Claude Sorel

Claude Sorel is Johnny Bloom’s best buddy. He’s named after Julien Sorel, from Stendhal’s The Red and the Black. When Johnny arrived, somewhat afraid of his own shadow and his decision to shoot porn, he brought Claude Sorel with him for moral support.

Eventually, Claude decided that he wanted to join as well. Both boys now shoot regularly and are currently on exclusive contracts. So far, Claude has over 20 still unreleased scenes. We plan on using him both for our Kinky Angels series and the main site.

Last year, we went through a long period where we were unable to film with him because his mother was sick and he was taking care of her. To make matters worse, he broke his leg when he jumped off a third-floor balcony while fleeing another man’s bed (where he shouldn’t have been).

So, we’ve been on a weight and general fitness roller coaster. But he’s sweet. He has other excellent attributes as well. One viewer commented that his ass could give the Lincoln Tunnel a run for its money.

Whatever the case, we’re hoping to utilize his tunnel to the fullest extent possible. Jack Harrer seems to be looking forward to it the most.

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Capricorn
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick 17cms
Height: 5’8″ 174cms
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 165lbs 61kgs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Claude Sorel scenes at Belami Online

Kian O’Connor has to be one of the highlights of our 25 new boy celebration. Very handsome, fantastic body and tick and hefty cock make Kian the perfect package. With a dick this thick, we had to be a bit careful in choosing scene partners for him, but Claude Sorel was automatically on the short list for his ability to enjoy being fucked by dicks of all sizes…Join them!

Part one of this scene features an abundance of spurting sticky white cream- suntan lotion. It begins with Claude Sorel sunbathing as Helmut Huxley helpfully applies lotion.

This lotioning leads to horniness and inevitably to sex. To show his appreciation for the skilful lotioning, Claude treats Helmut to some expert deep-throating…Join them!

Today we have a scene for you filmed in Cape Town with Jerome Exupery and Claude Sorel. Upon waking, Jerome finds himself alone in bed and Claude downstairs playing around with his phone. With one quick smile though Claude manages to let Jerome know that there are other things that he would much prefer to be doing.

Normally we admire Claude for his bottoming skills, but today we (and Jerome) are reminded that he is also an excellent top…Join them!

Today’s night scene is a little different than normal, in that it is filmed in our Budapest studio, rather than out normal Bratislava location. Romantic and dreamy Claude Sorel is paired up wit Andre Boleyn for this scene, which lives up to all expectations.

Carefully crafted lighting maintains the romance and intimacy while still allowing us to absorb every detail of this delightful pairing, from the kissing opening, the moment Andre gently enters Claude right up to the climax…Join them!

The prince of the perfect dimples, Claude Sorel leads us on a sexy romantic love making trip with suave and sexy Antony Lorca today.

As with any perfect romance, the guys start off sharing icecreams on the streets of Budapest before seeking somewhere a little more private to consummate their newfound love.

This year marks Claude’s 12th anniversary at BelAmi and we think he still looks as great as ever.

Still, an active model he also splits his time editing and filming scenes as well.

Today Claude is bottoming for Antony’s huge uncut dick, showing off his deep-throating skills and seducing us with one of the sexiest come-to-bed smiles of all the BelAmi models.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Belami says: Belami gay sex ass orgy Torsten Ullman, Joel Birkin, Raf Koons and Claude Sorel’s hardcore ass fuck foursome This week we have another two-part update for you. Part 1 features three of our biggest guys fucking around with each other. None of them seem to wish to get bottoms for each other, and they decide they’ll need someone with a more …. flexible …. hole to take on part two and the Fucking action. Tiny Torsten, (we’re joking) is first to take his turn and is followed by Raf and Joel with his ICBM the dick. The scene was filmed on our CapeTown collection around three trips in the past. GD filed it under “good scenes for rainy days’

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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