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There was always a small group of boys who gradually figured out their sexual orientation once they started filming with us. In this group of new guys that we are presenting today there are 3 of them, Justin Saradon, Nino and Raphael (and we suspect that Jean-Luc is less clear about his preferences today than he used to be as well).

Also in Justin Saradon’s case you will see him in his earlier stages with his Bieber haircut and now a little more ripped and more athletic (although in Justin’s case, the word athletic always has to be taken with a grain of salt).

He is one of the boys who came with the express intention of only being a top, but found out that he could also be an extraordinary bottom.

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Gemini
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7 inch dick / 18 cms
Height: 5’7″ / 175 cms
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 141 lbs / 64 kgs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Gay

Freshmen gay porn scenes of Justin Saradon

Prague in winter is beautiful. You will see this in the opening to this special double scene with Jim Durden and Justin Saradon.

While the boys appreciate the scenic beauty, they don’t like the cold that comes with it.

Fortunately, they find some “warm up” activities.

This was filmed one week before last year’s Christmas by Luke Hamill and we feel it is Jim’s best scene to date.

In the spirit of the season the boys find joy in giving and receiving.

Jim bottoms for part one and in part two, set later the same day, he tops…Join them!

After last week’s authentic but small dicked special, we decided to make up for it with this XL special. The first qualifying scene is with Jack Harrer and Justin Saradon and even though Justin is not the best deep throater that we have he more than makes up for it in the rest of the scene. Our reviewer gave this scene an A+…. but then again, maybe he is just a size queen…Join them!

When sexy young dude Jorik Tautou arrives Justin Saradon can’t hide his smile as he beams “I’m so happy to have you here!”

“I like you cos you’re quite little,” Justin continues.

The two sexy boys strip off their t-shirts as they romantically kiss their lips entwined as they feel each other’s ripped young bodies.

Jorik then moves down planting kisses as he goes, first on Justin’s nipples then his stomach, and all the way down till he reaches his throbbing huge uncut erection.

With Justin offering words of encouragement, Jorik runs his tongue from the base to the tip of Justin’s huge young dick.

Jorik works his tongue around Justin’s thick foreskin as he polishes his big mushroom cockhead with his sweet lips.

Justin can’t believe how good Jorik’s oral skills are as he bites his lip soaking up all the sexy sensations.

With Jorik lying flat on the bed Justin pulls at the leg of his jeans and slides them down with a couple of hard tugs.

Once his jeans are free, we get to see Jorik’s hot peachy bubble butt in all its fabulous nakedness.

Justin climbs aboard kissing Jorik’s neck and feeling his hard cock up against Jorik’s ass before switching positions so that he can suck Jorik’s dick returning the favor.

They switch again this time Justin opens Jorik’s ass cheeks exposing his tight pink hole as Justin pokes his inquisitive tongue right there getting it wet.

His tongue gets deeper into Jorik’s ass hole getting him ready to receive Justin’s huge uncut dick.

Then without warning, Justin forces his cock into his butt hole getting balls deep with the very first stroke in and out, making Jorik quiver with excitement.

Justin works his big dick moving inch by inch inside Jorik’s tight hole feeling the amazingly tight muscles gripping his uncut cock and flipping his foreskin back and forth.

Without stopping they swap positions until Jorik wanks his dick to orgasm spurting jizz all over his hot abs while Justin’s huge cock pumps his asshole.

Justin pulls out and blows a huge cumload all over Jorik’s bare ass before the two sexy young men embrace in a cummy kiss.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Belami Online gay porn scenes of Justin Saradon

When filming in Cape Town we tend to return to the same places each year where the owners know us and are happy for us to film in their beautiful houses.

That means some of the locations become very familiar to us as viewers, but still manage to surprise and inspire the boys, who are often seeing them for the very first time.

Today we join Justin and Jordan as they prepare to head down to the beach to catch some sun and have some fun, but get a bit distracted while having a shower beforehand.

We think it was fairly inevitable though when you put a boy with an ass as beautiful as Justin Saradon’s naked in a shower with a boy with a cock as delicious as Jordan Faris’.

Luckily the days are long in South Africa and there is still plenty of beach time left after a passionate round of love making, although we suspect that their energy was all used up fucking and they spent their time only improving their tans…Join them!

For a bit of a change this week we have a 2 day Jambo Africa update for you with Justin Saradon and Orri Aasen.

From the opening of the scene, you can tell that the boys had a lot of fun playing with their new drone, and it also gives us a great chance to highlight the spectacular South African location that we were shooting in.

The scene begins with the boys taking snaps on the beach (a poignant tie-in to our remastered LIL special) but soon moves back to the villa where the action all takes place.

Part 1 has Justin showing Orri how good it can feel with his big raw dick inside, and in part 2, Orri returns the favor. We’ll leave it up to you to decide who does it better…Join them!

Some of our boys naturally have bodies like gods, some achieve them through working out, and then there are some, like Justin Saradon, who can work out forever and still retain his youthful, even twinky physique.

Since arriving in Cape Town, he has been working out every day, to try and match the chest size of the other boys, but when he goes to show them the results, they only seem interested in making fun of him.

That is until he finds Steve Skarsgaard, who offers to help him out…. and all he needs in return is a good fuck…Join them!

The combination of Kevin Warhol and Justin Saradon is so obvious that we have been putting them in the update schedule for more than a year now, only to find out that we had never actually filmed them together.

Rather than disappoint you (and ourselves) we made the decision to adjust our filming schedule so that we could film this scene before they both got too old, Luke was tasked with getting it all together and he filmed this scene last month in our Prague studio.

The results are so good that I think we will have to ask Luke to film all his scenes last minute…Join them!

Our young dudes are pretty much horny all of the time as young men are. But when they visit Cape Town the intensity of the sex seems to jump to a higher level.

Today we step into a dream threesome with handsome young hunks Jordan Faris, Bobby Noiret, and Justin Saradon. They start running across the windswept beaches with no cares in the world.

All their thoughts are on the hot sex they are going to have during the trip down south.

Justin starts off today’s sexy action as soon as the boys get back home. Now we can understand why he was in such a hurry to get Bobby and Jordan into his bed.

The love-making is a tag-team of action with both guys taking turns to satisfy Justin’s craving for cock.

Right after shooting his load, he is rewarded with a huge and creamy mouthful of Bobby’s cum followed by an equally huge load from Jordan all over his ass. Luckily Bobby was there to lick it clean for him.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Summer Loves is back again with everyone’s sweetheart, Justin Saradon.

If you ever wonder how Justin stays in good shape, he puts it all down to his newfound healthy lifestyle.

Gone are the crazy days of youth with a lot of drinking and smoking, replaced with the gym and healthy eating…

Not that he still doesn’t enjoy partying, just now it is done drinking only water.

His photographer here is resident cameraman Eliot who has decided to make the most of the good weather and shoot in the open barn at the Chateau.

For those of you keen to see more of Justin the wait won’t be long as he is back at the end of the month in our Sex Safari series in a hardcore scene co-starring Dylan Maguire.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Please don’t get too excited when seeing Andre in the intro to this clip, as he runs away before the action starts, but he is replaced by fellow sweetheart, Justin Saradon, so we hope that will make up for it.

Justin’s partner today is Ben Radcliffe, who with only a half dozen scenes under his belt, falls into our ‘flirting with porn’ category.

Some of you have recently remarked that there were not enough twinks here, so we hope that this scene goes a long way to making up that apparent deficit.

Ben has one more scene to be released and it will be coming up in next year’s final ‘Summer Loves’ series.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

It’s raining men this week as we welcome Justin Saradon and Sven Basquiat back as joint models of the week.

Each month we will continue to bring you a selection of our ‘Art Collection’ sets taken by Benno Thoma for us during our major productions.

These will normally be couples and of course feature the hottest guys that the internet has to offer.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Today our sexy trio are outdoors and they’ve been trying to settle an argument, the question on everyone’s minds is which of the two young tops Nate Donaghy and Jim Durden is the best lover.

Expert bottom Justin Saradon wanders into view and bingo the two boys will conduct the ultimate test by both having Justin’s hot ass and letting him decide.

Justin is led to the garden day bed and he kneels between the two sexy studs, kissing both of them on the lips before he frees their big erect cocks from their shorts.

He sucks both huge erect dicks taking them deep to the back of his throat making him gag as they hit home, as the two tops make out together.

The guys then focus their attention on Justin, one rimming his smooth bubble ass and the other blowing his super erect uncut cock.

This turns young Justin on making him so horny he wants to take both top’s big thick dicks deep in his bare asshole.

Nate is up first and he rubs his cockhead up and down Justin’s ass crack before pushing it balls deep into Justin’s raw hole.

Justin braces for the hardcore anal onslaught loving the feeling of Nate’s massively thick cock moving inside his asshole.

The young bottom almost shoots his load a few times as expert lover Nate pummels him with a power drill fucking style but he holds off as he wants a taste of Jim’s massive fuck tool

The ripped young muscle boys switch up with Jim in the driving seat. Jim starts off in missionary before changing position a number of times, each time going in harder and deeper as Justin moans loudly with every stroke in and out.

The hottie tops exchange positions again with Justin taking full control and grinding his asshole down onto Nate’s throbbing erection tightening his ass muscles and gripping Nate’s cock like a vice.

Nate is the first to blow spraying jizz all over Justin’s face and chest all the while Jim’s slick dick is still inside Justin’s bubble butt.

Justin orgasms next as Jim pulls out and showers them both with his cum, before he licks up every drop of Justin’s hot boy seed.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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