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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Aries
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7.5 inch dick / 19 cms
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 163lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation. Gay
Nationality: Czech

Torsten Ullman is one of those rare boys who decided to select a stage name that he came up with by himself. He came to us more than 2 years ago but George decided to not release any scenes until now for fear that we would put in a lot of effort and then he would change his mind.

As it turns out that didn’t happen, and by now all his friends know about his career with us and in fact as a result of his work for us, his demand as a hairdresser in a regional town in Czech republic has exploded (Torsten is fairly serious about become the best he can as a hairdresser).

He is also flexible and very sexual with barely any inhibitions. At this point he is part of our ‘Musketeers’ team and will be part of a new reality series GD is planning to shoot around them.

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Aries
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7.5 inch dick / 19 cms
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 163lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation. Gay
Nationality: Czech

Belami Online gay porn scenes of Torsten Ullman

We start this week with a hot ripped young dudes threesome. Torsten Ullman, Hoyt Kogan, and Nils Tatum are out and about at Castello Kinky Angelo checking out some of the art installations around the garden. It’s a beautiful sunny day.

The trio are soon tired of all the art and they soon find other more interesting ways to pass up the time.

As with all threesomes, it is a bit of a mystery how the action will unfold and today Nils has the good luck of getting fucked by both his buddies.

After a very luxurious session of cocksucking, Torsten kicks off the fucking by taking his buddy doggy style, and by the time Hoyt has finished, Nils is a very happy boy covered not only in his own cum but that of both of his buddies as well…Join them!

Following up on James Walsh’s photo session last week we have his first scene for this special with our resident Czech beauty, Torsten Ullman. Today’s episode is an exercise in seduction by fruit.

For some reason, Torsten believes that the way to get into James’ pants is via bananas and strawberries, but, luckily for us, it is pretty evident that James’ appetite is definitely for something a lot meatier.

While James may be fairly new to us, he is certainly not inexperienced as he proves when Torsten big dick slides right on in and his only reactions are moans of pleasure.

The sex is intense and hot as Torsten can finally let loose with all he has, literally fucking the cum out of his new buddy…Join them!

While Torsten Ullman seems to have an almost universal following here on BelAmi, with Michel Seberg the audiences seem to be a little more divided, but generally in his favor.

Today’s scene is one of domestic bliss where Michel is busying himself taking care of his treasured house plants when Torsten comes to him expressing his need for a little tender loving care as well.

I’m pretty sure it was unintentional, but it seems like both boy’s underwear is trying to tell us something.

Have a look for yourself to find out their message. Michel is the bottom in today’s scene and it quickly becomes evident that it is not only Torsten who is being taken care of….Join them!

We didn’t believe it when we were scheduling this scene for you, but this is actually Sven Basquiat’s 2nd ever scene for us, and the first after he finished his training with Kevin. Obviously, he is a natural-born porn star, and as Torsten Ullman quickly finds out, constantly horny.

Our all blond pairing make a great couple, and the sex is energetic and urgent, with Sven cumming a bit before he was supposed to and having to improvise the cumshot… right into Torsten waiting mouth…Join them!

Torsten Ullman has had the hots for Christian Lundgren for quite a while, but has never had the opportunity to seduce him before now.

The boys start the seduction in the gardens of the Castle before heading inside to the bath and eventually the bed.

As we have come to expect from Christian, he literally explodes with cum while being fucked by Torsten, and then offers his other end so that he can taste as much of Torsten’s load as possible…Join them!

Many times it pays to be patient and wait for something you really want.

It is a lesson well learned by Ariel Vanean today as he sits alone waiting for a meeting. Serendipity (and I guess Luke Hammil) steps in and it turns out, they were unknowingly waiting for each other all along.

In this encounter, it is obvious that Ariel has had the hots for Torsten Ullman for quite a while and can’t wait to feel him inside his ass. If you like horny guys in genuine steamy sex, this should be just the scene for you…Join them!

At the beginning of the month we mentioned that we had actually filmed 2 double day night scenes. Today’s scene is the 2nd of these and features beauties Torsten Ullman and Jean-Daniel.

While we know that some of you may not be the biggest fans of our evening scenes, it is definitely the case that the lighting adds a romance and mystique to the scene that perfectly compliments both of our boys here. Next month will see a change in title for our night scene DVDs as well, with ‘Lovers in the Night’ replacing the old ‘Evening Rituals’ series.

Part 1 of this 2 day special features Jean-Daniel topping Torsten, with the boys swapping roles for Saturday’s part 2…Join them!

We originally filmed this as a 2 part special with Helmut Huxley and Torsten Ullman, but in edit we decided that it would be a lot stronger as a 1 day scene, so here is the explanation for the multiple cum shots that you will find in today’s feature.

We have been looking forward to this pairing for quite a while, both boys are tall and lithe and incredibly sexy and best of all, both versatile. Have a look and see for yourselves…Join them!

Sexy young boys Torsten Ullman and Tom Rogers are lying on the bed making out, they kiss passionately feeling each others’ hot bodies with their hands.

Tom feels his way down Torsten’s ripped body and sucks in his big uncut dick until his balls are at his lips.

Torsten moans as the expert blowjob that newbie star Tom gives him.

Tom really massages Torsten’s huge mushroom cockhead with his tongue, playing with his foreskin.

He returns the favor licking and caressing Tom’s thick veiny uncut cock and working his balls into his mouth one at a time.

With Tom’s legs held back over his head, Torsten plants a big kiss on his tight virgin asshole getting his tongue deep between his ass cheeks and into his hot hole.

Torsten then plunges his hard erect raw dick deep into Tom’s bare bubble butt asshole.

Barebacking his hole, pumping him full of his thick dick in long rhythmic strokes making Tom moan with pleasure.

Torsten pulls his cock almost all the way out before plunging down again until his balls hit against Tom’s peachy butt cheeks.

Repeating this over and over changing positions as both boys get close to orgasm.

First Torsten cums spraying his hot jizz all over Tom’s freshly fucked asshole before Tom lets loose with a volley of cumshots across his abs and chest.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Torsten Ullman and Nils Tatum steal away from the beautiful sunshine beach to a shady quiet spot on the veranda unseen by passersby.

Super horny Torsten can’t get enough of Nils and he smothers him in kisses, first on the lips then slowly down his ripped body, until he reaches his beach shorts.

Torsten sucks down hard on Nils’s huge uncut cock, really working his tongue into his foreskin and twisting his big mushroom cockhead.

As Nils’ leans forward looking like a Greek god, Torsten licks his bubble butt asshole running his tongue along his ass crack and getting it deep into his hot hole.

Then as Nils braces, Torsten gently forces his big uncut dick between Nils’s smooth ass cheeks, bareback fucking him and making him moan with pleasure.

Torsten is an expert lover and he applies just the right amount of pressure to move his slick dick in and out of Nils’s tight ass till he is in right to the hilt.

Nils then takes control sucking Torsten’s thick uncut cock before Torsten enters Nils’s hole once more.

This time Nils is on top guiding his asshole neatly up and down onto Torsten’s huge erect dick in cowboy position as Torsten’s breathing becomes heavy and so does Nils.

They are both getting close to orgasm, one more position change and Torsten is back in full control.

Torsten then blows his load spraying his jizz all over Nils’s bare asshole before fucking the cum back inside as Nils ejaculates firing off a volley of cumshots covering himself in his own love juices.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

We realize that you may have all been surprised last month when we found our lost scene with Nino Valens and Torsten Ullman, and even more surprised to see our twinky Nino fucking Torsten.

Well, today we have a follow up, the lost scene was actually a double day scene and we are happy to bring you the part with Torsten fucking Nino here today.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Hottie young top stud Torsten Ullman’s massive thick uncut dick splits bottom boy Serge Cavalli’s ass cheeks Today is a day when the big boys come out to play. This week’s edition of our feature update has us channeling a blond and brunette version of Serge Cavalli and Torsten Ullman, respectively. Because today’s models are both extremely horny and extremely experienced lovers, it is reasonable to anticipate that there will be a lot of sparks flying between them. We are so fortunate that Serge is currently in super-slutty bottom mode and just can’t get enough of Torsten’s rock-hard cock because he is making our lives so much better. Although for some guys the bottoming phase ends the minute they cum, it does not appear to have this effect on Serge as it just seems to heighten his desire to be fucked more intensely. See all Torsten Ullman gay hardcore fuck sessions at Belami here. See all Serge Cavalli gay hardcore fuck sessions at Belami here.Join them!
Belami says: Belami gay sex ass orgy Torsten Ullman, Joel Birkin, Raf Koons and Claude Sorel’s hardcore ass fuck foursome This week we have another two-part update for you. Part 1 features three of our biggest guys fucking around with each other. None of them seem to wish to get bottoms for each other, and they decide they’ll need someone with a more …. flexible …. hole to take on part two and the Fucking action. Tiny Torsten, (we’re joking) is first to take his turn and is followed by Raf and Joel with his ICBM the dick. The scene was filmed on our CapeTown collection around three trips in the past. GD filed it under “good scenes for rainy days’

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Belami says: Belami hardcore bareback threeseom Jens Christensen fucks Olaf Mortensen’s hole with Torsten Ullman We’re sorry for making you wait so long to watch this scene. Today, we reunite the two couples who have been fighting Torsten and Olaf as Olaf gets what he wants and the long-awaited trio with Jens is now a fact. Of course, we all knew why Olaf wanted to make this happen, as for him, two dicks will always be better than one and it turns out that Torsten isn’t afraid to share his boyfriend’s mouth and ass with sexy, hung Jens. Olaf is at his sexiest here, and can’t seem to get enough of Torsten and Jens as they alternately fill his mouth with dicks and then pound his sweet and hungry a**hole.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Freshmen gay porn scenes of Torsten Ullman

From the opening moments it is obvious that there is good humour and chemistry on the set today. Despite the fact that Mark Sullivan is far from delivering a good blow job we believe that this will be an enjoyable encounter. In any case Torsten Ullman is now skilled enough to make up for most of any newcomers shortcomings…Join them!

Two of our Freshmen stars are over here today to show us all what they’ve got. Torsten Ullman is the more experienced of the pair and he is determined to use all of that experience to show Raphael Nyon the best time possible. Raphael has one of the lean and fit bodies around and it is a joy to watch these 2 together. It is the exotically beautiful Torsten who is the top in today’s update…Join them!

So you end up getting this scene earlier than expected as at the last moment we found out that our scheduled scene was a duplicate for a scene presented in April 2015 on Kinky Angels so we have done a quick little reshuffle. Sometimes we are really lucky to have Torsten Ullman around, other that once cutting Jerome’s hair too short, he is very handy in making sure the heads of our boys always look good.

In fact Orri Aasen is so impressed with his new style, he decides to reward Torsten in the best way that he knows…Join them!

Sexy young studs Nils Tatum and Torsten Ullman strip naked jerking their huge uncut cocks.

Here Nils and Torsten, both blonde and blue-eyed, are paired in front of the camera for a heavenly photo shoot.

The mutual attraction between these two divine boys is undeniable and we are delighted to show you them at their very best.

Enjoy today’s photo set and remember that the follow-up video, including cumshots, will be coming one day.

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See all Torsten Ullman gay hardcore fuck sessions at Freshmen here and at Belami here.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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