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Malcolm and Angelo’s chemistry was undeniable. They were even caught flirting behind the scenes.

Malcolm was completely in awe of Malcolm’s “plump and muscular” ass.

He gave him the best rim job he’s ever had. “It tastes so good”.

These two buff studs quickly let their sensations take over.

You could see that they aimed to have as much fun as they could during that shoot and the result is satisfying, down to the last drop…Join them!

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Malcolm and Ramsey have a little bit of a crush on each other, and it showed throughout the day, especially with Malcolm.

His excitement to be inside Ramsey was pretty clear, “Yeah, I mean, wouldn’t you be?”

He couldn’t keep his hands to himself, so we had to shorten our little walk in the great outdoors to get back to the house and get things started…Join them!

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“I just have this built up aggression in me, like sexual desire that’s ready to come out.” Manny confessed his itch for some more cock.

Malcolm smirked, “I’m ready to release that out.”

From the moment we started interviewing these horny hotties, sexual tension took over, and all they wanted was to fuck.

Malcolm gave Manny exactly what he wanted a hard pounding and a hole full of cum.Join them!

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Blake has had a longtime fantasy about being in a hotel room bed with his ass in the air, and having some hot guy come in and start pounding away at it.

Who better to bring this fantasy to life than Blake’s biggest fan? One of our newer models, Malcolm.

He was eager to get all up in there, “That ass! Like, ridiculous I’ve been thinking about it for a while.”

When asked how much he loved Blake’s ass, his face quickly turned, “Oh my God just ass for days.”

Needless to say, they both ultimately got exactly what they’ve been wanting for a while…Join them!

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Malcolm is a hottie. He was a little nervous, but the excitement of trying something new overruled anything else.

“Never been naked before in front of a camera.”

That may be so, but the camera loved him…especially with that lean body and big dick of his…Join him!