during sex is great chemistry, and he and Gabriel certainly have that as they make out and suck each other’s cocks.

Gabriel’s been waiting a long time to lick Ace’s ass, and he needs to fuck it, so Ace quickly scrambles into piledriver to take that big dick nice and deep.

These hotties keep things hot and heavy as Gabriel fucks Ace doggy style and then mish till Ace cums. Gabriel tops off their reunion by cumming all over Ace…Join them!


After long weeks ramping up their sexual tension as they chatted online, Ace Quinn and Trent King are finally about to meet in the flesh. Trent says that he can’t wait to fuck Ace, who is impressed that Trent is even hotter in person.

These hotties have already waited a long time, but that doesn’t mean they’re not going to take their time teasing and tantalizing as they kiss and slowly undress each other.

Ace is thrilled to finally get his hands and mouth on Trent’s big black cock, then enjoys the sensation as Trent fingers his tight hole before finally fucking Ace’s ass…Join them!


“As an Aries we tend to be on the impulsive side, we take the lead and look for a partner who will let us try new things.” Ryan Bones explains the natures of Aries men, that they’re dominating and love to take a man from behind.

As an Aries knows, though, talk is cheap. Ryan puts the action behind his words by letting sexy blonde Ace Quinn worship his cock with a long and intimate blowjob before instructing him to bend over and show off his perfect ass and hungry hole.

Ryan strokes and teases Ace’s bubble butt, stroking his cock as the muscular bottom presents himself. Ace strokes Ryan’s cock between his feet, giving the dark-haired top the exact sort of new experience that an Aries craves.

After the extended teasing session, Ryan gives Ace the hardcore pounding he needs, spanking his ass and drilling him deep with his thick cock…Join them!

Ace Quinn and Ashton Summers first met at an after-party so they are enthusiastic to partner here today.

Ashton likes Ace’s ass best, while Ace is drawn to Ashton’s sexy smile and his perfect pecs.

The guys chat about relationships and why they like eye contact during sex before Ashton makes the first move, kissing Ace as he unbuttons his shirt and then draws his mouth down his chest.

Ace sucks Ashton’s cock and Ashton fingers Ace’s hole before sliding his cock inside Doggystyle.

Ace rides Ashton face to face so the guys can watch each other, then it’s his turn to top!

This flip-fuck heats up as Ace fucks Ashton doggy style and mish, and Ashton cums before taking a hot creampie.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Ace Quinn is a little bit bored of his old sex toy which just isn’t working the same as in the past, but suddenly he has a brilliant idea.

He straps the huge rubber dildo to a spotlight and hauls it outside to send up the emergency dick signal, and not one but three horny tops show up to help a guy in need.

Ace invites the men inside to see who measures up to his needs and chooses hung stud Malik Delgaty.

Although Ace tells the other two guys they can head out, they secretly stay to watch as Ace starts blowing Malik, deepthroating his thick cock as the top spanks his ass.

As Malik penetrates the bottom doggy-style, he notices the watchers, smiling and winking as they stroke their dicks and enjoy his performance.

He pounds Ace in missionary and breeds his hole with a creampie.

Ace is glad the other two haven’t left yet, because he needs more dick.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Horny bottom boy Ace Quinn may have only just taken Malik Delgaty’s huge cock getting his ass filled with his cum, but he is eager for more dick.

Ace notices that sexy top stud William Seed had been watching all the action as Malik plugged his hole and persuades him to join him in bed. Ace eagerly deep throats William’s massive cock.

William fucks Ace’s face and fingers his hole, and Ace needs no more encouragement to start riding William’s dick.

William gets on top and fucks the bottom nice and deep, and as Ace cums, he gives him another big load in his ass.

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This heat has everyone sweaty and extra horny.

When Teddy Torres notices an anonymous invitation by Ace Quinn to follow him into his garage, he’s more than willing.

Inside, the horny men get at it leading to a breeding session by the hairy Teddy and the young stud Ace.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!