Chance Hart

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Trans Man Pussy
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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Chance climbs up Brayden’s long, tall body like Jack climbing a beanstalk. At the top, he greets the handsome cis man with a passionate kiss. Their size difference only adds to their chemistry, but face to face, they embrace each other with a shared longing and intimacy.

Brayden and Chance throw off their clothes and give each other a look at their beautiful, unique bodies. Chance is tattooed from head to toe while Brayden’s larger frame is practically unmarked. Brayden’s big cock hangs low between his legs while Chance’s throbbing, swollen dick is perfectly flanked by his hot, wet pussy.

Brayden gets on all fours, lowering himself down to Chance’s loins to savor his partner’s sexy cock. Chance lifts his pelvis upward, serving up his hard cock and wet hole like a meal for Brayden to devour. The tattooed man looks down in delight as his partner worships his body, all the while thinking of taking his massive meat in his mouth in return.

When Brayden leans back to offer up his giant tool, Chance stretches his throat open to take it all down deep. Brayden’s nuts are heavy beneath his shaft, serving as a goal post for Chance to reach as he attempts to swallow him completely. It’s not an easy task. Brayden is especially hung and girthy, giving Chance a lot to handle as he satisfies his oral fixation.

Brayden can only last so long before he needs to fuck. Chance gets on top of him and rides him hard, feeling his hole stretch out to take every thick inch of his partner. Chance is no stranger to a powerful, deep dicking, but the way his pussy opens to swallow up Brayden is truly exceptional. Brayden is amazed by how well Chance can take him, enjoying every passionate thrust into his loins.

It’s not long before Chance’s pussy milk Brayden’s load, draining his nuts out through his enormous cock and into his partner’s hungry hole. Chance is eager to take every drop, tightening his muscles to keep it in place as long as possible.

But Brayden’s meat has opened him up so much that a few drops find their way out, glazing over Chance’s pussy in a final, beautiful creampie.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

When these two Chance Hart and Tommy Deetz start taking off their clothes, there’s almost animalistic chemistry between them. In many ways, the two men are cut from the same cloth. Scruffy faces, smooth, lean bodies, covered in intricate tattoos and dripping in testosterone-fueled lust.

Tommy wraps his arms around Chance, kissing him so deep that he practically sucks the air out of his lungs. He lies back to catch his breath, removing his clothes and showing off more of his beautiful body and tattoos.

As much as Tommy appreciates the work, his eyes go directly to Chance’s swollen dick, throbbing and protruding from his hot, wet pussy.

Tommy drops to his knees and begins sucking and teasing the trans man’s member, feeling the rigid knob pulse between his lips, reaching peak arousal as Tommy continues to savor it.

Chance can’t help but look down in awe at just how passionately Tommy works to make him cum, realizing that his sex drive might actually match his own.

Chance stands up just before climaxing to turn his enthusiasm back on Tommy. The lean top stands with his back to the wall as Chance pulls down his pants and starts bobbing up and down on his meat.

But once Chance begins taking it to the back of his throat, Tommy knows it’s just a matter of time before his need to fuck is going to become too strong to hold back.

Luckily, that’s exactly why Chance brought him over. Chance gets back on the bed and spreads his legs wide, creating a direct path for Tommy to follow to get balls deep inside.

Tommy doesn’t hesitate in sliding himself all the way in, seeing the relief on Chance’s face as he’s finally getting what he wanted.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!