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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8.5-inch dick
Height: 5’7″
Cut / Uncut: Cut
Weight: 145lbs
Sexual Positions: Top

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After a fun day of sun and surf, working out their muscles with some beach volleyball, Robbie tells silver fox Daniel, “You kept up with me today.”

“Well, I whooped your ass, is what happened,” the handsome top playfully fires back before telling the sexy twink that it’s time to have a little more fun.

Robbie sucks the top’s big cock, then bends over the couch to take Daniel’s dick, telling him to fuck that hole before taking it even deeper in pile driver.

Robbie can’t believe how hard he cums all over himself, and Daniel pulls out to paint Robbie’s hole with jizz…Join them!

Sean was hoping to keep it a surprise, but Robbie can’t hold back the news that he’s topping today as the guys get flirty on a sun-dappled wooded path.

Sean hasn’t heard anything yet about Robbie’s topping skills, adding, “I’m excited to see what you got going.”

“I’m packing some heat, don’t you worry,” Robbie confidently replies.

The guys head inside where they get right down to it: Sean sucks Robbie’s cock and then hops on to ride him reverse. Robbie definitely brings the heat as he pounds Sean’s ass till they both cum…Join them!

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Hunky jocks Clyde and Robbie toss a football at the beach, but they’ve got other balls on their mind. Back at the house, the studs can barely wait to undress each other. “Look at you handsome,” says Clyde, “you’ve got a nice ass.” “Let me see that body Clyde,” responds Robbie. Clyde takes off his shirt and smiles seductively at Robbie, “it’s all yours”…Join them!

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As soon as Frankie and Robbie met, the energy around them became more and more intense.

Robbie started, “From what I’ve heard, you’re a little aggressor over there.”

Frankie set the record straight, “A little? I’d say a lot. You haven’t heard enough then huh?”

Wild top Frankie did not disappoint; our bossy bottom was definitely satisfied. I think it’s safe to say that Robbie has finally met his match…Join them!

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With winter hitting everywhere but San Diego, Cory and Robbie decided to head out to the beach for a little naked-in-the-sun fun. “Do people ever fool around down here?” Cory asked. Robbie kind of laughed at Cory, “Why do you think they brought us down here?”

Clearly Robbie was on to our plan. The guys planted an umbrella down and got to business. Robbie wasted no time trying to deep throat all of Cory. They messed around for a while until finally it was time to bust, then ran straight back into the ocean bare-assed.

When we got back to the studio, it was time for Robbie to prove that he really is a bottom. Cory pounded him out nice and hard until a thick load ended up deep in his ass.

“I like coming out here and making new friends. Especially ones with a nice dick like his!”…Join them!

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Robbie and his huge dick are back. “Are you excited to be here?” I asked Robbie who was walking around the studio smiling. “Hell yeah. Curtis is a good looking guy and he claims he can take all of me.”

“Damn right, give me that thing!” Curtis was in heaven throughout the day. Whenever there is a big dick on set, Curtis is always in a good mood and Robbie has one of the larger dicks we’ve seen.

“So how’s your first sex film going?” I asked Robbie. “It’s a ton of fun. I’m not really out back home, so being able to be here and fuck guys. yeah it’s fun and I’m happy.

Curtis took every inch and even let Robbie spit some cum in his face at the end…Join them!

Buff Josh jumps rope and Robbie does some bicep curls at the beach before they shuck off their shirts and take a stroll by the water’s edge.

Josh even picks Robbie up for a piggyback ride, hinting at the fact that Robbie will be riding him again soon.

Back at home, Josh sucks Robbie’s huge cock, and Robbie moans, “This cock is so hard for you right now.”

“Oh, it goes so deep,” says Josh as Robbie penetrates him in missionary, then Robbie orders Josh to get on top and take a ride of his own.

That big cock makes Josh cum hard and Robbie treats him to a facial.

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