Justin Host

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7-inch dick
Height: 5’5″ / 167 cms
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 121 lbs / 55 kgs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Nationality: Colombian

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Hottie young boy Justin Host strips down to his white socks and tight undies jerking his huge uncut dick.

Sexy young boy Justin sits on his bed in his ripped jeans and white socks.

He lifts his t-shirt with one hand exposing his smooth hairless chest with a slight ribbing of abs.

With his hand deep in his jean pocket, he exposes the waistband of his Andrew Christian undies with the palm trees motif.

The design hides the huge bulge with his already rock-hard dick stretching the material.

Justin rolls over onto his back with his white-socked feet in the air, showing off his tight pink hole.

Just touches his tight balls and pulls hard on his throbbing cock foreskin, exposing his purple cockhead.

He wanks his dick with rhythmic control he knows will send him over the edge as he thinks about the hot sex he’s going to have tonight.

His balls tighten and within seconds he explodes with ropes of boy cum fire off in all directions coating his smooth stomach with jizz dripping down onto his cock and balls.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Sexy young boy Justin Host’s tight bubble butt raw fucked by hottie hunk Noah Smith’s huge uncut dick.

Cute boys Justin Host and Noah Smith share an afternoon snack in town but with both boys being snaccs themselves it’s not long before they’re seeking some privacy to enjoy a little BoyFun.

Some tender smooches and some groping on the couch quickly leads to bare bodies being exposed and Noah’s long uncut cock throbbing up to a rock hard shaft for his friend to wank and suck on. The skinny tanned boy sure loves having his rigid rocket pleasured and Justin is more than happy to suck it deep.

While it seems tanned boy Noah might be less familiar than his friend in the art of boner play he can’t help but gobble his buddy’s dong in return, while his own rock-solid length continues to throb and dribble.

His oral skills are soon extending to licking out Justin’s tight little hole, too. With his boy pucker damp and ready the bottom is more than ready to take every raw inch Noah can deliver.

After being fucked from behind and enjoying a long ride bouncing in his buddy’s lap Justin ends up on his back for some deep and probing thrusts and his need to cum soon takes over.

His hot milky semen floods out of his bulging tip and the sight of his climax soon has Noah pulling his stiff meat out and launching an epic shower of multi-spurting cum far over his bottom pal.

It’s one of the messiest and most impressive cum shots we have ever seen, but we know it won’t be the last fountain of cock cream we see the boy launch.

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Young hottie twink Nico Vegas’s huge uncut cock barebacking sexy boy Justin Host’s bubble butt.

Nico Vegas comes in town and finds out that he is going to be sharing a room with Justin Host, who is a polished young man. That won’t come as a surprise to any of these two young men, that much is for sure.

It seems almost obvious that the sexy young dancers will be anxious to experience some BoyFun, and with a greeting smooch and the exposure of Nico’s long cock, there is hardly any time to practise.

Due to the fact that their constricting tights expose their alluring packages, the males hardly have time to perform even the most fundamental stretches before their focus shifts to their sexual requirements.

It was a waste of time for young Nico to slide his tights on since as soon as they moved to the larger bed, Nico’s enormous, uncut dong was immediately exposed for Justin to suck and lick all over again.

Their fetishistic interest in the stretchy material provides Justin with the ideal opportunity to engage in some foot wanking with his new buddy Nico. The silky smooth covering that Justin wears over his feet provides Nico with an extremely sensual experience.

He can’t help but have a taste of his younger companion, sucking on Justin’s moist penis before moving on to the boy’s quivering pucker. He can’t help but have a taste of his younger companion. The twink only needs a little lap from his deft tongue, and he is prepared to take advantage of the tall dancer’s enormous shaft in its entirety.

A few frantic pumps to his hairless hole result in a ride on Nico’s length and a more intense beating from behind. It is very evident that the trip into town has left the hung young athlete aching for liberation.

To his good fortune, tiny Justin is parched, and the child quickly begins slurping up the warm juices as the opportunity to take a messy cum pouring climax in his cute face presents itself.

That is more than enough to convince Justin to start rubbing his own sperm onto gorgeous Nico’s bulging helmet so that Nico may suck it.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Gay twink orgy Archi Gold, Dominik Xoxo, Junior Jones and Justin Host big young dick fucking In one bedroom, there can never be an excessive number of cute boys who have hard cocks. While his lovely friends Junior Jones and Justin Host are busy making out on the couch in the next room, BoyFun star Archi Gold is already hard at work sucking and swallowing the delicious dick of his friend Dominik Xoxo. The situation is becoming more urgent for both sets of boys, yet we are already familiar with the outcome of this situation. The other two lads sneak into the room through the doorway just as Dominik is plunging his bareback dong into small Archi’s crotch. This allows them to catch Dominik and Archi in the act. We had no choice but to presume that their gaydar tipped them off to the opportunity that was there, and what a fantastic opportunity it turned out to be! After only a few brief moments of voyeuristic eavesdropping, the two are anxious to strip off their clothes and join their roommates on the bed, and of course, they are enthusiastically welcomed. Soon enough, it will be time to make the most of their communion as the boys begin to switch partners. In the meantime, Junior and Justin are having their very own raw romp right alongside their other buggering mates. With so much hard young cock and tight tiny ass to enjoy, their double dipping play session quickly becomes a chain fuck, with lucky Archi in the midst as a cock invades his hole while his own meat is buried deep in a friend’s pucker. With so much hard young cock and tight little ass to love, their double dipping play session quickly becomes a chain fuck. It is without a doubt a frantic feast of sucking and fucking for these boys, which is made all the more enjoyable by the flowing loads of twinky sperm that young Archi and Junior take over their pretty faces and silky chests while their own juicy goo bursts from their wanked rods. Join them!

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