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“Some of our boys say his ass is growing a little bit. Ariel Vanean plays football and because of this his thighs and ass are growing and some of our boys are making fun of him for this. That’s not so bad. I had a funny evening because of Ariel lately…”

Ariel’s surname came from a Hawaiian source, George Duroy says, as he was exotic enough in his looks for this kind of name. “Ariel” comes from George’s very first model, also named Ariel, and his first cover shoot for “Freshmen” magazine in the U.S. fifteen years ago (1994).

He was very similar to the current Ariel, who has become very popular on the Bel Ami website. He is Czech, very bisexual and likes to bottom. “That’s what he likes about the gay part of his personality,” George says, “even though he can do both, top and bottom.”

He is one of the boys who enjoys shooting and also helping us prepare new models as a “trainer.” Ariel has a very sweet and mellow personality, very cuddly. His mother became concerned about why he was coming to our offices all the time.

So Luke Hamill went to visit with her and explain about what her son was doing. “She is okay with it, one of many mothers who know by now,” George laughs. “Right now he is working as a full-time model for Bel Ami and we are planning to do much more with him.”

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Gemini
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7.5-inch dick (19cm)
Height: 5’9″ (173 cm)
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 149lbs (68kg)
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Ariel Vanean gay porn scenes at Belami Online

The introduction to today’s clip comes from Ariel Vanean himself, who had just been to the zoo the previous day and spotted a monkey .. well… doing what monkeys tend to do.

Once the little joke is over though, the boys get down to some serious monkeying around themselves.

Ariel’s experience is really on show in this video, as is his love of sucking dick, so it is great to see him partnered with such an enthusiastic lover as Tom Rogers.

We first got to meet Tom only at the end of last year, but there will be plenty of this hunky, husky-voiced jock coming our way in the future…Join them!

The scene was filmed for us by Marty Stevens and the experience of the director and the models has made for truly special results. Ariel Vanean may prove that he’s never going to be a good skateboarder, but his talents as a lover are almost infinite, starting off slowly and gently and working up to a superhuman pace. Whatever he comes up with though, just inspires Joaquin Arrenas to want more and more, faster, harder and deeper…Join them!

It is time for the sexual introduction of another freshman to the members of our Belami family. Alan Mosca has already made his debut over on Freshmen, and we have seen his casting here, but today we have him in this excellent scene with Ariel Vanean. Today Alan has a problem, he wants to have a body like Ariel’s, but because of a bad knee, can’t go jogging. Of course it Ariel does not miss a beat in suggesting that a good fuck will burn a lot more calories than a run anyhow…Join them!

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Many times it pays to be patient and wait for something you really want.

It is a lesson well learned by Ariel Vanean today as he sits alone waiting for a meeting. Serendipity (and I guess Luke Hammil) steps in and it turns out, they were unknowingly waiting for each other all along.

In this encounter, it is obvious that Ariel has had the hots for Torsten Ullman for quite a while and can’t wait to feel him inside his ass. If you like horny guys in genuine steamy sex, this should be just the scene for you…Join them!

As promised, here is Joan Crisol’s art collection set with Ariel Vanean (and also a guest appearance from Marcel).

I think this may be the only shoot we have ever done with a boy in full beard and also freshly shaven, so it should please Ariel fans of both looks.

Joan’s pictures quite often have a quite statuesque feel to them and that is certainly the case here when Ariel is posing on the terrace, backlit by a bright blue summer sky, the very image of a sex god…Join him!

Ariel Vanean’s name may mean ‘Lion of God’ but in reality he more a combination of lion and kitten.

He is playful and tender, sensual and sexual, and overall probably the model that most of you would rate as ‘husband material’ above any other.

Today his marital attentions are focussed on Phil Jarreau.

It is not every day you come home and find a stranger in bed waiting for you (unless maybe you work for BelAmi), but Ariel takes it in his stride and soon convinces Phil that what he really needs is some hot sex, and the nap can wait for later…Join them!

It was always going to be a hard choice for us selecting our favorite Ariel Vanean flip flop scene to include in this special as they are all so good.

In the end we chose one where he is paired up with one of our younger guys, Bastian Dufy. Both are passionate and energetic lovers equally at home being top of bottom.

In part 1 Ariel is the topping his younger buddy and on Saturday the roles are reversed. For those of you who want to get to know Ariel more intimately, he can be found online at Belami Chat quite often. You have to get in early though as he is (for good reason) very popular…Join them!

For those of you who don’t know, at Belami we have had 2 versions of Ariel Vanean, before and after his gap year away from Prague. In this special, we will focus on the most recent period… facial hair and all. Since you all expressed delight at seeing Raoul Vargas a few weeks ago, we decided to have his scene with Ariel as the opening foray here. We’ll be back next week with his interview…Join them!

There is something a little bit different about Ariel Vanean in this scene, but I can’t quite put my finger on what it is, September this year marks a very special anniversary for Ariel as well. It will be 10 years since he walked into our studio for his casting.

Despite his youthful appearance, it also makes him one of the oldest of our active models. Today we have him paired up with Jordan Faris, who despite not being a newcomer himself, still can probably learn a lot from Ariel…Join them!

Ariel Vanean and Marc Ruffalo are in front of the camera today in another Summer Break art collection. Photographer Rick Day starts us off in the shower with this sexy pair before taking them off separately for some solo pictures…Join them!

It seems that Ariel Vanean is quite smitten with Jason Bacall in today’s scene.

Those of you who don’t appreciate a little cheesy humor, may want to skip the 10 second shower sequence, but it is our cameraman’s tongue in cheek ode to 1980’s shower gel commercials. To be fair to Ariel though, it seems that the attraction is entirely mutual and Jason gets one of the best fucks he’s had so far at BelAmi.

Especially for any Jason fans, he will be back on Freshmen with a special flip flop scene with Christian Lundgren…Join them!

Today, we bring you physical perfection in the form of Ariel Vanean and Roald Ekberg, two of BelAmi’s most popular stars. Here we see two confident, self-assured beautiful men who both know how to give and receive pleasure, showing off for us mere mortals.

Ariel and Roald are in top physical condition here and they personify physical perfection. Ariel is a long time fan favorite but in recent years he has worked out more and more to stay in top shape and it shows. This 5 star pairing deliver a perfect performance to get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day.

In Part 1, which is live now, Ariel tops Roald but in Part 2 ,which goes live tomorrow, we see Roald get his turn on Ariel’s perfect ass…Join them!

It was not without cause that Rhys Jagger’s feature movie was titled ‘Romantic Hero’, and in this weekends double feature he again lives up to the title. This scene was filmed in South Africa with fellow favorite Ariel Vanean. Who wants to join them for a glass of wine on the beach to watch the sun set…Join them!

Today’s scene was filmed for us by our sometimes guest director, Vlado Iresch. Ariel Vanean is off on an adventure and has booked a room in a local B & B, not knowing that his room comes with full service in the form of Orri Aasen.Join them!

Dylan Maguire is one of our most naturally kinky and sexually uninhibited boys. Ariel Vanean a dream, versatile and naughty and ready to take Dylan in all positions. My favorite is with Dylan lying on his side letting Ariel’s thick cock dig deep and hard in his slippery hole…Join them!

Ariel Vanean has a new boyfriend and despite all the newbie sex he is hornier than ever when he arrives in the office.

Today the lucky recipient of his pent up sexual energy is Derek Caravaggio, who was also wandering around the chateau looking for some action, so when production manager Rhys sends them off to have some fun together they waste no time in getting down to business.

There is some pretty amazing physical chemistry between the boys today as they literally ravage each other all the way though the scene, it is as if neither of them have had sex for months.

The fucking is particularly energetic as Ariel tries his best to satisfy Derek’s need to get fucked.

For his part Derek relishes every stroke of Ariel’s cock inside of him, eventually exploding with a huge load of cum all over his chest.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Young muscular hottie Ariel Vanean and bearded hunk Marcel Gassion are sat on the sofa in a deep conversation.

Ariel has just mentioned that he wants a hot flip-flop anal session together with Marcel.

Power bottom Marcel isn’t phased as he’s always had secret designs on topping Belami’s super top Ariel.

Marcel quickly takes control, gaining the upper hand and forcing Ariel to kiss him passionately as they strip off their clothes.

Then starting at Ariel’s low hanging balls, Marcel runs his tongue up Ariel’s rock-hard dick and further over his six-pack rippling abs all the way to his sweet lips.

Marcel takes Ariel’s big uncut cock in his hand and pulls back the foreskin smothering his huge mushroom cockhead with his wet tongue.

Deep throating the monster-cock all the way to Ariel’s balls choking as it hits home.

Ariel moans as Marcel expertly blows his throbbing dick. Ariel then takes control face fucking Marcel, forcing his huge erection between his moist lips.

Marcel then sticks his bubble butt in Ariel’s face and grabs both ass cheeks and rims his hot hole opening him up for his hard cock.

But it is Ariel who is forced to bend over as Marcel slaps his massive thick dick against Ariel’s hot muscular ass.

Marcel then rims Ariel before Ariel decides he wants to top Marcel and he presses home his huge raw cock making Marcel breathe deeply as he takes a pummeling from the rear.

They then switch places and Marcel rams his hung meaty dick all the way into Ariel’s bare asshole with a force that Ariel is not expecting.

Ariel is soon gasping for air as Marcel power fucks the hell out of him until he orgasms blowing a huge spurt of jizz all over himself when Marcel pulls out coating Ariel’s ass and balls with his huge cum load.

The two reach in and end with a cummy kiss.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Marcel Gassion and Ariel Vanean return again this week in this hot 2nd part to their flip flop anal fuck fest.

We were a little sneaky earlier in the week when we didn’t tell you that our update was the first part of a flip-flop special, but then most of you should have guessed that Marcel would not leave the house without his hot bubble butt being attended to just as well as his big uncut dick.

He starts off playing a little hard to get, but wiley Ariel knows all the right buttons to push to get his way, and Marcel is always a sucker for some good rimming.

While we know that we can never go wrong with a Marcel bottoming scene, his topping performance was so good that we are not sure which part of this update was better.

Whichever way you decide there is no denying that both these guys love sex, and love it, even more, when the sex is fun as well.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Hottie young dudes Todd Rosset, Ariel Vanean, Jean-Daniel and Kevin Warhol hardcore jerk off session.

This week’s photo-session is one with a unique story. On one of our earlier trips to South Africa, we ran a little photo school for anyone who was interested and a handful of you then joined us over there for some lessons from both our guest photographers, Howard and Benno, and these images were taken by Howard during the first day of the classes.

Of course, since our students were paying guests, we had to offer them the cream of the crop when it came to subjects, so they ended up with Kev, JD, Todd and Ariel.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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