Jim Durden

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Gay

Freshmen gay porn scenes of Jim Durden

Jim Durden isn’t simple, but he is, in many ways, easy. He’s an easy interview. While Kevin must use all his considerable charms to get some boys to speak, a simple “How are you?” will have Jim talking for ages.

He’s easy to work with. Hardworking and diligent. he always puts his best effort into everything he does. He’s easy to depend on. He’s a good family member whose favorite pastime is spending time with his kid sister at the zoo or local pool.

Despite working at Belami, he’s kept a steady boyfriend (no doubt helped by his wise decision to keep his personal life separate from his work life).

All that and he’s easy on the eyes too! You’ll exhibit this first-hand as no chat with Jim would be complete without a show afterwards…Join them!

Prague in winter is beautiful. You will see this in the opening to this special double scene with Jim Durden and Justin Saradon.

While the boys appreciate the scenic beauty, they don’t like the cold that comes with it.

Fortunately, they find some “warm up” activities.

This was filmed one week before last year’s Christmas by Luke Hamill and we feel it is Jim’s best scene to date.

In the spirit of the season the boys find joy in giving and receiving.

Jim bottoms for part one and in part two, set later the same day, he tops…Join them!

As they get naked Jim Durden gets on top and takes control of the situation with newbie young stud Jamie Eliot.

Both young men are sporting huge uncut dicks as they make out kissing passionately feeling each other’s ripped bodies and rock-hard cocks.

With Jamie lying flat on the bed, Jim shows off his masterful cocksucking skills, swallowing Jamie’s sizeable uncut dick all the way back till his mushroom bell end hits the back of his throat causing him to choke a little.

Jamie just loves the feel of Jim tongue and lips on his throbbing dick and rubs the back of Jim’s neck by way of encouragement.

Jim rubs their hard dick foreskins together before offering Jamie his own huge erection, guiding his mouth till it makes contact with his balls.

Jamie licks Jim’s erect cock from balls to tip stopping a moment to touch lips with Jim, before swallowing Jim’s member all the way till his balls are on his lips.

Jamie moans loudly as he licks and kisses Jim’s hot cock, saliva dripping down gets licked back up before Jim rolls his legs up over his head giving Jamie full access to Jim’s hot bubble butt.

Jim’s hole is longing for some anal action so Jamie gets his tongue deep between Jim’s smooth ass cheeks.

Jamie rims Jim’s hole, getting it wet for his big young dick.

First Jamie probes Jim’s asshole with his finger whilst wanking his own cock furiously.

Then without warning, Jamie plunges his thick erect dick into Jim’s raw asshole, expertly bare fucking his hole making him moan with sheer delight.

Jamie power fucks Jim’s tight asshole in long strong strokes in and out. Jim loves the sensation of Jamie’s huge young cock moving inch by inch inside his hole.

Now with Jim on top, he forces his asshole down harder onto Jim’s massive thick dick before pulling up again until the tip of his dick is only just inside.

With Jamie’s hardcore ass pummelling, Jim can hold off no longer, jerking his dick frantically until he showers them both with his hot cum.

Jamie then fucks Jim doggy style until he is ready to orgasm pulling out as he explodes jizz all over Jim’s bare ass, before fucking his cum back inside Jim’s hole.

Both sexy young men collapse exhausted in each other’s arms with a sweet tender kiss.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

After an afternoon outdoors in the hot sunshine Jamie Elliot and Jim Durden are both feeling horny and they head back to their cool apartment for some alone time.

As soon as they enter the door, Jim drops to his knees and Jamie undoes his jeans which drop to his ankles.

Jamie’s huge thick uncut cock is already rock hard and standing to attention, begging to be sucked.

Jim grabs it with both hands and runs his tongue from balls to tip before swallowing it whole.

Jim loves sucking cock and he’s impressed with how massively thick Jamie’s hot dick is.

It really stretches his mouth as he chokes it down right to the back of his young throat, making him gag briefly.

Jim pulls back Jamie’s thick foreskin and covers his huge mushroom cockhead with his saliva getting it lubed for what comes next.

But Jamie wants more he stands up opening his ass cheeks and inviting Jim to rim his ass with his hot tongue whilst he jerks his own dick frantically.

Now with Jim on the shower floor, Jamie hovers over his hot dick and forces his hole down onto it getting it balls deep before pulling back up in long strong strokes up and down, in and out.

As the water rains down Jim power fucks Jamie’s hot hole without mercy.

As Jamie’s ass hole gets stretched they switch up positions back in the bedroom.

Now with Jamie on his back, Jim slides his slick dick deep into his bubble ass making him moan loudly with pleasure.

They are both close to orgasm but Jim pummels Jamie’s ass relentlessly until Jamie sprays jizz over his chest and face in thick long ropes.

Jim then pulls out and he fires off a massive volley of jizz hitting Jamie in the face before he slides his dick back inside and fucks his cum into his freshly fucked boy hole.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Young dark-haired hotties Jim Durden and Jorik Tautou are discussing their sexual experiences.

Jim is surprised to hear that Jorik has never topped anyone before.

The two sexy young studs start to make out, kissing passionately, as Jim reaches down and wanks Jorik’s already massive raging uncut hard-on.

Jim can’t believe how thick and long Jorik’s cock is as he works it between his fingers.

They switch-up positions with Jim spreading his legs wide so that Jorik can get his tongue deep between Jim’s smooth hairless ass crack.

Jim holds his feet behind his head giving Jorik full access to his asshole.

Jorik probes his tongue deep into Jim’s asshole lubing him up and getting him nice and wet.

Jim moans loudly at the sensation pulsing through his ass.

With his super hard uncut cock between both hands he rubs it hard between Jim’s ass cheeks until he finally finds his moist hole and forces his cockhead inside.

Jorik’s massive young dick slips sleekly inside and he slowly starts to fuck Jim with long slow strokes.

He picks up speed sliding his slick dick balls deep inside Jim’s hot bubble butt.

Jim then jumps on top and guides his bare ass hole down onto Jorik’s throbbing cock, taking control and pressing down hard feeling Jorik’s thick member moving inside him.

His moaning reaches a crescendo as Jorik deftly fucks his hole.

Jorik pulls out and licks Jim’s dick just as he jerks out a huge cum load which sprays all over Jorik’s face.

He licks his lips and swallows Jim’s full load.

Then Jorik slips back inside and fucks Jim until he is ready to come, he pulls out as he explodes cum all over Jim giving him a big creamy cum facial.

The sexy boys embrace for a cummy kiss.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Back to Greece with Niko Vangelis, Elio Chalamet, Jim Durden, Helmut Huxley, Sven Basquiat, Jon Kael, Jerome Exupery, Serge Cavalli, Joel Birkin, Nils Tatum, Paul Cassidy, Riis Erikson, Kieran Benning and Torsten Ullman. For one day only, Helmut Huxley and Jerome Exupery take over the daily backstage filming from Kevin Warhol. It seems that Kevin has some serious competition for his job. The ‘anal pirates’ (as they like to call themselves) take us on a tour through two different locations and capture the goings-on there. The difference in work ethic between the two places is huge but we believe you’ll enjoy seeing some boys in hardcore action including some cute naked ones by the pool.Join them!

Today our sexy trio are outdoors and they’ve been trying to settle an argument, the question on everyone’s minds is which of the two young tops Nate Donaghy and Jim Durden is the best lover.

Expert bottom Justin Saradon wanders into view and bingo the two boys will conduct the ultimate test by both having Justin’s hot ass and letting him decide.

Justin is led to the garden day bed and he kneels between the two sexy studs, kissing both of them on the lips before he frees their big erect cocks from their shorts.

He sucks both huge erect dicks taking them deep to the back of his throat making him gag as they hit home, as the two tops make out together.

The guys then focus their attention on Justin, one rimming his smooth bubble ass and the other blowing his super erect uncut cock.

This turns young Justin on making him so horny he wants to take both top’s big thick dicks deep in his bare asshole.

Nate is up first and he rubs his cockhead up and down Justin’s ass crack before pushing it balls deep into Justin’s raw hole.

Justin braces for the hardcore anal onslaught loving the feeling of Nate’s massively thick cock moving inside his asshole.

The young bottom almost shoots his load a few times as expert lover Nate pummels him with a power drill fucking style but he holds off as he wants a taste of Jim’s massive fuck tool

The ripped young muscle boys switch up with Jim in the driving seat. Jim starts off in missionary before changing position a number of times, each time going in harder and deeper as Justin moans loudly with every stroke in and out.

The hottie tops exchange positions again with Justin taking full control and grinding his asshole down onto Nate’s throbbing erection tightening his ass muscles and gripping Nate’s cock like a vice.

Nate is the first to blow spraying jizz all over Justin’s face and chest all the while Jim’s slick dick is still inside Justin’s bubble butt.

Justin orgasms next as Jim pulls out and showers them both with his cum, before he licks up every drop of Justin’s hot boy seed.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Sexy young studs Jim Durden and Peter Annaud are at home in their Greek villa a few days after having an accident on a quad bike which you’ll get to see in our Back to Greece documentary.

Young hottie Peter is still worried about horny hunk Jim’s condition but he finds out his problem is not the injury but his dilemma about what to do with the hard cock in his hand.

Peter quickly offers a solution, sucking on Jim’s huge erect uncut dick until his friend decides to take the lead, getting Peter ready for a deep anal fuck.

Jim is a very generous lover and even when injured, does everything possible to please his partner and us right up until the last drop of cum.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

We catch Jim Durden, Peter Annaud and Riff Dornan showing us around the Greek Island’s issue behind-the-scenes documentary we get more hardcore action than we are used to.

Firstly, we get to see Pip Caulfield satisfying Jim Durden’s needs, and then we quickly jump onto the scene with Peter Annaud and Riff Dornan.

Besides the hot sex between the sexy boys, this video is full of nudity and cute boys fooling around.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Belami Online gay porn scenes of Jim Durden

For some time now it has been easier to count the number of boys that have not fucked Marcel Gassion, than the number who have. Today the task gets a little bit easier as Marcel adds Jim Durden to his list of conquests.

Given that Jim is still fairly new and inexperienced, Marcel takes the opportunity to take charge of the situation to make sure that he gets everything that he wants from Jim for as long as he can…Join them!

Today we have three of our most popular new stars Eluan Jeunet, Jim Durden, and Elio Chalamet who are getting naked posing for a hot new sexy photoshoot.

Eluan is having a few troubles during his moment in front of the camera as he sees Jim and Elio naked and can’t concentrate on the job at hand.

Hehehehe what started as an innocent photo shoot quickly descends into a hot bareback threesome fuck fest.

Elio is the bottom here for both his buddies before wrapping it up with Eluan fucking Jim, and while the fucking is certainly 1st class it is their foreplay that really stands out.

Each of the three young guys are so horny that they literally devour each other in an orgy of kissing, sucking and ass eating.

The whole steamy encounter ends in wads of cum flying everywhere, most notably, all over Elio’s face and, quite literally, all over all of Jim.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

No matter how hard we try we can never ever get a bad scene from young hottie Jim Durden.

Whenever he is involved we are guaranteed sparks and super hot gay anal sex.

He is just so rampant and can fuck more and more each day and still be up for another ass.

Not since we introduced Dano Sulik have we had a model that could fuck so often per day and still not be satisfied, but that is exactly what Jim is like.

Today Benoit Ulliel and Jim are hard, horny, and looking for a place to fuck.

Although the Castello is a large place, it is not always easy to find a room with 4 film teams and 2 photographers competing for space.

After a tip-off from Jerome, our horny pair end up locating a bench in the garden where they can expend their built-up sexual energy.

Maybe it is the perfect size of his cock or maybe technique, or even maybe something magical, but whatever it is with Jim, all of the other boys really love getting fucked by him.

Benoit here is no exception, moaning in pleasure throughout the fuck until he finally blows his load all over himself.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Dylan Maguire and Adam Archuleta are relaxing when there is a knock at the door.

As Adam hides in the bathroom, Dylan answers it, welcoming Jim Durden into the apartment.

The two boys are just in their towels so Jim removes his t-shirt showing off his ripped muscled young body.

With everyone fully naked they wank their big uncut dicks comparing sizes to each other.

On the bed, the trio start making out with Adam kissing Dylan’s sweet lips whilst Jim nibbles at his nipples.

Jim and Adam 69 sucking each other’s big uncut cocks as gets his tongue deep between Dylan’s hairy ass cheeks, rimming his hot hole getting his nice and wet.

Jim swaps between sucking Adam’s huge young uncut dick and Dylan’s hard uncut erection.

Then Jim rims Dylan’s hot asshole as Adam presses his huge monster cock deep into Jim’s tight bubble ass.

As Jim sucks Dylan’s thick dick Adam bareback fucks Jim’s hole with long even strokes going balls deep making him moan loudly.

Jim rides Adam’s raw cock backing up onto it getting deeper and deeper with each rhythmic pump.

They switch up positions with Jim lowering his hot hole over Dylan’s huge uncut dick grinding down feeling every inch of Dylan moving inside him.

The hardcore bareback ass fucking continues until all three guys are ready to cum.

They each blow their loads all over covering them all in their jizz, dripping down from their ripped young bodies.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Young muscle hunk Viggo Sorensen is chatting with some of the other guys who are having a day off from webcamming when he is interrupted by the horny young duo, Bastian Dufy and Jim Durden.

They spirit Viggo away and into the bedroom who lies on the bed jerking his big uncut twink dick as he films with his phone.

Jim appears almost naked with a monster boner tenting the towel he wears around his waist.

He opens the towel to reveal a huge bouncy hard-on that is pointing upwards like a rocket.

As Jim goes down on Viggo sucking his huge uncut cock right to the back of his throat, Bastian rushes in and drops his towel as he jumps on the bed to join the fun.

Jim and Bastian take turns blowing Viggo’s thick young dick as he moans with pleasure.

They both work his cock up and down with their lips and tongue focusing on his thick foreskin.

Now Viggo stands up on the bed and sucks both of the young dudes erect dicks, returning the favor.

Viggo then relaxes lying on the bed with his legs up in the air so that the sexy boys can get their tongues deep in his ass crack. They rim his hot hole getting it nice and wet for their big dicks.

Bastian bare fucks Viggo’s asshole forcing his thick uncut cock balls deep whilst Viggo’s moaning gets louder.

All the while Viggo is sucking Jim’s hard erection.

Viggo then hovers over Jim’s cock pushing his ass hole down hard onto it and feeling every inch of Jim’s dick moving inside him.

With Jim’s raw dick still inside him, Viggo blows a huge volley of cum shots spraying jizz all over his ripped abs and chest.

Bastian licks the cum off Viggo’s dick as Jim fucks him hard till he orgasms pulling out a giving Viggo a huge cum facial.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Dylan Maguire and Jim Durden start making out kissing passionately as they slowly strip off each other’s clothes as the camera clicks away.

In just their shorts we see both young dudes beautifully sculpted abs and chests.

Dylan reaches down and kisses Jim’s nipples and licks his armpit. He grabs Jim’s shorts and pulls them down exposing his pubic hairs. Then reaches back up for a sly kiss.

Now the boys are in each other’s arms and Dylan slides his hands around Jim’s back and slowly pulls down his shorts exposing Jim’s hot bubble ass and pink hole.

They pose cheekily for the camera. Before they retire to the sofa and Dylan is on his hands and knees pulling at Jim’s shorts and swallowing whole his huge thick twink dick. Dylan masterfully licks the full length of his cock getting his lips around his thick foreskin.

Jim returns the favor blowing Dylan’s thick uncut dick. Then they lie side by side on the bed and Dylan jerks his own dick and wanks Jim’s as well.

They kiss and wank their own dicks till they both orgasm, spraying their hot jizz all over their hot ripped abs and chest. Both sexy boys lie back with a satisfied look on their faces. Their horny sex drives sated for now.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

The Sean Cody guys have had a fantastic experience in Spain, sharing the stunning villa, delicious meals, and extremely hot sex with their BelAmi hosts, but unfortunately, the trip is drawing to a close.

Asher proposes a toast, and Deacon and Manny join him in raising their glasses to the hospitality BelAmi’s shown them, as Yannis Paluan, Tom Houston, Jim, and Ashton toast their guests.

The guys want some dessert, so they head inside, and Bart, watching from an upstairs window, comes out to follow them as everyone celebrates their last night the best way they know-how.

Not only does the formal dining table seat a crowd, but it can also hold eight guys sucking and rimming each other…and a whole lot of cum.

This oral only start to the orgy is a sight to behold.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Super horny young stud Jim Durden catches up with hottie muscle boy Niko Vangelis and they start making out right away.

Jim leans in getting his tongue on Niko’s nipples, tweaking and sucking them, before pulling down Niko’s shorts and exposing his already rock hard thick uncut dick.

Niko moans loudly as Jim runs his moist lips up and down Niko’s erect cock then enveloping around his big pink dick head.

Jim is an accomplished cocksucker and knows how to pleasure a guy’s dick.

Niko forces his cock deep into Jim’s mouth until it chokes at the back of his deep throat.

Athletic Niko then picks up the shorter Jim and they 69 in vertical standing position.

Niko struggles to swallow Jim’s thick uncut monster dick trying his best to take as much as he can of the length and breadth.

Then Jim takes control hovering over Niko’s erection and then forcing his asshole down onto it rapidly getting it balls deep.

Niko power fucks Jim really giving his ass a battering as Jim starts to moan loudly.

Jim can just about take every inch of Niko’s massive thick cock and we see it disappear inside Jim’s hole in a hugely rhythmic fucking fashion.

Then they switch positions with Jim pummelling Niko’s bubble butt like a machine gun as Niko jerks his own dick.

Niko lies on his back with his feet high in the air as Jim’s huge cock splits apart his asshole until both dudes are close to orgasm.

With Jim’s dick still deep in his hole, Niko lets out a cry as he unloads spraying jizz all over his rippling six-pack abs.

Jim continues to fuck Niko before he can hold off no longer and he pulls out and coats Niko’s ass and balls with a huge load of cum.

They both hug each other and kiss passionately their sexual urges sated for now.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Falcon Studios gay porn scenes of Jim Durden

Josh Moore returns to his hotel room after a long day mountain skiing.

He changes out of his sweaty gear and head to the shower, when he hears a knock at the door.

Josh opens the door to find room service Belami Boy Jim Durden delivering his drinks.

Josh can’t ignore Jim’s huge thick uncut cock so he invites him in.

Josh helps Jim out of his clothes who then kneels to give Josh’s big dick a balls deep blowjob.

From the tip down to the balls, Jim doesn’t waste an inch when it comes to savoring Josh’s cock down his throat.

Impressed by Jim’s cock sucking skills, Josh throws Jim on the bed, where Jim keeps professing his need to choke on Josh’s uncut rod.

To prep Jim for what’s to come, Josh flips Jim around to give his hole a deep tongue-bath.

Unable to resist any longer, Jim climbs on top of Josh and slides down on Josh’s raw cock.

Jim takes a bareback drilling from Josh’s huge uncut fuck-stick in multiple positions before blowing his load all over his abs.

The steamy session finishes with Jim gulping up Josh’s cum that’s shot directly in his mouth.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Sean Cody gay porn scenes of Jim Durden

Three of the Belami guys are chilling by the pool when they notice Sean Cody hunk Manny sitting and watching Jim Durden.

Jim swims over, and Manny asks, “How’s the water?” “The water’s good, but you’re better,” is the Euro cutie’s flirty reply.

Manny pulls Jim out of the pool so he can admire his muscular body the way Jim’s been looking at him, and the guys kiss before heading upstairs together for some privacy.

They shuck off their swimsuits and kiss passionately, sucking each other’s cocks, then Jim tongues Manny’s hole.

When the American bottom is nice and ready, Jim eases his huge uncut cock balls deep into his bare asshole, doggy style.

Jim shows Manny how they do it in Europe as he pounds him in missionary, then tells the American to ride him.

Manny follows Jim’s instructions so well, he blows a huge load, then eagerly sucks Jim’s cock until the Euro stud cums on his face.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Cumming while getting your dick sucked or your ass licked is great, but the Sean Cody and BelAmi guys are gearing up for round two.

That’s when Ethan and Justin get home.

“I wonder where the other guys are,” says Justin, and Ethan replies, “I haven’t got the faintest idea.”

They’re amazed to find Asher, Deacon, Manny, Ashton, Bart, Jim, Tom, and Yannis naked in the dining room.

The horny hunks welcome Justin and Ethan, stripping them and inviting them to join the orgy.

Everyone stops to watch as Asher gets DP’d by Jim and Bart, and the Sean Cody guys show their gracious hosts just how much they’ve enjoyed their trip, and their cocks!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

There’s only one way the Sean Cody guys’ trip to Spain could end, and that’s with an orgy to thank their gorgeous BelAmi hosts.

After Asher proposes a toast on their last night at dinner, he, Deacon, and Manny lead Euro hunks Yannis Paluan, Tom Houston, Jim Durden, and Ashton Montana inside, eagerly followed by Bart Cuban, as they all lick and suck each other until they cum.

That’s when Justin and Ethan return to find their friends naked and get their second wind, and the eight hunks undress them and pull them into the orgy.

The memory of bottoming for the handsome Europeans and Asher getting double penetrated by Jim and Bart Cuban is sure to be their favorite souvenir of this trip!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Belami gay porn scenes of Jim Durden

Hardcore gay twink threesome Jim Durden, Hans Lagerfeld and John Leto big uncut dick ass fucking.

Jim is supposed to be the training supervisor in today’s scene between Hans and John, but as we all suspected, he is totally unable to remain on the sidelines.

Barely a minute passes before he is in the thick of the action, and a good thing that is too, as Jim can always be relied upon to turn up the heat in any encounter.

John Leto is our Lucky Pierre in this scene as he takes turns sucking and getting fucked by both our horny trainers.

Not to be left out, we have a surprise twist in the middle here when Hans decides that he likes the look of getting fucked by Jim just a little too much, and sidelines the newbie in favor of his own pleasure.

John doesn’t get completely left out though, as after the 2 old pros have sown their seed all over each other they return their attention to him to make sure that the session is one John will remember for quite some time.

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See all John Leto gay hardcore fuck sessions at Belami here and at Frehmen here.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Hottie ripped muscle dude Jim Durden strips and wanks his massive uncut cock spraying jizz over his abs.

There is no denying the fact that our model of the week Jim Durden deserves his place in the pantheon of BelAmi’s best.

Handsome, great body, magnificent dick and a sexual stamina that literally outdoes everyone else by miles.

Our feature this week captures sexy Jim at his very best, smooth and lean and happy and willing to show off for all of us.

See all Jim Durden gay hardcore fuck sessions at Belami here and at Freshmen here.

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