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Hair Color: Bleach Blonde
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7.5-inch dick
Height: 5’8″ / 174 cms
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 121 lbs / 55 kgs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Nationality: Russian

Southern Strokes gay porn scenes of Max Gen

Well after football practice this week dark-haired twink Alan Stark managed to fuck his sexy blonde young teammate Max Gen.

The day began as a normal summer’s day, with rising temperatures, yeap it was hot and muggy.

Today the soccer coach canceled footie practice today, so Max and Alan decided to hang around at my place.

Max definitely doesn’t know how much Alan liked him, but it was the perfect time to make his move.

They got to Alan’s house, and he was sure that Max could tell that Alan was really into him.

Maybe because Alan kept staring at him while they sat on the couch.

Or perhaps it was the fact that Alan’s big young cock was growing hard the closer they got.

When Max caught Alan looking and asked if he liked what he saw, Alan couldn’t lie.

Then Max lets Alan touch his cock, and Alan was ready to jump his ass right then and there.

Feeling Max’s cock in Alan’s hand was fucking amazing, but sucking it and then having Max touch Alan was better.

But none of that compared to feeling Max take Alan’s cock up his perfect hole.

And, the feeling of Alan’s balls drain on Max’s chest as Alan tea bagged him was the icing on the cake.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

It’s been a long summer, but now we are back in school, and I (Max Gen) get to see my teammate and longtime crush, Jared Cloud, again.

To prepare for wrestling season, we decided to have a friendly match at my place.

But things got really hot when he got on top of me and put his cock in my face.

I didn’t expect it, but I wasn’t going to stop it either.

Jared then took his singlet down and watched while he slapped me with his dick.

His cock tasted as good as it smelled, and I wanted more.

He then got on his knees and gave me full access to his wood.

My cock was rock hard, but I didn’t want to stop sucking his dick.

He then started playing with my ass before sticking his dick inside.

It was my first fuck, but I wasn’t going to let him know.

I finally got the hang of it, and he fucked me good until his load was all over my face. I then finished myself off after he left the room.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Boy Fun gay porn scenes of Max Gen

This long-haired young man was looking for a job in Prague before moving there.

He studied to be a nurse but never worked in healthcare.

Instead, he was job-hopping, expecting to find something enjoyable eventually.

We decided that a back-office position at an insurance company would be worth a try this time, mainly because of a nice salary.

With that settled we had to take care of the mediation fee, which he obviously couldn’t afford.

The guy was kind of handsome, so I was more than happy to help. His lean and smooth body was incredibly sexy.

I was getting really horny, so I didn’t hesitate and offered him some cash.

The guy gently sucked me off and even gave me a nice foot massage.

I almost felt bad while wrecking his ass, but I was just so horny.

He was barely able to walk when leaving my office.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Max Gen is enjoying a nice soak in the tub, exploring himself and giving in to the demands of his hard uncut cock rising from the foamy water.

It goes without saying that this gorgeous inked young man would always enjoy a little solo BoyFun while in the bath, but the arrival of Alex Blade makes his planned jack-off far more exciting.

Max is quick to invite him to come and play, laying back in the water while Alex toys with the stiff and wet cock standing proud from between his smooth thighs.

With a little rubbing, the young man is ready for a lot more, heading to the couch where Alex can truly play with the presented penis.

He takes it in his sucking mouth, using his lips and tongue to explore and pleasure the warm and wet meat, his own penis swelling and desperate for release from his pants.

Of course, sexy Max is more than eager to return the favor. The moment his friend’s cock is revealed he’s slurping the tasty inches, savoring the precum seeping from Alex’s tip.

With his attention drawn to the boy’s pucker, he gives Alex’s hole some licks and in seconds the two are ready for the ultimate in male pleasure.

Watch as Max slips his bareback cock between those welcoming cheeks, filling Alex with his bulging boner and fucking him from behind.

It could have ended there, it could have led to semen splashing free from their desperate dicks within moments, but inked young Max isn’t ready to finish up before he gets his chance to impale his pucker down on his pal’s penis.

Their flip fuck switches back and forth, with more rimming of Alex’s tight little hole and an incredibly hot near-piledriver position which takes both boys to an incredible gushing release.

Alex enjoys a shower of spooge from their erupting cocks, a shower of semen raining down over him.

It’s time for them to return to the bathroom to clean up, if they can manage that before needing to indulge again.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Tattoed bleach blonde young punk Max Gen likes to share his love of kink with his mates, and Tony Keit is certainly up for it in the latest BoyFun session.

The sexy little dude is sitting on the sofa reading a good book when his hottie Max arrives.

Within seconds the atmosphere becomes electric and Max is interested in Tony’s perfectly white socked feet as he removes them a kisses his bare feet.

The two horny young guys grope each other and judging by their swelling underwear bulges both boys are totally sexually aroused.

Max’s tongue is all over Tony’s feet licking between his toes and worshiping those naked feet.

It’s truly a delight for any fan of foot play, but you can be sure they’re not going to end with this. The pleasure swells immeasurably as their clothes come off.

Max’s hard cock is soon sandwiched between Tony’s feet for some foot wanking, his long uncut cock rubbing between them while his tip leaks precum.

He can’t resist getting a taste of young Tony’s delicious dong and spends a while sucking him, but the boy’s hole is right there and just as eager for that oral attention.

With some hot rimming and hole play Tony gets a taste of his buddy’s big dick and savors the juices leaking from his helmet, but the fucking these boys will share is the ultimate goal.

Max plunges his raw 7.5 inch uncut cock inside his friend’s hot hole and gives him a glorious pumping on his back, but he’s soon demanding a dick in his pucker and impales his ass down on Tony’s equally impressive shaft.

It only takes one more swap in this flip fuck, with some spooning on the couch, to have these boys ready to bust out their loads.

Tony pumps his cream from his dick in a flurry of orgasmic bliss and in moments Max is ready to wank out his own heavy cream all over his pal’s sexy naked foot. It’s the perfect finish for a foot-loving boy like him.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Gay twink threesome Rimi Morty, Alpan Stone and Max Gen big uncut dick anal fuck fest.

We all know how hard it is to get a lad away from his console for anything other than a potty break, and Alpan and Rimi are committed gamers. Max appears to attract their attention, though. Can a gamer refuse BoyFun?

As soon as he enters, he tries to distract them, but they both resist until his hands and mouth go south.

With Alpan’s enormous juicy cock liberated from his shorts and skillfully slurped, he’s finally compelled to halt his game, and Rimi is rapidly following suit.

Their games become hotter as they strip nude and feed Max their drooling dicks, pressing their tips together in Max’s mouth.

When they can split the prize, they slide their bare joysticks into Max’s mouth and ass, taking turns to shove their delectable inches in and out of him.

This game’s primary player isn’t him. Alpan slips his tight hole down on Rimi’s wild rod and enjoys a thrilling ride.

In turn, Rimi is ready to lie back for Max to ram his massive dong deep while Alpan dunks his balls in his mouth.

The fuck tower trio is a fitting end to their hot excursion.

Alpan rides the cock of lucky Rimi, his ass impaled on Max’s length.

Alpan becomes the most valuable player, even if they’re not keeping score. With his cock spouting a hot fountain of semen, he’s ready to get bathed in his friend’s loads, their shafts releasing rivers of juice all over his cute face and directly in his inviting mouth.

This is a game every hot lad should try.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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