Scott Reeves

He may not be a heartthrob or great beauty, but Scott Reeves is a natural born fucker. He’s a particularly good top, every time I push him to bottom, I can sense his reluctance. Scott is a martial artist by training and sometimes competes professionally. He came to us in a curious way; Like most of our other models, he arrived, went through his photo shoot and then did a casting.

Once I sat down with him in Budapest to discuss further possibilities, he gave a resolute “no,” stating that this isn’t something he’d want or would consider. I told him that, should he ever change his mind, he should give me a call.

Then, for reasons known only to him, he eventually did get in touch, but just not with me. In the half year since I’d seen him, he’d shot several scenes with another studio. When I discovered this, I asked him if he was in he was in his right mind to shoot for another studio for a quarter of the amount that he could have earned with me.

In the end, he changed his stance toward filming and is currently on a two-year trial contract, which will soon expire. I assume that once Scott finishes with Belami Online that he’ll continue to shoot elsewhere. Whatever the result, I believe Scott has earned a place among our Belami Online models, even though he doesn’t fit into our archetype.

He falls into the same category of models as Marko Bill, who also worked with other studios before finally making it to us.

Hair Color: Black
Sign: Taurus
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8 inch dick
Height: 5’9″ / 180 cms
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 160lbs / 73 kgs
Sexual Positions: Top

Scott Reeves scenes at Belami Online

Belami orgy with Adam Archuleta, Hoyt Kogan, Joel Birkin, Rocco Alfieri, Yuri Alpatow, and Scott Reeves.

There is no hiding the fact that this scene was filmed in the heart of winter in central Europe as with open with the boys having a bit of rough and tumble in the snow. (Just as much as the presence of Bielko gives away the fact that the scene is filmed by Marty Stevens.)

When the boys all get back inside it does not take them long to gravitate to Joel’s dick in this cum filled oral adventure.

As it is a 2 part scene, you know we are in for a treat tomorrow as they all get together for a good old-fashioned, although small, orgy…Join them!

I am sure that Adam Archuleta and Scott Reeves tried to make it to the bedroom before starting this high-energy fuck fest, but they just couldn’t manage.

In fact, Adam could not wait even long enough for Scott to hang up his hat before pouncing on him.

In recent times we have seen more of Adam topping than bottoming, so today’s scene is a nice reminder of what a capable bottom Adam can be, and what a lucky guy Scott is…Join them!

Gorgeous blonde muscle boy Daniel Mathis meets brunette muscled stud Scott Reeves for the very first time.

These sexy dudes are attracted to each other and they start making out, kissing passionately from the off.

They cannot keep their hands off each other and Scott soon is undoing Daniel’s jeans and exposing his thick uncut dick with a huge foreskin.

Scott drops to his knees and sucks Daniel’s erect cock right to the back of his deep throat, whilst cupping his low hanging balls, making Daniel moan loudly.

With his inquisitive tongue, Scott licks and caresses the full length of Daniel’s uncut dick getting his tongue around his big mushroom cockhead and thick foreskin.

The sexy muscle boys retire to the bed where Daniel takes control going down on Scott and making his thick uncut dick wet with his saliva.

Daniel runs his tongue up and down the full length of his long uncut dick whilst Scott rims his tight bubble butt, pressing the tip of his tongue deep inside his hot asshole.

Then Scott pushes Daniel down onto all fours and enters his hole with his slick erect dick pushing it as far as it will go, balls deep.

Daniel breathes in deeply as he takes the full length of Scott’s huge young cock in powerfully strong in and out strokes, where Daniel can feel every inch of Scott moving inside him.

They switch up positions with Daniel on top forcing his asshole down onto Scott’s erect dick all the way.

The intensity of their fucking increases until Daniel is close to orgasm and with Scott’s cock still pummelling his ass, Daniel sprays jizz all over his abs and face. He’s super pumped.

Scott pulls out and jerks his dick while Daniel sucks the end until he orgasms spurting jizz all over Daniel’s face.

The sexy muscle boys embrace for a cummy kiss.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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