Sean Cody Manny

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8 inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 160lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Gay

Sean Cody gay porn scenes of Manny

Sexy muscle boys Manny and Asher playfully let loose at the park, they hop on the swingset, then they flirt with each other under a gorgeous blue sky, their hands wandering across each other’s big muscular chests.

Back indoors at the Sean Cody studio, they’re ready for a different kind of horseplay.

These guys know how important it is to wait for your time, so this is going to be a hot bareback flip-flop ass fucking.

First Manny tells Asher to “Slide it in” as the hottie eats Manny’s hole, so Asher fucks Manny doggy style and mish, leaving a huge load on Manny’s abs.

Then Manny gets to fuck Asher in piledriver till his chest is covered in cum, then licks it up and feeds some to Asher too. Sharing is caring…Join them!

Nixon, Archie, and Manny are all seasoned performers who’ve filmed together before, but this is a big day: Nixon’s first ever three-way.

Are these studs ready to try a DP? Manny states with confidence, “We’re not gonna try, no. We’re gonna do it.”

The guys begin with a three-way kiss before Archie kneels to suck Nixon and Manny’s cocks, then Nixon fucks Archie while Archie and Manny 69.

After the hotties cum once, it’s time to stretch Manny’s hole with a DP…Join them!

Manny’s already finishing up his workout as Josh gets up and dressed for the day.

These guys have traveled to America’s gay capital, San Francisco, to meet up, and they’re as excited to see the sights as they are to see each other naked.

The guys head back to Josh’s hotel for a shower before Manny deep throats Josh’s big cock.

“Fuck, it just goes all the way down,” Manny moans before taking Josh’s cock in doggy style.

Josh gives Manny a massive creampie before these guys head out on the town, then it’s back to the hotel for a hot flip fuck with Manny licking and penetrating Josh’s hole…Join them!

Clean-cut newbie Lachlan is back, and Sean Cody pro Manny is “a little bit bummed” that he didn’t get to be the first to taste that dick.

“I thought I break them in and they break me in, and it’s like a mutual breaking-in and we’re just all happy and contented and there’s cumshots everywhere,” Manny explains.

But just because this isn’t Lachlan’s first time doesn’t mean he’s any less excited to shoot with Manny: “He’s built like a Greek god.

I’m glad that he’s able to teach me, because I’m still learning.”

Power bottom Manny’s ass gets the pounding he was hoping for today.

Would Lachlan ever consider letting Manny teach him to take a dick? He’s not ruling anything out…Join them!

Tall stud Kurt and muscular hunk Manny take a romantic walk on the beach, enjoying the shade of the palm trees as they flex their muscles and pose for the camera.

Back at the Sean Cody studio, the guys impatiently undress each other, and Manny sucks Kurt’s cock before exposing his hole for Kurt’s tongue.

“That dick’s big,” Manny gasps as Kurt breeds his ass in doggy style.

“You like that? That’s a tight ass!” Kurt pants.

The handsome top cums all over Manny and goes right back to pounding that booty without missing a beat…Join them!

Manny wants to know what gets handsome all-American hottie Jeb hot and bothered.

“Lots of foreplay, passion, feeling… Kissing’s good, neck-biting, sinking teeth in,” Jeb lists, before asking what gets Manny all riled up: “Uh… dick!” the bottom replies.

Luckily for Manny, Jeb’s got plenty of that, and he treats him to a nice deep doggystyle fuck before Manny rides his big cock till he cums, then takes Jeb’s massive load in his mouth….Join them!


Tall Jax and tanned Manny run through the surf on a gorgeous day at the beach, flexing and riding their skimboards before getting some privacy so they can ride each other.

Manny cops a feel of Jax’s huge cock and needs to see it, then impresses the tall top with his deep throating abilities.

Then it’s time for Manny’s tight ass to get stretched, and that huge cock makes him cum harder than either of them expected before Jax jizzes all over Manny’s face.

“Fuck that was a big load!” Manny says as Jax licks off his own cum. Jax replies incredulously, “MY load? Did you see YOUR load?”…Join them!


It’s a perfect day at the pool for Deacon and Manny. The hunky studs get wet and wild, starting off the afternoon with an athletic handstand fuck.

Things only get more heated from there, as Deacon stretches out Manny’s asshole in the bedroom. The two cum-hungry models help each other get cleaned up before going back at it on the couch…Join them!


Blond-haired Jax could not be more excited as he is about to have his first threesome with athletic Lane and well-built Manny. Tall, muscular hunk Jax gets to share these two beautiful, dark-haired bottoms and he wastes no time getting right into it. “Take it off, let’s go! Let’s get in a circle!” says Jax, as the men start sucking on each other’s big dicks. “Does it taste good?” asks Manny. “It tastes fucking good,” replies Lane. “I got you two to myself! You two suck my dick so good,” says a satisfied Jax. This threesome is so hot; you’ll want to join them too…Join them!


“I just have this built up aggression in me, like sexual desire that’s ready to come out.” Manny confessed his itch for some more cock.

Malcolm smirked, “I’m ready to release that out.”

From the moment we started interviewing these horny hotties, sexual tension took over, and all they wanted was to fuck.

Malcolm gave Manny exactly what he wanted a hard pounding and a hole full of cum.Join them!


It’s day 2 in sunny Puerto Rico, and these sexy men have plans to take full advantage of the weather and of each other’s company.

Brysen and Randy waste no time bringing Manny on all fours and making him moan in pleasure it doesn’t get any better than three guys going at it in paradise…Join them!


Kaleb is back and ready to tackle a few firsts with a guy. Kissing, fucking, getting a blowjob, and a few other things.

“I’m pretty excited to bust on his face, I’ve never done anything like that before.” Kaleb made it known from the start.

Manny just wanted to get started after he reached down and touched Kaleb’s uncut dick, “This is gold right here!”
It’s safe to say that Manny showed Kaleb a great time…Join them!


“His eyes, they’re brown and make me weak in the knees a little bit.” Nixon confessed, and Manny couldn’t help but blush. There’s something that Nixon has always wanted to do, but hasn’t yet: cum in somebody’s ass. Manny, being so generous, took it upon himself to get Nixon to breed him.

It wasn’t that hard since these two sexy Sean Cody favorites had a lot of chemistry and fun, considering Nixon had Manny begging for more the whole time…Join them!


Robert and Manny had a little soccer warm-up to get their blood pumping before the real workout they’d been waiting for all day. Robert was eager to get going, “I think we should go inside.”

Manny added to it, “I mean, he has to score still so” We wanted to take a vote, “Who wants to play soccer?” They were both silent. “Ok, who wants to fuck?”

Both raised their hands clearly, they didn’t come here just to play some soccer, but they did come to score…Join them!


Manny has bottomed for a lot of the hard hitters here at Sean Cody some veterans, some newbies but we’ve definitely been saving this one for a while the cum machine, Jess. Manny has seen a lot of Jess’ films, and jacked off to them, so this was something special for both of them.

With all that dick talk, Manny had to take an up-close and personal look at what he’d be working with and only then did he realize what he got himself into. Even though he’s seen Jess’ films, nothing could prepare him for the real thing right in front of him.

“Fuck, that’s pretty big!” Jess added, “It gets harder, and bigger”

Manny was trying to wrap his mind, and hand, around it, “Yeah? I mean, that’s big enough as it is. You can stop right there.” He didn’t need any preparation after all, the willing bottom took it like a champ, and added another one under his belt…Join them!


Two furry boys together means trouble. Frankie seemed to have enjoyed his solo time here, and is back for a one-on-one session with somebody who can handle his rough edge that’s where Manny comes in.

“How hard do you wanna fuck me?”

Frankie eyed Manny intensely, “I only have one setting.”

That setting was full-on hard action that kept Manny begging for more and he took it like a champ!

I guess they couldn’t get enough of each other, because this is one cum-filled, passionate scene full of cream pies, cum-eating and relentless pounding…Join them!


Talk about chemistry. These two really had something going on. Broderick couldn’t keep his hands off of Manny, and Manny kept begging for cock.

After working out earlier that day, Broderick had some tension all over, and Manny was there to relieve that tension in more ways than one.

Broderick took control and used Manny’s hole clearly, he was doing a good job, seeing as how Manny’s dick couldn’t stop dripping precum while getting fucked hard.

With every “Give it to me.”, “Fuck me harder.” and “Use me.”, Broderick pumped harder until both blew their loads all over the place…Join them!


Talk about chemistry. These two really had something going on. Broderick couldn’t keep his hands off of Manny, and Manny kept begging for cock. After working out earlier that day, Broderick had some tension all over, and Manny was there to relieve that tension in more ways than one.

Broderick took control and used Manny’s hole clearly, he was doing a good job, seeing as how Manny’s dick couldn’t stop dripping precum while getting fucked hard.

With every “Give it to me!”, “Fuck me harder!” and “Use me!”, Broderick pumped harder until both blew their loads all over the place…Join them!


Manny has only been with us for a few months, but has quickly become a fan favorite climbing up the SC ladder and riding some of our most popular models to get to highest rung. That’s where Daniel comes in. He’s ready to give Manny exactly what he wants and craves a dirty fuck.

Manny was very excited to get started, especially because he knows that Daniel is a wild one, “I’m going to be used the way I want to!” He wanted to cater to Daniel’s wild side, so he blindfolded himself and went on all fours with his ass up in the air, waiting for Daniel to come in and ravage him.

Of course, Daniel was ecstatic to find out he could do whatever he wanted to Manny. Daniel never disappoints, and being paired with willing bottom Manny, this is surely going to satisfy…Join them!


A lot of the gay solos that come in always have a Sean Cody favorite that they hope to one day get paired with. For Manny it was hands down Tanner.

“There is just something about him, I can’t put my finger on it. I think maybe cause I’ve seen him do some pretty dirty things on the site, it’s a huge turn on.

Tanner had a devilish look in his eye. “Oh I have some things planned for sure!

Tanner didn’t disappoint either, by the time Manny left the Sean Cody studios he could barely walk but he did have a smile ear to ear and a nice full load of Tanner inside of him…Join them!


Manny is a really sweet, young, gay guy. From the second we picked him up at the airport to when he left the studio he was the most polite, nicest kid we have seen in a long time.

“So you said you were gay?” I asked. “Yup! Sure am!” “Tell me more about that.”

“Well I came out when I was young. I mix it up between being a top and a bottom. Some days I like to pound an ass.” Manny smirked a bit. “Other days, however, I like to get used like a little slut.

I couldn’t help but to try to dig deeper. “Tell me more about being a little slut.” Manny smiled. “I just liked being man handled. I don’t really have a type but if I did I would say it would be the Sean Cody type.”

Clearly Manny has come to the right place…Join him!

Today we take a look back to a treasured fan favorite featuring Brodie and Manny fooling around.

As they get ready to start filming they start by spraying shaving foam all over each other.

“You’re like Santa!” Manny jokes, slathering white foam into Brodie’s beard.

“Sexy Santa is gonna give me some dick today.”

Find out why these hunks ended up playing a lubed-up game of Twister and whether Brodie is as good a kisser as he looks as the scene continues.

Back in the bedroom, the guys 69, then Manny rides Brodie’s dick till the top can’t last any longer, and the bottom’s hungry hole eats up all the cum!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Today we welcome Jayce and Manny back after many months.

They start by discussing how they’ve managed to keep fit at home as local gyms have been closed.

They both lift their shirts to compare their ripped six-packs in an ab-off.

Jayce says, “I haven’t had any sex lately.

I’m looking forward to fucking this guy.” Manny laughs.

“Who said you were fucking me? We haven’t flipped for it yet.”

But Jayce has been waiting months to top again, and today is the day.

These vers cuties suck each other’s cocks before Jayce pounds Manny’s ass doggy style, then gives it to him in mish till they both cum at once.

Jayce hasn’t had enough of Manny’s hole yet.

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