Island Studs Kurt

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 9-inch dick
Height: 6’4″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 154 lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Island Studs Kurt gay porn scenes

Horse-hung Hawaiian American musician, Kurt is back showing off his a tight all-natural smooth boy-body, full bush of dark Hawaiian dick hair, big low hanging balls and a giant 9″ perfect monster cock, while standing with his big fat cock sticking out of this shorts to take a long piss in the garden.

Kurt sings us a song he wrote while playing his Ukulele fully naked, skinny drips like a dolphin and jerks his cock underwater, spreads his sweet smooth virgin surfer butt WIDE OPEN with both hands in the pool revealing his pink hole, all caught on film.

He sits in a chair outside singing us another song while he plays his Ukulele with a throbbing rock hard dick wrapped in a Hawaiian Flower Lei, before shooting an explosive load of cum at the camera and on the lawn between his big tan bare-feet while wearing a Hawaiian Lei around his neck before taking a ‘Hawaiian Shower” outside with the garden hose.

We follow this sexy Hung Hawaiian Surfer and Musician UNDERWATER as he plays, jerks, swims like a fish, holds his breath and then grabs his butt cheeks and spreads them wide open under water.

This popular hung smooth sexy young straight Hawaiian Hapa is an veteran Island Studs model and has never been shy about showing off his massive 9″ cock and full bush of untrimmed dick hair for our cameras.

After three previous hot videos Killer Cock Kurt is well known in Hawaii and on the site for his thick massive tall lanky boy body and impressive hard cock and big Donkey Balls.

Tall sexy Kurt, born and raised on the Islands, is a real Hapa Hawaiian musician, Irish Dutch Hawaiian Native American: now 23 years old, a tall 6’4″, 158 lbs and is totally smooth from head to toe, except for the big bush of black Hawaiian dick hair surrounding his massive 9″ straight boy cock and hairy balls…Join him!

Kurt is back with his killer 9-inch dick 9 inch who returns for the 5th time, hugely popular with our members.

The Kurt we know and love starts by stripping naked, showing off his very tall tight all-natural smooth boy body, furry armpits, and full bush of dark dick hair.

His big low hanging hairy balls and massive 9-inch perfect monster cock gets immediately rock hard as it dangles menacingly between his legs all the while working nude scrubbing the deck.

We see his big ball sack and his creamy white ass, as he bends over repeatedly, with his pink virgin butt hole in full view.

As Kurt walks around with a boner, he pees 2 times, plays his Ukulele with his 9-inch throbber hanging out of his tight blue undies before dropping his underwear to his ankles.

He’s fully naked sitting and wanking then he shoots 6 explosive loads of cum high in the air, before taking a sexy outdoor shower with his massive cock half-hard and leaking jizz.

Now 24, a taller 6’4″,154 lbs, born and raised on the Hawaiian Islands, Kurt is well known for his Ukulele skills and impressive cum shots, and his massive thick dick.

He is one of the most powerful cummers so check out the huge volume of jizz Kurt sprays from his 9-inch monster.

Ripped, tan and sporting new musician dready head hair, looking so different from the buzzed 20 year old surfer in his very first video years ago.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!