Florian Mraz

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Scorpio
Eye Color: Green
Dick Size: 6 inch / 15 cm dick
Height: 5’11” / 180 cm
Cut / Uncut:
Weight: 156 lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Nationality: Czech

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It’s not particularly difficult to understand how Florian Mraz has quietly become a favourite with our fans that winsome, toothy smile is more than enough to melt even the most hardened of hearts, but add his lithe body and hairless, upturned dick into the equation and you have a real winner.

Nevertheless, we hazard a guess that most viewers are gonna have their loyalties torn somewhat here, when Mraz is teamed up with tattooed newbie, Mickey Rush a deliciously handsome young dude, who quickly wins over Mraz’s affections, that’s for sure, and who we reckon will soon be vying for your devotions big time.

Of course, the secret with this scene is to simply enjoy both fellows simultaneously, rather than to try and pick a favourite a task made arguably much easier by the fact that director, John Smith, quickly positions them in 69-position, wherein they almost become one entity as they feast and gobble on each others cocks.

Not that that particular set-up is going to satisfy a hardened porn pro like Mraz for too long, however; and suffice it to say that the lad has soon bundled Rush over onto his back so that he can first finger and rim his new buddy’s pucker, then thrust every inch of his aching dick inside.

What follows is a terrific, hard-hitting pummeling of Rush’s hole; but just when you might be thinking that Mraz has abandoned his cock-whoring ways and transformed into a die-hard top, the lads are flip-flopping roles and our trusted favourite is back to his old ways, riding Rush’s shaft reverse-cowboy and blasting out a truly crazy wad of spunk in the process.

That leaves him to lap up Rush’s subsequent blast of jizz for a wrap…Join them!