Rodion Taxa

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Rodion Taxa is a bit shy on set, but you soon begin to realise that Rodion is a lovely young man with a heart of gold. Husband-to-be material? Maybe. But right now he’s just having fun and enjoying life.

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Gemini
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7.5 inch dick / 19 cm
Height: 5’6″ / 171 cms
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Nationality: Ukrainian

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It’s hard to imagine that the thought of sex at the gym hasn’t passed through someones mind at some point, but these two take it to the next level.

Titus Snow, the alpha male of the two, sits on the bench with Rodion Taxa on the floor, and has the boy kiss his feet before playing with his dick.

Titus, however isn’t one for sitting and having everything done for him, as we soon see as he has Rodion lay down on the bench and Titus ties him down with some sexy red tape.

Now the boys secure, Titus starts to adore the boy’s body, kissing and rubbing every inch.

And soon with some baby oil added the tied boy has an extra shine.

This is what makes Titus throw himself direct to his cock for some teasing, and some well performed cock polishing…Join them!

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Now with Peter Polloc butt naked on a pile of wheels the game isn’t over yet. Rodion Taxa decides to oil up this twink, and play in some erogenous areas, with special focus on his dick, which he doesn’t hesitate in giving an extra rub and even suck.

Now with his legs secured in the air with the help of some tyres, Rodion pulls out some toys to enjoy a bit further his ass, to the point of using a horse sized dildo to open up his hole whilst being jerked off.

Needless to say the humiliation is far from over as Rodion soon hops onto the table to give the boy a piss shower when he’s done…Join them!

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Starting with what would appear an alien walking in on a smoky room, we find a futuristic twink wearing a gas mask and covered in PVC clothing, needless to say that if a twink walks in a warehouse like this, he will not be welcomed warmly, as is the case, Peter Polloc’s tied down to a chair for further exploration by Rodion Taxa.

His hand is quick to go to the groin area, where after a lot of rubbing, he’s semi hard, and Rodion likes what he’s seeing, so much so, that after he gets the boy hard he sucks his cock, and eventually makes the boy suck him off too before moving on to more of an ass wrecking act, needless to say that this boy will be covered in boy juice very soon…Join them!

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Rodion Taxa and Sasha Davidoff are going straight into the action, with some passionate tongue kissing which soon leads to the sofa, where now the boys are more comfortable and removing each others clothes.

Rodion is the first to be naked, and Sasha is quick to go down on the boys meaty shaft.

Soon after Rodion is eager to get his hands on Sasha, and after removing the little clothes he was wearing.

Rodions lips are caressing his hard cock, needless to say that both boys are just getting started.

Soon after Sasha turns around displaying his ass for Rodion to rim, which he does, before going balls deep…Join them!

Nick Fox sure knows how making someone feel at home, giving Rodion Taxa a warm welcome was his intention all along, soon Rodion is lying with his pants barely down and Nick is busy giving some oral pleasure to the boy, who at this point is moaning in pleasure.

With a change in position, reading now on top of Nick rubbing each others cocks together whilst kissing, and jerking both cocks at the same time sure does set the mood even further, and Nick gets the idea of what he’s going to do next.

After Rodion sucks Nick’s cock, Nick is face deep in Rodion’s ass rimming his hole, in anticipation of what is to come…Join them!

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Starting off in no mans land, Rodion Taxa takes a break looking into the distance in hope to find the rest of his team, unfortunately this doesn’t happen, so Denis Skala and Duke Forrest head back to base as they can’t find Rodion.

Upon arrival Denis and Duke start to get naked, whilst kissing and adoring each others bodies, and just as Dennis is about to whip out Dukes dick, Rodion appears, and is very quickly sitting on the bed and being stripped by these two boys.

Very quickly Rodion is sat naked with Denis’ face right on his groin, ready to suck every inch of his cock which just gets harder in his mouth, and Rodion returns the favour to Denis as he stands for Rodion to suck as Duke is sucking him.

Soon Rodion is riding Denis as Duke is sucking his cock, and Duke gets his fair share of Rodions cock as these boys change positions…Join them!

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No surprise that the hottest twinks find themselves mutually attracted to each other as is the case here where Rodion Taxa can’t keep his hands off of sexy German-American Twink Daniel Hausser.

With their passion filled kissing and the beauty both boys reflect it’s without doubt that these boys are deeply attracted. Rodion as per usual, takes control, and goes down to taste this sexy boys cock, alternating between sucking the tip and going all the way down.

This is until Daniel makes him lick and suck his balls making him quiver in pleasure, needless to say all this sucking is making Rodion hard, and without a second of doubt Daniel too gets his fair share of Rodion’s rock hard cock.

But Daniel has more in store for Rodion as soon he’s licking his ass and perineum in preparation for what’s yet to come.

It’s not to our surprise that Daniel is eager to try Rodion’s hole, even less so the fact that he fingers him whilst sucking his cock in anticipation of the bench rocking experience these two boys are about to have…Join them!