Calhoun Sawyer

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Calhoun Sawyer In his own words: “I am an alpha male. I am kind and with a big hard and I love to fuck ass. “

BSB comments: “Down to earth young man, with some great ideas to help others. Wait til you see his nice package.”

Hair Color: Ginger
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8 inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Nationality: American

Men gay porn scenes of Calhoun Sawyer

After closing out the bar, handsome Nic Sahara stumbles on an exhausted Calhoun Sawyer and his Southern charm.

After chatting for a while, Nic finds out that Calhoun doesn’t have a ride, so they decide to stay in and keep hanging out, which led to them going down on each other’s huge, uncut cocks.

When the fun really starts, the two studs move to the pool table where Nic bends Calhoun over and starts dicking him hard and fast as Calhoun’s moans grow louder.

Nic keeps pounding away at Calhoun’s hot, ginger ass until he cums all over himself, then gets on his knees and swallows every drip of Nic’s warm load…Join them!

Collectively known as the Fab 3, Diego Sans, Paul Canon, and Sean Zevran are on a mission to bring out every guy’s best self, and today their target is scruffy, redheaded landscape gardener Calhoun Sawyer.

Calhoun’s friends say he has a stick up his ass, and he could definitely use some help with his look, so grooming expert Diego Sans leaps into action.

The whimsical stylist covers Calhoun’s eyes with a towel and rubs his cock in the stud’s face, and Calhoun jacks himself as he sucks Diego’s boner.

The long-haired top eats his hole, then replaces the stick in Calhoun’s ass with his dick.

The guys 69 before Calhoun bounces on Diego’s cock, then Diego pounds Calhoun’s ass mish, jacking the bottom’s dick till he cums and then blowing his load in Calhoun’s mouth.

Diego’s done such a great job on Calhoun’s outer transformation, Paul and Sean can’t wait to get their hands on him next!

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

The total lifestyle makeover of landscape gardener Calhoun Sawyer continues as food expert Paul Canon addresses the truly sad state of Calhoun’s kitchen.

The hot chef and his eager student work up an appetite as they make some tangy and creamy guacamole, feeding it to each other with their fingers.

Then Calhoun gets a taste of Paul’s big cock, and Paul devours the sexy Southerner’s ass.

This chef’s favorite position is, of course, spoon, and he reaches around to stroke Calhoun’s cock as he fucks his ass on the counter till the bottom cums.

Paul blows his load into the guacamole bowl and feeds Calhoun the tasty treat.

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The Fab 3’s culture expert Sean Zevran is more than a little worried about gardener Calhoun Sawyer rest day activities.

Calhoun spends the whole day playing video games and Sean wants to persuade him to try out a new hobby or develop a passion in life.

Sean encourages Calhoun to volunteer, and Calhoun volunteers to suck Sean’s cock.

The guys strip and Sean swallows Calhoun’s boner as the sexy gardener fingers his hole, then firmly plants his tongue inside.

Sean rides Calhoun’s pole, and Calhoun takes a quick break to deepthroat the bottom before fucking him doggy style.

The southern top gives the culture expert a huge facial, and Sean licks Calhoun’s cock clean as he jacks off and cums.

Another amazing transformation complete.

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If you had the time and the funds to travel the world doing whatever your heart desires, you might follow in the footsteps of Southern redhead Calhoun Sawyer, globetrotting ass aficionado.

Calhoun’s had his eye on Damien Kyle for a while, the only dude who travels even more than Calhoun does.

The guys have finally met up in the same city, and Calhoun’s a little nervous to finally meet Damien in the flesh, but that nervousness turns to pure excitement the minute Damien wraps his lips around Calhoun’s cock.

Calhoun fucks Damien’s hole in doggy style and piledriver, and the bearded bottom can’t get enough of that big fat dick.

Calhoun strokes Damien’s cock as he fucks him missionary, then pulls out and covers him with cum.

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Calhoun Sawyer’s got the resources to jet around the world to fuck, but he doesn’t have the game, so he visits master twink-whisperer Jax Thirio in Nashville to get some tips.

Jax has a network of cuties all over the country, and he’s more than happy to team up with Calhoun, introduce him to some guys, and give him some lessons in picking up dudes.

Calhoun is a bit shy to get things started, so Jax tells him to come suck his big dick, fucking Calhoun’s mouth before eating the redhead’s ass.

Jax eases that huge boner into Calhoun’s hole doggy style, then the bottom rides him reverse before Jax fucks him spoon.

Calhoun cums as Jax fucks him mish, before the top blows his load on the redhead’s hole.

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Calhoun Sawyer has been criss-crossing the country searching for big dicks.

Today he drops by Chattanooga where he meets fellow young ginger and muscled farmer Kyle Connors for some hardcore dick action.

Kyle’s a sexy young stud with a biff body and big dick and he is a big fan of Calhoun’s famous hard cock.

Country boy Kyle has some impressive deepthroating skills, and he’s more than impressed by Calhoun’s tongue in his hole, which soon has him begging for that dick.

Calhoun fucks the burly bottom doggystyle, then blows Kyle’s mind by sucking his toes as he pounds him mish.

Calhoun cums on Kyle’s face, then asks the other redhead to shoot hot jizz all over his cock.

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JJ Knight and Calhoun Sawyer are at home planning to celebrate the close of the old year as they are totally fed up with the restrictions of 2020 and looking forward to freedom in 2021.

As JJ uncorks the bottle of champagne, and the cork goes flying off, and in a final twist to 2020, it lands directly into Calhoun’s tight asshole.

Calhoun tells his man to come to uncork him, so JJ pulls it out with his teeth, then eats his BF’s hole before fucking him doggy style.

Calhoun rides the top’s dick, then deepthroats him before JJ fucks him spoon on the couch.

JJ works his man’s hole while jacking his cock till Calhoun cums, then pulls out to shoot a hot load all over the bottom’s chest just as the confetti explodes.

Who needs a good raw ass fucking to start 2021?

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Hot redhead muscle stud Calhoun Sawyer and ripped dark-haired hunk Kaleb Stryker are together having a warm shower.

They soap up and run each others’ hands over their sexy bodies.

Calhoun grabs at Kaleb’s soft soapy dick and Kaleb rubs his ass over Calhoun’s crotch, getting him all horny.

Now with both young dudes getting stonking hardons, Calhoun rubs the tip of his big erect mushroom cockhead up and down Kaleb’s smooth ass crack.

With Kaleb holding the taps pushing his bubble butt asshole back hard onto Calhoun’s thick cock as Calhoun forces it deep inside his hole.

He grinds his ass against the top’s cock feeling every inch of Calhoun’s stiff erection moving inside him.

The guys dry off and head to the bedroom, where Kaleb gives Calhoun a thorough hand job, tantalizing him with little licks before sucking that dick.

He bends over the side of the bed as Calhoun fucks him doggy style, then rides him.

Calhoun fucks the bottom mish till Kaleb cums and begs for a facial, so the redhead covers his pretty face in cum.

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Broke Straight Boys gay porn scenes of Calhoun Sawyer

Ryan Parks goes from kissing Calhoun Sawyer’s mouth to sucking his cock once these sexy boys get things going.

Calhoun is hard in seconds as Ryan’s lips and tongue work that sweet pink shaft until Ryan’s own throbbing dick needs attention, too.

Pulling Ryan’s cock out, Calhoun deepthroats the fuck out of it, choking on that thick prick as Ryan pushes it deeper into Calhoun’s mouth.

Ryan treats Calhoun to one more round of oral, this time rimming and licking Calhoun’s ass hole, getting him nice and wet so he can slide his fat dick right inside.

Pushing in balls deep, Ryan fills Calhoun up with his cock and fucks him raw, both guys moaning in pleasure as Calhoun’s ass gets stretched.

Turning onto his stomach Calhoun takes every inch of that dick, backing his ass up against it as he fucks himself with Ryan’s bareback shaft.

Ryan stands up, pulling Calhoun to the edge of the bed and fucking him there, Calhoun’s legs spread wide so he can get the most penetration as Ryan pounds him.

Ryan jerks Calhoun’s prick until he makes Calhoun shoot his load and Ryan pulls out to nut, shooting his cum all over Calhoun, making sure he gets a taste as Calhoun cleans Ryan’s cock off with his mouth…Join them!

Calhoun Sawyer leans in to kiss James Dawn, their tongues teasing each other as Calhoun unzips James’s pants.

When James loses his underwear, Calhoun finds his way down to that uncut cock and deep throats the fuck out of it.

Sucking it and working it with his mouth, he gets James hard then stands up and has James’s mouth around his dick next.

James sucks Calhoun’s prick and balls, but Calhoun just can’t get enough of James and goes back for seconds.

Calhoun gives James’s cock a little more attention before bending his legs up and eating his ass, his tongue rimming that tight hole.

With James’s hole dripping wet, Calhoun slides his hard shaft inside of him and fucks him good, that raw prick deep in James as Calhoun sucks on James’s toes.

Turning onto all fours, James takes more of Calhoun’s hard dick, playing with his own cock as he gets pounded bareback.

When Calhoun gets James on his back, it’s only a matter of minutes before he fucks the cum out of James then pulls out to nut all over, hot cum dripping onto James as they both catch their breath…Join them!

Masyn Thorne is a lucky boy, today he’s together with ginger young stud Calhoun Sawyer who is giving him plenty of his sexy attention.

Calhoun’s inquisitive lips move slowly over Masyn’s smooth body, kissing, licking his nipples, and sucking down hard on his hardening cock.

Masyn returns the favor deepthroating his huge dick nestling amongst his red pubic hair bush.

But Calhoun still wants more, he stretches Masyn’s legs up so that he can rim Masyn’s ass, getting his tongue deep between his ass cheeks, licking wet his hot straight boy hole.

Masyn’s hole is lubed up and Calhoun presses home his erect cock till it is halfway in. Masyn asks him to slow down as he struggles to accommodate Calhoun’s full length.

Masyn tries one more time with him on top and slowly releasing his ass muscles around Calhoun’s thick dick. But he’s just too big and they decide to flip so Calhoun takes a cock instead.

This works much better as Calhoun’s ass is used to big cocks, he straddles Masyn his legs akimbo with Masyn’s dick pumping balls deep and slapping against Calhoun’s butt cheeks.

Calhoun grinds himself up and down taking every inch of Masyn’s hard meat. Then Masyn flips Calhoun onto his back and bareback fucks him hard until they both erupt with huge orgasms spraying cum all over themselves.

Calhoun cleans up licking Masyn’s dripping cock clean.

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One underappreciated benefit of self-driving cars, you and your passenger get to fuck en route.

That’s exactly what Calhoun Sawyer and James Dawn realize as they lounge in the back seat and make out, Calhoun ass naked as James goes down on him.

James sucks Calhoun’s fat cock, getting him hard as they cruise along, and Calhoun returns the favor, wrapping his lips around James’s sweet meat and big balls.

Calhoun bends James over in the back seat and gives him a rim job before putting his cock in that ass instead.

Moaning as Calhoun goes deeper, James gets his ass fucked raw and hard, getting taken in every position they can manage in such a tight space.

As James rides Calhoun’s prick, they both cum hard, shooting nice thick loads before sitting back to catch their breath as the traffic speeds past.

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Jos Alvarez and Calhoun Sawyer make out kissing passionately when Calhoun reaches down into Jos’s tight underwear pulling his big soft cock free and sucking it down to the back of his throat.

Jos’s soft cock gets fully erect on Calhoun’s expert tongue, Jos returns the favor deep throating Calhoun’s huge cock.

Now with them both lying on the bed, the sexy boys 69 gagging on each other’s hard dicks with Jos giving some lip attention to Calhoun’s big cum filled balls.

Jos manages to take Calhoun’s huge erect dick deep in his ass on the second time of trying. His tight hole stretches just enough to let Calhoun pump him full.

But Jos’s ass needs some special attention after getting stretched to the brim with cock, so Calhoun licks that sore hole.

Rimming and running his wet tongue around Jos’s entrance, Calhoun works that ass before filling it up with his big dick again.

Jos moans but takes every inch as Calhoun pounds him, driving that cock in and out then turning Jos on his back to give him a good pounding.

Jos jerks his own member as he gets fucked raw until he nuts all over, then Calhoun pulls out and shoots his load onto Jos, covering that boy in hot cum.

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Casey Owens and ginger stud Calhoun Sawyer start off getting naked on the bed, as they suck each others’ erect dicks.

Calhoun positions himself to the rear of young Casey, spreads his ass cheeks with both hands, rimming his hot hole getting him lubed up before forcing his raw thick dick deep inside.

As Calhoun’s erect cock fills up Casey’s bubble ass he moans loudly feeling every inch of his huge cock moving in and out of him.

Calhoun gives Casey’s fucked-open hole a break, rimming it some more before piercing that ass with his dick again.

Casey reaches down for his cock, stroking it quick as Calhoun fucks him, holding Casey’s legs apart so he can get balls deep in that hole.

Calhoun pumps his throbbing cock into Casey again and again until both these guys are cumming hard, finishing with a nice cumshot as they ride out the last of their orgasm.

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Reality Dudes gay porn scenes of Calhoun Sawyer

Tannor Reed begs his best bait bud Autumn not to give up yet on their expedition to troll for straight dick, and luckily, she spots ginger hottie, Calhoun Sawyer.

This country boy strikes up a conversation with her and eagerly hops in the back for some fun, but when Autumn asks him to put on a blindfold, Calhoun tells the pair that he may be country but he ain’t stupid.

He knows what game they’re playing, and he’s more than ready for Tannor to climb into the back to get some of his hard dick while Autumn watches.

Tannor sucks that big cock, and Calhoun plays with the twink’s ass and eats his hole, then fucks him doggy style and gives it to him real deep in piledriver.

Tannor can’t get enough of that dick till Calhoun pulls out and cums on him, then jizzes on Calhoun’s face.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!