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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8 inch dick
Height: 5’7″
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Sexual Orientation: Straight
Nationality: American

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Blue-eyed Kaleb and dark-haired Archie spent some time together over the weekend so they could get better acquainted. The lean cutie is hoping athletic Archie will take it easy on him.

“I’ll consider it for a cutie like you,” says Archie.

“So, what’s your favorite thing to do? What’s your fetish?” asks Kaleb.

“Well, penetrating a hot guy like you!” replies a horny Archie. “Do you like when someone goes deep on your cock? Like a nice, good deep throat where eyes are watering,” asks Kaleb.

“Oh yeahhhh! Are your eyes going to water for me?” questions Archie. “We can try, I mean I like that. That turns me on,” replies Kaleb. “You like to deep throat? Oooh! Not everyone can do it but can you?” inquires Archie.

“We’ll see! Maybe. If you’re lucky!” says Kaleb smirking…Join them!

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“He’s pretty big.

He’s definitely got a fat cock, so I’m nervous but I’m always excited too.”

Kaleb’s excitement about getting fucked by sexy Derick certainly overpowered his nerves, and it showed.

As soon as Derick slid his big dick inside of Kaleb’s tight bubble butt, it was all pleasure from there…Join them!

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Blake has had an eye on Kaleb for a while now, especially since he saw Kaleb bottoming for the first time on the site Blake just had to have him.

Both studs marveled at each other’s perfect bubble butts, telling one another that they like the other’s ass more than theirs it was definitely adorable, and that led to them wanting it all, so both guys got a chance to fuck and get fucked.

“It’s fun getting to do the other side for a change, especially since I have a dick and I know how to use it.”

Well, Blake’s got that right.

He doesn’t always get a chance to top, but he really showed Kaleb how to take dick well…Join them!

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Kaleb has been wanting to do something out of his comfort zone for a while now, but his nervousness has always taken over he finally gave in, though.

Kaleb bottoms for the first time, and Jayden has the great pleasure to pop his cherry.

“Do you know how many guys have been trying to fuck me? It’s crazy. Jayden is the man.”

Clearly, he was excited to be paired up with Jayden, and looking at Kaleb’s perfectly round booty, Jayden was equally as excited to slide his big dick into that virgin hole and show him a thing or two.

Jayden eased Kaleb into it nice and slow, but once Kaleb was comfortable enough, he got a good ol’ pounding and a couple of cream pies to go with it…Join them!

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The first thing you notice right off the bat is that there is a significant size different between Kaleb and Sean, but that didn’t stop Kaleb from doing what he wanted to do.

When we asked him what he was looking forward to doing to Sean, he answered “I just wanna make him feel good.”

Even though Sean was the bottom, his aggressive and dominant personality shined through, but Kaleb did exactly what he set out to do make Sean feel good…Join them!

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Two cute guys making out at the beach is definitely not an eyesore.

Both Kaleb and Barron were clearly into each other, and the minute they got to the house, Kaleb took it upon himself to get things started and rough Barron up a little bit of course our hungry bottom welcomed everything Kaleb threw at him especially his hot loads…Join them!

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It can’t get any better than two fine young men, Kaleb and Joe, playing around with each other naked at the beach, and having one of them fuck the cum out of the other.

Kaleb couldn’t stop thinking about Joe’s ass, so he gave it the pounding it deserved…Join them!

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Kaleb is back and ready to tackle a few firsts with a guy. Kissing, fucking, getting a blowjob, and a few other things.

“I’m pretty excited to bust on his face, I’ve never done anything like that before.” Kaleb made it known from the start.

Manny just wanted to get started after he reached down and touched Kaleb’s uncut dick, “This is gold right here!”
It’s safe to say that Manny showed Kaleb a great time…Join them!

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Newbie Kaleb is a hottie. He’s got the personality, the body, the nice ass and the big, uncut dick basically the whole package. After showing us his basketball skills, he was excited to show us the goods something tells me he’ll be back for more…Join him!

One of Archie’s fave pairings was a natural for the pop-up treatment.

When this throwback scene begins, Archie’s had a bit of a sunburn and Kaleb wiped out on his scooter.

“Should have been a stunt man instead of a pornstar,” Archie teases, but despite his scrapes Kaleb is “Ready for some action, ready for a pounding.”

As you watch this playful pair get lustful, get the diet tip that helps Kaleb maintain what are unquestionably the best abs on Sean Cody, and find out which category Archie takes the number one spot in.

Kaleb manages to shoot two accidental facials before Archie cums in his mouth, and the bottom hungrily sucks out every last drop.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!