Colby Jansen

Hair Color: Blonde
Sign: Pisces
Eye Color: Blue
Dick Size: 7 inch dick
Height: 6’1″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 225 lbs
Sexual Positions: Top

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It’s time for Jordan Easton to take Colby Jansen’s dick. Watch as Colby plugs Jordan’s hole with his pink D, fucking him doggy-style before Jordan mounts and rides him until he shoots warm cum from his uncut dick all over his chest…Join them!


Colby Jansen is tasked with welcoming the new guy, Dario Beck. He gets straight down to the point by demonstrating just how close the guys get while out on the road. Dario seems to understand all that the job entails and is up for the ride. He sucks Colby’s dick before taking it deep in his sexy hole until he shoots his load, hands free…Join them!


When Billy Santoro finds out that Johnny Rapid stayed the night in his house and fucked his daughter, he decides that the only way to make things right is to suck his his cock with his daughter just in the other room.

Billy then takes Johnny upstairs to his daughter’s room and drills his cute ass. When Colby Jansen walks in on the fun he feels it’s only right that he have a turn with Johnny as well…Join them!

Ty Mitchell and his girlfriend are visiting her parents but Ty is extremely horny and he’s likely not to behave himself.

While at their house Ty sneaks off to a guest room and humps a pillow.

Then he attempts to fuck his GF until she sends him to the bedroom to cool down.

On the way, he meets up with his GF’s DILF father, Colby Jansen.

The sexy hunk manhandles young Ty and pushes him down onto the bed.

The horny bottom boy sucks down hard on Colby’s big dick and then he gets fucked by Colby like there is no tomorrow.

Colby’s got the cure for Ty’s blue balls as he pounds him till Ty cums, then covers Ty’s face with his load.

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Sexy young punk Theo Brady is visiting big hairy bear Colby Jansen’s house and this trip he’s been fantasizing about Colby and he just can’t help wanking and jizzing all over his belongings.

He’s especially turned on when he sees Colby with his big thick dick stuck in his fly.

Theo has to go and lie down on his bed and jerk off imagining sucking Colby’s cock.

One time Colby catches Theo wanking off over one of his books, which now drips with his hot cum.

Colby decides to teach young Theo a bit of a lesson showing the inexperienced guy the secrets to lasting longer.

The experienced top starts by sucking Theo’s dick, but he won’t let Theo cum till he’s satisfied.

He puts the bottom to work swallowing his meat, then rims Theo’s hole before fucking him doggy style.

Theo manages to last while Colby pounds him mish, but as he rides the top reverse he can’t hold back anymore.

This time it’s Colby’s turn to cum all over something of Theo’s… his face.

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Daniel Hausser has been fantasizing about his big straight next-door neighbor Colby Jensen for a while now.

He’s been trying to think of an excuse to go over and talk to him.

Daniel goes over to borrow a screwdriver but what he really wants is to get screwed.

Colby is no dummy I can see right through the young man’s game.

Pretty soon Colby is jamming his straight dick down Daniel’s throat and up his tight young ass.

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