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Running a cumdump house in a pretty standard US city in the south brings quite some scheduling issues especially given the ton of straight dudes using us to unload anonymously.

It’s been a super busy season and we’ve had lines outta the door.

Our neighbors must know that somethin’ going down.

Had to split up the rooms, each of us taking a group of cocks to get through the night.

Never stays that way, lol we got some hungry ass holes.

Heard some of these guys tried hittin’ up other cumdumps but none could last.

Pfft, amateurs. See all these hard cocks walkin’ through and we kept going!

You’ll see, this is just room one. We figured out how to get all the dicks comin’ through.

Every year we get better at gettin’ bred by every single cock that comes for the festivities. Fuck, let’s suck those rock-hard cocks.

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