SeanCody Kyle

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Gay porn scenes of SeanCody Kyle

Young ripped hottie stud Kyle is a thoughtful guy who spends an inordinate amount of time in the gym working his impressive core abs muscles or by meditating on his yoga mat.

Versatile bottom Kyle loves getting a big thick dick inside his hot ass hole although with a large 7.5-inch dick some of his shags have other ideas.

I’m not complaining I live to give and take as they say.

Lots of guys want me to top, I always have to convince them to flip.

But when they see my butt then they want me to bottom.”

He shows off his very attractive ass for you, then strips off his t-shirt to display his rock-hard chest and rippling abs.

He runs his hands over his skin, then shucks off his shorts and strokes his cock.

Kyle turns around to give you a great view of that booty, stroking his dick till he cums… and he has a second impressive load in store.

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Kyle and Jax can’t keep their hands off each other, these two sexy muscle studs rip at each others’ clothes until they are both fully naked.

Jax is fascinated with Kyle’s big, bouncy booty, putting him on all fours on the couch and slapping and jiggling his cheeks, then rimming him.

Kyle sucks Jax’s big cock before riding him, then takes it piledriver, moaning, “Oh, Jax. Oh I love that dick!”

Kyle cums so hard Jax can’t even believe how much he shoots, saying, “Oh fuck, dude, oh my god, that is so fuckin’ much cum!”

Jax puts Kyle on all fours so he can get a perfect view of the bottom’s gorgeous ass as he pounds him doggy style, then puts him up against the mirror till Kyle jizzes on the glass.

Jax makes him lick it off before cumming on the bottom’s face.

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Cute, dark-haired Kyle is really enjoying his makeout session with fan-favorite Josh, and when the guys take their shirts off, he exclaims, “Fuck, you have such a nice body!”

Bearded hunk Josh bends Kyle over and eats his hole, then eases his big cock inside.

“You want it?” Justin asks.

“Oh god, that’s so deep,”

Kyle moans as he takes every inch.

He sucks Josh’s dick, then rides the top reverse.

Josh fucks Kyle doggy style before turning him on his back, and Kyle strokes himself till he orgasms as he gets penetrated in missionary before Josh pulls out and shoots on his dick.

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Deacon’s in the studio with cute new twink Kyle today, and the guys start kissing passionately as experienced Deacon shows the younger guy a thing or two, taking off his shirt and licking his armpit before kissing his chest, as his hands keep straying to Kyle’s hot ass.

The guys strip down and Deacon explores Kyle’s ass more thoroughly with his tongue, making the twink moan, then fucks him doggy style.

Then it’s Kyle’s turn to blow Deacon’s mind as he blows him, deepthroating until he has Deacon exclaiming, “What the fuck!

Wow, either you don’t have to breathe or you’re just really fuckin’ good at that!”

Kyle rides Deacon reverse, then the top lays him on his back to pound that hole missionary, squeezing every drop of cum out of Kyle’s cock before he pulls out and covers him with a hot load.

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Dax can’t believe his luck as he runs his hands down Kyle’s ripped body. “You’re so hot,” Dax says, as he puts his hands down the sexy stud’s jeans as they kiss hungrily.

Kyle sucks Dax’s cock, and both guys shuck off their jeans before Dax slaps and eats Kyle’s cute booty, then fucks him doggy style.

“Fuuuuuck,” Kyle moans as he takes Dax’s dick, throwing his ass back, then he turns on his back to get fucked missionary.

Dax isn’t ready to cum just yet, so he says, “I’ll ride yours,” as the guys flip fuck.

Kyle penetrates the bearded hunk missionary and Dax can’t believe how big that cock is as it makes him blow his load.

Then it’s Kyle’s turn to give Dax a truly huge facial.

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Things are warming up nicely as Kyle and Brysen start making out, kissing passionately in the hot tub.

Kyle sucks Brysen’s big thick dick and Brysen rims the cute twinks hole getting his tongue in deep.

“Oh yeah, get it all wet,” Kyle says because he wants Brysen’s cock too.

The top fucks him doggy style in the hot tub, then they head to the patio so Kyle can ride Brysen on the couch.

Brysen turns the bottom over to fuck him missionary till they both cum, but Brysen isn’t done with him yet.

“Let’s take that fine ass inside,” Brysen says because he wants to switch things up with a flip-fuck.

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“Perfect Body,” Manny says admiringly, stroking Kyle’s cut chest.

It’s a bit of a mutual admiration society on set today as these two muscular hunks kiss and undress each other, and they’re too eager to taste each other to take turns, so they 69.

Manny eases Kyle’s cock into his hole as he rides him, then Kyle fucks the bottom in piledriver.

The guys moan as Manny takes that cock in doggy style before lying on his back and stroking his dick as Kyle talks dirty while penetrating him missionary.

“Fuck the cum outta me!” Manny moans as he blows his load, then Kyle adds his jizz and tastes both.

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Kyle is rocking a new ‘Stache along with his Sean Cody t-shirt as he joins Dale in the studio.

The guys start passionately kissing and quickly undress each other, stroking each other’s cocks, and Kyle buries his face in Dale’s ass.

“I want you to fuck me,” says the bottom, and Kyle eagerly pounds him doggy style, then Dale rides his cock.

Kyle fucks the bottom’s hole on the floor before putting him in pile driver position to give Dale every inch.

Dale gives himself a facial as he cums all over himself, and Kyle asks, “Do you want that fucking cum?” before unleashing a record-breaking load.

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Asher is excited to get his hands on Kyle’s big dick, sucking it and slapping it against his face, then laughing, “Fuck, it’s so heavy!”

Kyle enjoys every minute as Asher swallows his dick and gives his balls some attention, then sits on that hard-on.

Kyle fucks Asher in piledriver and superman positions, then the bottom gets on his hands and knees to get plowed in doggy style.

Asher blows a big load on the couch as Kyle pounds him, but Kyle pulls out to shoot an even bigger one on Asher’s ass.

“That was a huge load,” Kyle says, as Asher sucks him, saying that he wants “Every last drop!”

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Dark-haired hunk Liam can’t wait to spend some time with Kyle in the Sean Cody bedroom.

The two hotties immediately start to make out and undress each other, then Liam kneels to take the full length of Kyle’s big cock in his mouth, gagging on it while the playful top instructs him to “suck that dick!”

Kyle puts Liam up against the wall and rims his ass, getting it juicy and wet, as the horny bottom moans “that feels so good!”

It isn’t long before Liam is begging Kyle to “give me that dick!”

The sexy top fills Liam’s gorgeous, round booty in doggy style and then fucks him missionary on the bed.

After hopping on top of Kyle and riding his dick hard, the satisfied bottom empties his balls all over Kyle’s muscular chest and abs, then Kyle jacks off and treats Liam to a facial.

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Hottie muscle hunk Daniel gets a sly look at young muscled hottie Kyle’s ripped body as he was changing, and he can’t wait to see it some more.

“His huge boner is just out of this world.

I just can’t wait to get his erect cock in my mouth.”

The guys are totally chilled as they make out on the bed together, and Kyle promises to give Daniel a reiki session after their scene before silver fox Daniel gets him laughing with some puns.

These horny studs are just eager to strip each other’s clothes off, and soon Kyle is sucking down hard on Daniel’s dick.

Then Daniel gets what he’s been waiting for, feeling Kyle’s thick cock between his lips.

“Oh just like that, fuck!” Kyle moans.

The top rubs their hard dicks together, then penetrates Kyle in spoon and missionary before the bottom gets on all fours to get fucked doggy style.

Daniel pounds Kyle deep in missionary till the bottom blows a huge cum load, then Daniel cums all over that hot bod.

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Today everyone’s attention is fixed on big, muscle ass today as Michael Boston, Luke Connors, and Sean Cody Kyle undress and start making out, kissing passionately on the bed.

Both Kyle and Luke massage hot oil all over Michael’s huge, round booty, as Michael twerks in his thong the sexy dudes slap and squeeze his cheeks, teasing them till they just have to give him their cocks.

Michael sucks Kyle and spreads his legs wide as Luke fucks him, then Kyle gets on top of Michael to ride his dick.

Next, it’s Kyle’s turn to get spit-roasted as he sucks Michael and gets his hole-drilled doggy style by Luke before Michael straddles Kyle so he can get rimmed.

Lucky Michael gets to be in the middle of the train as he pounds Kyle and is penetrated by Luke before all three guys blow their loads.

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