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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’10” / 177 cms
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Nationality: Czech

Staxus gay porn scenes of Beno Eker

Who knew that rival teams could get along so well?

As is the case of Beno Eker and Casper Randall, who after their match and back at home dont waste any time to get comfortable in their bed, Casper soon loses all of his clothes leaving him in only a jockstrap and his socks, which soon are removed by Beno to reveal his cock and balls which he without any objection starts to suck.

It goes without saying that the pheromones are high, and these boys don’t hold back on letting their desires take control.

Soon Casper is sucking on Beno’s hard shaft, in preparation of what he want’s to come next, which for sure will be one hell of a view to watch…Join them!


It’s nice to have familiar faces come back, as is the case of Beno Eker, looking better than ever, if I may add. It goes without saying that when you’re away for a while, the cum-back couldn’t be better.

Having said that Luce Fair seems very happy to see Beno as he is rock hard from the first minute, and soon Beno follows, it goes without saying that as soon as he sees Beno’s hard dick his mouth is soon surrounding it, performing a fine blowjob, that only makes Beno’s urge to fuck even stronger.

As soon as Beno get’s the chance to, he’s back on top of Luce, kissing and moving erotically rubbing his dick with Luce’s, and even gives him his cock again for him to suck and play with his balls, needless to say that by now Beno just can’t wait any more, and rims Luce’s hole, to prepare him for the final assault.

Which is undoubtedly going to be a Beno style all the way style penetration that Luce will always remember…Join them!


Watching STAXUS models is one thing, it’s something we all love to do, but if you were a young, handsome dude like new boy, Ken Rollins, and you got the chance to travel to Prague to fuck them, would you say yes?

It’s a pretty easy question to answer, of course; and needless to report it’s a hot opportunity that results in him being teamed up with studio favourite, Beno Eker, for a horny session of boy-on-boy action that we know you’re gonna love.

And suffice it to say that the young Spaniard grasps the chance he’s now given not so much with open arms as with a very open mouth; quickly gobbling down on Eker’s meaty ramrod, before his new buddy returns the compliment with typical aplomb.

All of which soon results in Rollins being presented with Eker’s ever-hungry rump; which he eagerly rims in anticipation of the hardcore raw fuck that we now know is most definitely on the cards.

And if the sight of a tattooed pup riding it bare reverse-cowboy style, then you’re most definitely in for a treat here; with Eker once again proving his worth, and ultimately spewing mid-fuck for the money.

Leaving rookie Rollins to cream over his co-star’s shoulder to call it a hot wrap….Join them!

Southern Strokes gay porn scenes of Beno Eker

When you think about twinks they are universally horny all day every day for them sex is any time, any place anywhere.

Today’s young boys Beno Eker and Isaac Esteban are no different they’re both super horny.

Beno is sat downstairs, he’s feeling horny and his cock is already rock hard.

He unzips his pants and takes his young dick in hand as Issac walks down the stairs.

Long haired youth Issac seeing Beno wanking joins and him on the couch and sucks down hard on his big uncut dick taking it right to the back of his young throat.

Beno returns the favor licking and sucking Issac’s hard erect uncut cock.

He rims his ass getting it ready for his big bare dick.

Issac gets down on all fours with Beno pressing his raw uncut dick deep into his tight ass hole.

Isaac eventually goes for a ride when he impales himself on Beno’s cock, only to end up on his back, legs spread wide.

From the way Isaac moans, cries, and rolls his eyes back into his head, it’s clear Beno knows what he’s doing.

The hung tattooed twink top might as well be a fuck machine as he pounds Isaac relentlessly.

And after bareback fucking Isaac to satisfy his need, Beno blows a huge load all over Isaac’s face.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Whoever said going on a run through the woods isn’t fun never did it like Beno Eker and Robbie Dane.

Beno and Robbie are going for a run through the woods when they decide to take a break.

ut the kind of break they’re taking isn’t from getting sweaty, as the boys start kissing and groping each other while leaning against a tree.

Robbie then gets on his knees and runs his mouth all over Beno’s dick print before pulling down his shorts and sucking on the tasty piece of meat.

It’s then Robbie’s turn as he switches positions with Beno and gets his cock serviced and swallowed.

He then turns around and puts his hands against the tree as Beno slips his dick inside of him and starts to fuck his tight ass.

He is hanging on tight to tree limbs as Beno fills his hole with wood.

They then pull out a blanket, lay down, and fuck in missionary position for deeper penetration before Robbie sits on top of Beno and rides his dick, shooting his load with Beno’s cock still inside him.

Beno then stands up and shoots his load and lets it falls all over Robbies’ nude body.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Bad Puppy gay porn scenes of Beno Eker

Hottie young studs Beno Eker and Jack Finix have been wandering around the city and they are now heading home.

These two horny boys head over to the sofa and can’t keep their hands off each other.

They make out kissing passionately feeling each others’ firm young bodies as they remove each other’s shirts.

Jack slides his hand into Beno’s jeans feeling his huge soft cock, as he grabs ahold of it, he can feel it pulsing and growing erect.

They both lose their jeans and both boys have huge cock bulges in their sexy undies.

Jack takes control kissing all the way down Beno’s chest till he unleashes his big uncut dick sucking it to the back of his throat.

Jack deep throats Beno’s cock sliding it in and out of his mouth, making Beno breathe heavily.

Naked apart from his stripey socks Beno reaches over and sucks Jack’s long uncut cock polishing the end of his foreskin with his tongue.

Jack rubs his nipples and moans as he enjoys Beno’s expert lips and tongue.

Beno bends jack over doggie style and slides his huge young cock deep between Jack’s smooth ass cheeks, getting his cock balls deep in his hole.

Beno’s balls bounce up and down as he slaps his long cock into Jack’s ass.

They switch it up with Jack in his white socks lowering his asshole onto Beno’s dick. Taking control of the thrusting getting Beno’s cock deeper into his ass.

They switch again with Jack on his back with his legs in the air, and Beno’s cock slipping into his sore butt, both boys breathing gets labored as they are both close to orgasm.

Jack shoots first his young boy jizz spraying all over his stomach and chest, closely followed by Beno’s showering them both with his boy cum.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!