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Hair Color: Black
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 6.5-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 150 lbs
Sexual Positions: Top
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Nationality: American

Active Duty gay porn scenes of Daniel Greene

Daniel Greene is very excited to give you a solos show from his home.

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New military recruit Daniel Greene introduces himself to sexy army bottom boy Johnny B II.

Johnny sucks down hard on Daniel’s huge thick dick.

Daniel can’t wait to pump his huge cock deep into Johnny’s hot bubble asshole.

The sexy armyboys fuck like rabbits till they both cum all over each other.

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Alex James has been in the army for three years and he’s ready to show boot Daniel Greene how it’s done in the military by doing him good.

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Chaos Men gay porn scenes of Daniel Greene

A bit of a change around for this video.

Initially, Julian Brady was keen to try his hand at bottoming in this originally planned flip-flop fucking video.

He was so keen that he had been in practice sessions at home with a big sex toy.

Although he was a little bit too successful and he was suffering sitting down for the flight to the studio.

So Daniel Greene ever the professional decided that’s fine I’ll get fucked the whole way through and Julian can be the top.

So again we just missed seeing Daniel fucking, someone. It will happen one of these days.

Whatever, Daniel makes a truly sexy bottom, and Julian is a proficient top.

Julian starts by massaging Daniel with some oil rubbing his back and front and oiling up his already erect cock.

They are eager to fuck so Daniel sits on Julian’s cock, cowboy style, taking control and grinding his hole down until it is balls deep inside him.

They clearly both enjoyed the bareback fucking which went on for ages with Daniel silently moaning to himself.

We ended with Julian fucking Daniel on his back. Julian creams Daniel’s ass first, shoving his load into Daniel.

We always try to rush fucking the Bottom of the Top has cum, Just in case, the Tops cock goes soft after a big nut.

Sure enough, Julian’s cock was just not hard enough to fuck the cum out of Daniel, who honestly could have used a break from the fucking and breeding.

Julian played with his cummy hole, while Daniel easy blew his load. Julian straddled Daniel’s chest and made Daniel lick his cock clean!

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These two decided to flip-flop fuck. You can decide who is better at which position.

They start by making out, grinding their hard cocks together. Zeno Rey moves down Daniel Greene’s body and starts sucking his cock. Daniel then pushes Zeno on to his back and starts sucking his cock.

They 69 suck each other, both trying deep throat each other.

Daniel gets Zeno doggie-style and slowly slides his big cock in. Zeno has no trouble taking it, and I shot watching Zeno’s ass cheeks wobble with the pounding.

They switch it up, Daniel on his back, while Zeno fucks him. It takes Daniel a bit to accommodate Zeno’s cock, but once he is settled, Zeno really gives it to him. I think Zeno kind of came inside of Daniel.

They flip positions, and you can see Zeno’s cock start to wilt. Ooops!

So, Daniel continues on fucking Zeno, who encouraged Daniel to bust. He shoots his load, splattering Zeno’s hole.

Daniel then makes Zeno clean his cock, Zeno looking very spent.

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Next Door Taboo gay porn scenes of Daniel Greene

Sexy young dude Daniel Greene can’t wait for his hot cousin Dante Colle to arrive.

He’s sunbathing with a huge boner and once in the shower Daniel can’t help but barge in and fall to his knees.

Daniel sucks down hard on Dante’s huge thick dick. He can’t wait to get that piece of man meat shoved right up his tight ass hole.

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Next Door Studios gay porn scenes of Daniel Greene

The two sexy twinks Elliot Finn and Daniel Greene have been shuttered away in their homes for months and they re talking about the things they miss.

Of course, the one thing they miss the most is hot sex and they decide that there is no time like the present to make amends and relive those fun times again together.

Daniel bareback fucks Elliot Finn slipping his huge twink dick deep into his hot raw asshole.

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Daniel Greene and Zeno Rey love bareback fucking each other.

They always try to bring a little bit of extra spice to their relationship by getting a bit inventive when and where they have hot sex.

Today they’ve rented a hotel room and Daniel brought a blindfold for Zeno.

Daniel and Zeno having some hot kinky sex that ends in them both covered in creamy hot jizz.

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Next Door Buddies gay porn scenes of Daniel Greene

Young ripped stud Daniel Greene has spent the day at the beach with hot bearded tattooed hunk Johnny Hill.

They have been larking about and enjoying the sunny weather outdoors and exercising their fit muscled bodies.

When they arrive home Daniel offers to give Johnny a full body massage.

As Johnny lies on the massage table, Daniel sets to work, his hands working their magic and relaxing Johnny’s sore muscles.

But young Daniel has other ideas and as he is feeling horny and turned on by the thought of Johnny’s naked body and huge cock he unleashes his own erect dick and offers it up to Johhny.

Johnny sucks down hard on Daniel’s huge curved cock getting it balls deep in his mouth and working his lips around his huge cockhead.

Daniel then returns the favor blowing Johnny’s thick dick, making him moan with pleasure with every deep stroke of his tongue.

Johnny then takes control shoving Daniel into doggie style on his hands and knees as he parts his smooth ass cheeks and takes aim licking his hot hole while jerking his dick.

Then with Daniel in the brace position, Johnny forces his huge thick cock deep into Daniel’s tight hole then pulling out until the tip of his dick is just still inside.

Daniel moans loudly as he loves the feeling of Johnny bare fucking him and he can feel every inch of his thick cock pummelling his bubble ass hole.

They switch up positions numerous times each time Johhny going deeper and harder and getting Daniel closer to orgasm until he can take no more and he sprays a huge cum load all over his ripped six-pack abs.

At the sight of all that jizz, Johnny pulls out shooting his load all over Daniel’s bare ass before fucking the cum back inside.

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