Jorik Tautou

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Gay

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As new sexy young stud Jorik Tautou lies naked on the bed, dark-haired hottie Mario Texeira sucks down hard on his huge uncut cock swallowing it whole.

Mario’s cocksucking skills make Jorik moan with desire especially when he gets his tongue inside his tight thick foreskin he has to concentrate hard so as to not shoot his load.

Jorik then returns the favor blowing Mario’s huge twink dick till it hits the back of his throat gagging him briefly.

As Jorik is busy sucking Mario’s dick, Mario reaches around and parts his bubble butt ass cheeks exposing his hot boy hole before running his tongue along his ass crack and into his asshole.

Mario rims Jorik’s ass getting him nice and wet, ready for his big thick uncut dick.

Then without warning, Marion pulls back his foreskin and pushes his hard erect cock into Jorik’s awaiting hole.

Mario bareback fucks Jorik gently at first, his massive twink cock moving slowly in and out of Jorik’s asshole.

Jorik loves the sensation of Mario’s hardon rubbing the sides of his anal passage increasing the intensity of their raw ass fucking.

They lie side by side with Mario’s rampant cock pummelling Jorik’s bubble butt before they switch up positions a number of times.

Each time Jorik gets closer to orgasm but then the expert lover Mario decreases the pressure just a bit so as not to end their fuck session too soon.

With Jorik braced against the sofa back Mario power fucks his raw hole and this time he is closer to blowing his load.

They switch once again and Mario fucks Jorik on his back as Jorik wanks his own big uncut cock till he can hold off no longer and he showers his chest and abs with his creamy jizz.

At the sight of so much cum, Mario pulls out and creams a huge load all over Jorik’s asshole rubbing his cum around his hot bare hole.

Both young men lie in each others’ arms recovering from their sexual exploits.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Jorik Tautou is everyone’s favorite uber twunk and today he’s featured as our model of the week.

Jorik is born to tease and show off, so we always knew that we were going to get an excellent performance from him for this solo.

Right from the beginning, he tries to seduce us with his smoldering eyes, but it is when his clothes come off that he really excels. Jorik also features at Freshmen here.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Sexy young stud Kirk Gauguin’s huge thick uncut dick barebacking Jorik Tautou’s smooth bubble butt.

Under normal circumstances, a cute, young guy hanging around the main train station would definitely mean only one thing, today it just means that Kirk is running late to meet young Jorik on his trip in from his hometown.

After exploring the sites of the ‘shortcut’ home we are treated to some hot twink-on-twink action (that is if Kirk still counts as a twink!)

Jorik’s innocent looks certainly belie the fact that his hormones are definitely in control of his body and he is always keen to take advantage of every chance to have sex.

For our FM members, this will not be the first time that we have seen this hot couple together, but we think that the extra 2 years of experience Jorik has had since then, has made him a more voracious lover, and this a bit better scene.

As with last time, Jorik is bottoming for Kirk and has no problem bouncing up and down on the full length of Kirk’s big dick, and his thick and creamy load certainly is proof of his appreciation.

See all Kirk Gauguin gay hardcore fuck sessions at Belami here and at Freshmen here.

See all Jorik Tautou gay hardcore fuck sessions at Belami here. and at Freshmen here.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Freshmen gay porn scenes of Jorik Tautou

When sexy young dude Jorik Tautou arrives Justin Saradon can’t hide his smile as he beams “I’m so happy to have you here!”

“I like you cos you’re quite little,” Justin continues.

The two sexy boys strip off their t-shirts as they romantically kiss their lips entwined as they feel each other’s ripped young bodies.

Jorik then moves down planting kisses as he goes, first on Justin’s nipples then his stomach, and all the way down till he reaches his throbbing huge uncut erection.

With Justin offering words of encouragement, Jorik runs his tongue from the base to the tip of Justin’s huge young dick.

Jorik works his tongue around Justin’s thick foreskin as he polishes his big mushroom cockhead with his sweet lips.

Justin can’t believe how good Jorik’s oral skills are as he bites his lip soaking up all the sexy sensations.

With Jorik lying flat on the bed Justin pulls at the leg of his jeans and slides them down with a couple of hard tugs.

Once his jeans are free, we get to see Jorik’s hot peachy bubble butt in all its fabulous nakedness.

Justin climbs aboard kissing Jorik’s neck and feeling his hard cock up against Jorik’s ass before switching positions so that he can suck Jorik’s dick returning the favor.

They switch again this time Justin opens Jorik’s ass cheeks exposing his tight pink hole as Justin pokes his inquisitive tongue right there getting it wet.

His tongue gets deeper into Jorik’s ass hole getting him ready to receive Justin’s huge uncut dick.

Then without warning, Justin forces his cock into his butt hole getting balls deep with the very first stroke in and out, making Jorik quiver with excitement.

Justin works his big dick moving inch by inch inside Jorik’s tight hole feeling the amazingly tight muscles gripping his uncut cock and flipping his foreskin back and forth.

Without stopping they swap positions until Jorik wanks his dick to orgasm spurting jizz all over his hot abs while Justin’s huge cock pumps his asshole.

Justin pulls out and blows a huge cumload all over Jorik’s bare ass before the two sexy young men embrace in a cummy kiss.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Young dark-haired hotties Jim Durden and Jorik Tautou are discussing their sexual experiences.

Jim is surprised to hear that Jorik has never topped anyone before.

The two sexy young studs start to make out, kissing passionately, as Jim reaches down and wanks Jorik’s already massive raging uncut hard-on.

Jim can’t believe how thick and long Jorik’s cock is as he works it between his fingers.

They switch-up positions with Jim spreading his legs wide so that Jorik can get his tongue deep between Jim’s smooth hairless ass crack.

Jim holds his feet behind his head giving Jorik full access to his asshole.

Jorik probes his tongue deep into Jim’s asshole lubing him up and getting him nice and wet.

Jim moans loudly at the sensation pulsing through his ass.

With his super hard uncut cock between both hands he rubs it hard between Jim’s ass cheeks until he finally finds his moist hole and forces his cockhead inside.

Jorik’s massive young dick slips sleekly inside and he slowly starts to fuck Jim with long slow strokes.

He picks up speed sliding his slick dick balls deep inside Jim’s hot bubble butt.

Jim then jumps on top and guides his bare ass hole down onto Jorik’s throbbing cock, taking control and pressing down hard feeling Jorik’s thick member moving inside him.

His moaning reaches a crescendo as Jorik deftly fucks his hole.

Jorik pulls out and licks Jim’s dick just as he jerks out a huge cum load which sprays all over Jorik’s face.

He licks his lips and swallows Jim’s full load.

Then Jorik slips back inside and fucks Jim until he is ready to come, he pulls out as he explodes cum all over Jim giving him a big creamy cum facial.

The sexy boys embrace for a cummy kiss.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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