Ryan Bailey

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I’m 19 years old, from Delaware. I play lacrosse, work out twice a week and love to run and I have a 9 inch cock.

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Blue
Dick Size: 9 inch dick
Height: 5’10”
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 140lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Nationality: American

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Ryan Bailey and Leo Frost are meeting face to face at the park for the first time to see if they vibe together. There’s definitely playful sparks flying between the two and a fiery first kiss that leads them back to the bedroom.

Frost immediately understands where Bailey’s cocksure bravado comes from when he heads down below the boy’s waistline. The dude’s got a huge cock and little Leo looks like a kid in a candy store with the biggest prize while bobbing on that knob.

Anxious to see what Leo’s rockin’ under the hood, Ryan ransacks the boy’s sexy black boxer briefs. The dirty blond twink takes a lusty licking from Bailey who handles his business from front to back. After prepping his work area and allowing Leo to brace for impact, Bailey slowly starts to work his way in.

After a sultry slip and slide to break that bad boy through, Ryan opens up the throttle and blazes down the little dude’s dirt road at full speed. He crushes ass like a king pin of peen, flipping the toy twink onto his side before banging the boy on all fours.

Frost is finally fully open and throws booty back at Bailey, meeting him in the middle for maximum impact. The full force of fuck causes Frost to flood like an open faucet. Ryan races towards the finish line at a pounding pace.

When he finally crosses, he creams the kid’s can with a celebratory explosion. The sticky confection frosts the kid’s cakes and Ryan slaps his long, satisfied schlong in the juicy job well done…Join them!

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Ryan Bailey came over with some gifts for his new mom friend when he catches her man, Malik Delgaty, fucking the breast pump behind his wife’s back.

He promises Malik it’ll be their little secret, then drinks the jizz, and the top offers him some more.

Malik’s wife starts calling him as Ryan sucks his cock, so the guys sneak into the bathroom where he pounds the bottom doggy style.

Ryan rides Malik’s big cock on the floor, then the top pounds into him in missionary till Ryan cums, then the bottom drinks every drop of Malik’s man milk.

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Phillipe Massa isn’t too excited when his girlfriend drags him for a couples pedi, until horny twink nail tech Ryan Bailey promises to do everything to make Phillipe’s first time exciting.

Phillipe has a seat in the pedi chair, and when he catches Ryan sniffing his socks and licking his toes, he pulls out his cock to jack it as the twink worships his feet.

Ryan sucks the top’s cock, then gets face-down ass up to get fucked doggy style.

When Phillipe’s GF catches them, she storms out, but the guys don’t miss a beat, Ryan riding Phillipe reverse, then getting his ass pounded on the pedicure chair.

Phillipe fucks the bottom missionary and fills him with a creampie.

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Horny twink Ryan Bailey is snooping around Malik Delgaty’s bedroom, his stepsister’s boyfriend who he has a crush on.

The cute bottom is almost caught sniffing Malik’s briefs when the muscular top enters with his girlfriend, forcing him to hide inside the closet.

Alone again, Ryan discovers one of Malik’s discarded condoms full of spunk and he can’t resist sampling the flavor.

The twink pours Malik’s delicious juices all over his face and body and uses it as a lubricant while stroking his dick.

When the handsome top walks in on Ryan, he pushes the cum-covered bottom onto the bed.

The dominating top rips open Ryan’s jeans to fuck him doggy style, then he roughly feeds the submissive twink his big hunk of meat.

The eager bottom moans loudly as he orgasms while riding Malik’s cock in reverse, then he kneels to take the top’s wet load directly into his mouth, successfully quenching his thirst for cum.

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Ryan Bailey is trying to get some studying done at the college library, but his buddy Felix Fox is more interested in checking out the stern librarian, rubbing his cock through his pants, and making dirty jokes.

Felix takes out his dick and puts it through a hole he made in his book, then Ryan sucks it under the table.

Felix sneakily penetrates the bottom, but the pair get caught.

The librarian leaves to report them, so the horny students keep fucking doggy style over the table, then Felix sucks the bottom’s cock and pounds him in missionary.

Ryan rides Felix reverse, stroking himself till he cums, then takes Felix’s big load on his face.

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After Ryan Bailey is caught fucking in the library, he’s dragged to the office of Devy for his punishment.

Devy says there’s one way Ryan can avoid expulsion and lays a wooden paddle on his desk, but to his surprise, the twink picks it up and slaps it against his rump, excited to get started.

The light paddling Devy starts with isn’t getting the message across, so Ryan strips and lies over the desk for a firm punishment then gets an over-the-knee spanking to boot.

Ryan eagerly sucks the dean’s cock, then Devy bends him over to pound that ass.

The dean fucks the twink on his desk, then Ryan takes a hot facial as he jacks himself off till he cums.

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Troye Dean knows the best way to make his new stepbrother, Ryan Bailey, feel welcome… making out with him.

The twinks leap apart when Ryan’s new stepdad, Johnny Ford, enters, but he just wants to be sure that Troye is showing Ryan around… and when he leaves to make them a snack, Troye shows Ryan’s lips the way to his cock.

Troye gets inside a chair slipcover and pokes his dick through a hole so that Ryan can ride him as they watch a movie under Johnny’s nose.

When Johnny conks out, the twinks are free to fuck right out in the open, and they do, first doggy style before Ryan climbs into Troye’s lap and sits on his dick.

After pounding his stepbro in missionary, Troye pulls out to cum and licks Ryan’s balls as the bottom jacks off… and shoots a load that hits his new stepdad in the head.

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When sexy bearded young daddy Johnny Ford catches his hot young stepson, Ryan Bailey, in flagrante, his first reaction is anger.

Ryan runs into the bedroom and blocks the door with his stepbrother’s bed, but when he finds a big dildo in it, he gets an idea.

He sticks it to the door, then bends over on all fours and asks Johnny to come in so he can apologize. Every time Johnny pushes on the door, the huge dildo fucks Ryan’s hot young tight ass hole.

Johnny pushes his way in, but he wants to say he’s sorry for overreacting, and it turns out he wanted his stepson for himself.

Ryan undresses Johnny and sucks his cock, then rides it.

Johnny rims the twink, then makes Ryan cum as he fucks him missionary before covering that hole with his huge cum load.

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Ryan Bailey finally has the time to relax and destress with his VR sex game and his riding fuck machine.

Ryan is so engrossed in the good vibrations, he doesn’t hear masked burglar Felix Fox breaking in… but Felix hears him.

The intruder tries to be quiet as he spies on Ryan and strokes his cock, but can’t help making a noise.

While Ryan goes to investigate, Felix strips off and takes the place of the machine, and Ryan eagerly lowers himself onto the blond hunk’s cock.

When he realizes he’s riding the real thing, he gets back on the fuck machine so he can suck Felix’s dick, then the top rims him before blowing him.

The muscular burglar shows Ryan what a real man can do as he pounds his hole in missionary, then straps on his VR goggles as he fucks him doggy style.

Ryan rides the top and takes Felix’s load on his goggles before jacking off till he cums.

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Sexy young twink Ryan Bailey’s bare asshole raw fucked by muscled hunk Mason Wyler.

Troye Dean’s parents are very happy to meet his boyfriend, Ryan Bailey… but Ryan is a little too happy to meet Troye’s dad, Mason Wyler, squeezing Mason’s cock and flashing his ass instead of a handshake.

Mason sneakily rims the twink behind the counter as Troye and his wife are distracted, and Ryan tries his best to be quiet as he takes it doggy style.

He sucks the daddy’s dick, but to his surprise, as he’s getting pounded and moaning, “Yes!”

Troye pops the question.

Their engagement doesn’t even last as long as Mason does as he fucks Ryan’s hole.

The bottom rides him and takes that dick in missionary, getting his ass filled with a creampie, then Mason licks up Ryan’s cum.

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Sexy young twink Ryan Bailey fucked by ripped stepdad Johnny Ford and hottie stepbro Troye Dean.

Ryan Bailey’s new stepbrother, Troye Dean, doesn’t just welcome him to family movie night, he kisses Ryan behind his dad’s back and sneakily drills his ass under the blanket.

Ryan’s new stepdad, Johnny Ford, finally notices what’s going on when his stepson’s load hits him in the face, and he’s not happy about it.

Ryan barricades himself in his room and fucks himself with a dildo, but Johnny bursts in to show Ryan the real reason he flew off the handle, he wanted his stepson’s hole for himself, and he aims to prove he’s the best fucker in the family.

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Hairy tattooed muscle bear Markus Kage’s huge thick dick barebacking young twink Ryan Bailey’s hot ass.

As twink Ryan Bailey gets steamy in the sauna, tattooed top Markus Kage enters.

He pours a dipper of water over his chest and down his white briefs, turning them see-through to give Ryan a look at his thick cock.

Markus lets the bottom know he can do more than look, and soon Ryan is on his knees sucking that big dick.

The top pounds his hole in doggy style, and Ryan rides him, then cums as Markus penetrates him on his back on the bench.

The top finishes his steam with a load on Ryan’s face.

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Hairy chested muscle hunk Travis Connor’s massive dick fucking twink boy Ryan Bailey’s bubble butt.

Towel boy Ryan Bailey checks out muscled stud Travis Connor in the locker room after the football game and tells the player he can use Ryan to dry off.

Travis is ready to get in the twink’s tight end, but first Ryan sucks his cock, and Travis rims the bottom.

The horny player pounds the towel boy doggy style against the lockers, then picks him up for a stand-and-carry.

Ryan goes for every inch as he rides the top on the bench, then gets pounded on his back until he shoots his load, and Travis goes deep for a creampie.

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