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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7.5 inch dick
Height: 5’10”
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 175lbs
Sexual Positions: Top, Bottom, Vesatile

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Titus was really nervous; putting on a huge smile, accompanied by the giggles but really, he was just very enthused by the fact that Brandon would give him a good pounding.

Brandon blushed bashfully, but when it came right down to it, he really gave it to Titus and inevitably broke him out of his shyness…Join them!

These two studs were all over each other, and as a result, it was hard to get them to stop kissing and touching for a moment to talk. Joe mentioned that Brandon is his favorite Sean Cody model, so it was a special day for him and Brandon made sure it would be a memorable one…Join them!

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Sexy bottom Cassian is back to get his ass owned by our top model. Brandon was left speechless as our newbie threw all sorts of compliments at him. Cassian was pretty much in heaven, considering even just kissing Brandon was a dream come true for him.

“That was the best.”

Cassian was practically weak in the knees after the first kiss and after getting a hard pounding, he was spent, but that craving his hole had was very much satisfied…Join them!

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Cole has a bit of a crush on Brandon. We could see the wheels turning in his head when he was talking about Brandon’s big arms and chest, so we knew this would be a good one. Brandon had plans to call the shots and make Cole his bitch.

“We’ll see where it takes us. I have some plans, but you never know what’s gonna happen.”

Cole continued to crush on Brandon and talk about a fantasy he would have of him.

“One where he’s kind of dominant, a little bit of man-handling, use those big arms and chest, pin me down I could see myself getting pretty submissive.”

We knew we had to get them started on each other. Talking about one another made them really sexually charged, so Brandon took control and pounded Cole’s ass to submission…Join them!

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Remember Kristian? That cutie from a year ago? Well, he’s back for his first sex scene with the one and only Brandon. These two studs got along really well, it seemed as though they’ve been buddies for a long time. They couldn’t stop making jokes and just fooling around in general, until it came down to business.

Getting along outside of the sack is one thing, but having sexual chemistry is another, and man, do they ever! Kristian enjoyed every second of Brandon’s cock inside of him, and was left with a huge smile on his face after Brandon blew his loads all over him…Join them!

Kellin took some time off to jump back in the gym and decided to give SC another go. “Last time I was here I didn’t really get the full experience!” Kellin smiled. “What does that mean?” “Well I never got a cock in my mouth or my big ole ass!” Brandon had a smile creep across his face.

“I’ll do it! I mean why the fuck not!” These two guys hit it off great and it took a lot of effort to get them to not joke and laugh and goof off the whole time, but it sure was a fucking blast to film. “Hey Kellin, you glad you took a dick up that ass!”

“Sure am. So much for saying I’m an ass virgin!”…Join them!

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“Why are we here Brandon?” I asked. Brandon usually looks confident and ready to go in his films but today was a little different. “To do bottoming things.” He replied.

“What does that mean?” Brandon was doing his best not to say it out loud. “Putting a penis in my butt! I am little nervous.” You should take a second and reread that. Yup Brandon, after over five long years, is finally bottoming.

Tanner comes back to do the deed. “But haven’t you two already been paired together.” Brandon speaks up. “I requested him. I liked our film together and thought the only person I trusted was Tanner”.

Tanner starts off eating Brandon’s tight hole then goes on to toy it a bit before the big moment. Enjoy this piece of SeanCody history and see Brandon finally take a dick up the ass…Join them!

Sexy ripped muscled hunk Brandon lies back and gets younger muscle boy Nathan to suck his big erect muscle dick balls deep.

Then Brandon turns him around and plants his tongue deep between Nathan’s bubble ass cheeks, lubing his tight virgin asshole.

Brandon moves up and slips his hard erect cock deep into Nathan’s bare hole, bareback fucking him with all the strength a muscle man can muster.

It’s the first time that Nathan’s young muscle boy asshole has taken a raw fucking, the look on his face is one of pain and pleasure both at the same time.

Brandon bareback fucks him relentlessly until he is on the edge of his orgasm, before letting go and shooting a huge spurt of muscle cum deep into Nathan’s tight ass.

Nathan jerks all the while and soon he too ejaculates across his tight ripped abs…Join them!

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Young sexy muscle bottom boy Porter opens his tight raw ass wide for muscle stud Brandon’s hard bare cock.

Brandon bareback fucks Porter till both muscle guys are on the edge of orgasm. First one then the other blows their huge cumload across each other…Join them!

Sexy dark haired muscled stud Brandon bareback fucks hunky muscle boy Jayden. Both guys strip down to their board shorts before Jayden is on his knees sucking down hard on Brandon’s thick erect cock.

Jayden’s blowjob goes balls deep getting Brandon’s dick nice and lubed. Brandon then slips his cock deep between Jayden’s muscled ass cheeks.

Brandon’s raw cock pumping Jayden’s bare asshole till both muscle boys are close to orgasm. Then one after the other can hold on no longer, spilling their muscle cum across each other. In a super horny cumshot sequence…Join them!

Young sexy muscle boy Perry gets his tongue deep between Brandon’s smooth bubble butt ass cheeks, rimming his hot asshole deep. Then Perry sucks Brandon’s hard erect muscle cock getting it right to the back of his throat.

Perry gets up and slides his asshole right down hard on Brandon’s raw dick. Brandon bareback fucks Perry in slowly increasing pumps, getting his erect cock balls deep into Perry’s hot boy hole. Join them!

Tattooed young muscle boy David gives Brandon a long and deep blowjob, sucking on his hard cock, right down to his cum filled balls. Then David sits down hard on Brandon’s bare big dick.

Brandon bareback fucks David’s hot bubble ass, splitting his ass cheeks and fucking him roughly, getting his dick deep into David’s tight muscled asshole. Join them!

A lot may have changed since this scene was filmed, but Sean Cody hunk Daniel’s dirty talking, and his preference for controlling the action whether he’s topping or bottoming, are still the same!

“Today, Brandon is gonna shove his dick inside my butthole. Which I’m psyched for. This guy is so hot,” says Daniel, helping to bring the shy Brandon out of his shell during the interview.

Brandon needs no help once the guys get their clothes off and Daniel deepthroats his cock and gives his hole some attention.

As you watch Brandon pound Daniel’s ass, find out when he bottomed for the first time, hint: it’s not when you think, and what Daniel’s fan nickname is before this scene ends with Brandon shooting a load that impressed even him.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

We visit Brandon Cody at his hotel room early in the morning only to find Manny is already there under the covers sucking his big cock.

We asked, “Hi Brandon did you wake up with both a morning woody and a Manny in the same bed?”

Manny interrupts his cock sucking to respond, “I mean, what other better way to wake up? Manny just kept sucking Brandon’s huge cock.

Brandon’s dick was his.

He was so aroused that he couldn’t control himself and came all over Brandon’s dick and licked it all up again.

Back at the studio, Brandon and Manny were all over each other.

This goes without saying, but Brandon really pounded Manny out good.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!