Sean Cody Lane

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7 inch dick
Height: 5’8″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Bottom

Lane gay porn scenes at Sean Cody

Flirtatious Lane and shy Levi are catching some rays at the park as they pose, do push-ups, and attract plenty of looks with their toned, athletic physiques.

Once these guys arrive at the studio, they don’t waste time on small talk, immediately kissing passionately and stripping off each other’s clothes.

Lane asks for Levi to tease his hole with his tongue, moaning, “I like it when you eat that fucking ass. Fuck, that tongue feels so good!”

A man of few words, Levi leaps into action to pound Lane’s tight ass, choke him and pull his hair till the bottom is totally satisfied…Join them!

Jax is excited to be paired with Lane today because not only does Lane have an amazing body, they’re also real-life best friends.

Jax says, “I know Lane is an absolute bottom-monster, he can take a dick like no other, so I’m pretty excited to be able to just not hold back.”

Lane is just as stoked to take that big dick in his ass and get picked up and tossed around a little bit by his big strong friend Jax.

After Lane sucks his dick, Jax picks up his bud to kiss him before throwing him down on the bed and eating his ass.

Lane rides Jax’s big dick till Jax cums in his tight hole, and Jax keeps going till he makes his best friend cum too…Join them!

Jayce and Lane are so impatient today at Sean Cody HQ that they get right down to it, starting with Jayce teasing Lane’s ass with his lubed-up cock before licking his tight hole.

“Can’t wait to put my dick in there,” says Jayce before sliding it all the way inside. Lane moans with lust.

“Fuck yeah, pound that fuckin’ ass!” Lane wants to ride that dick till he cums, then licks Jayce’s cock clean after he blows a huge load.

Then it’s Lane’s turn to top…Join them!


Muscular stud Clyde and athletic cutie Lane are cuddled up and cozy as they discuss what Clyde’s first time fucking on film might be like. “It’s a little nerve-wracking, you know? He’s hot, and it’s scary.

I might cum like three seconds before!” says brown-haired Clyde. “Oh that’s not gonna happen! I’m not going to let that happen. My ass is real real tight, and you’re gonna figure that out real quick,” states tattooed Lane.

He continues, “How big is the dick?” “Sizeable, and decent,” replies Clyde after some thought. “Well, that’s good, and all I need. I just need a decent size,” responds Lane. “So no small fries?” jokes Clyde.

“I did a little research on you, and I like what I saw,” responds Lane. “Well, that makes two of us,” says Clyde coyly….Join them!


Wrestling enthusiast Murray is attempting to teach buff beau Lane some wrestling moves. The sun kissed, muscular, jock starts by flipping Lane over his waist and pinning him to the ground, ass up.

“Are we even doing wrestling? This isn’t wrestling!” jokes Lane, feet still up in the air.

Moving into a doggy style position, Murray explains the next step. “They’re gonna count to three and say go and you’re gonna try to get away.”

“But, I don’t want to get away!” quips Lane. “You lift a lot bro, you’re big!” exclaims Lane. “Yeah, you too.

You’re sexy. I’m glad I found you,” replies Murray. “You found me? You sure I didn’t find you?” answers Lane as he pulls him in for a deep kiss.

“That’s all you get, you’ll see the rest later!” proclaims Lane as he slaps Murray’s ass…Join them!


Two sexy studs boxing on a hot summer day? I’ll take it.

Lane returns with Sean Cody-newbie Gino and lets him fuck his beautiful tight hole.

Who would have known Gino could be such a power top?

These boys are taking us to twink paradise…Join them!


Lane is breaking in yet another newbie, but he has no complaints about it.

Kasey just wanted some ass, and Sean Cody’s dirty little bottom was happy to serve his…Join them!


Muscle hunk Regan is already back to fuck some ass. He said he wanted a cute bottom he could throw around and use, and we thought Lane was perfect for the task…Join them!


“Today, there’s a new guy I get to bang!” Lane was all smiles and excited to get started with the hunky Derick, who was also pretty eager to commence the day full of firsts.

Lane described the new hottie as “kind of a weird fellow”, but certainly in the most endearing way he did like it after all.

Especially when Derick pounded his tight hole with his big dick, and then filled it with cum while asking Lane who his master was. We’re not mad about that at all.

Derick sure knows how to make a guy feel special…Join them!


It started off as an ordinary day. We asked Mario some questions to get to know him a bit more, and cum-hungry Lane was on his knees sucking him off at the same time you know, just a regular day.

Clearly, Lane just couldn’t wait for the interview to be over, so he just jumped right into it. Mario then took control and owned that tight ass with his big, uncut cock of his an ordinary day indeed…Join them!


It was all play with these two. From the moment they met, their playful personalities took over and complimented each other. At the same time, Jakob was making plans on how to have his way with Lane’s cute little ass.

“I’m ready to have my way with him.”

Although the fun in the pool ended, the real fun started when they went inside to explore each other further…Join them!


We asked Lane what he was looking forward to today, and while eyeballing Nixon, he replied excitedly, “Getting tossed around, man handled, emasculated all of the above.”

Nixon showed off his muscular physique to give Lane a little visual taste on what he was about to get into, and our favorite dirty bottom was overjoyed.

Needless to say, Lane’s ass was used up just the way he likes it…Join them!


Power top meets power bottom in this cum-filled scene. These two wild cards were a perfect match. Frankie had no mercy for Lane, but our favorite dirty bottom had no objections to being used over and over again Clearly they both had a good time, given that a whopping eight cumshots were blown between these two studs…Join them!


Lane was automatically drawn to the vibe Hunter was giving off, and Hunter was really digging Lane’s tattoo, so we knew that this was a good match all it takes is that one thing. They both ran with it, and Hunter started off by eating Lane’s cute little ass.

Then he’s sticking his dick in that tight hole, hitting all the right spots. Hunter has a dirty side, so combining that with Lane’s wild nature, you get a cum-filled, cum-licking, cum-swapping fuck session…Join them!


Blake has been wondering when he would top again, and here it is. He was really excited to just start pounding Lane’s little ass. Even though both men are bottoms, it doesn’t mean they can’t fuck. Lane had an idea, “I think we should flip!” Blake was intrigued, but still wanted to make sure Lane knew he would be the bitch bottom, “I’d be down with that. I might even top a little bit more.” Lane wasn’t complaining one bit…Join them!


One of our fan favorites is back for more ass. Jess just can’t get enough. Lane is lucky enough to get dicked by big-dick Jess in this cum-filled scene.

These two studs decided to play some ball and show their baseball skills. Jess was the pitcher and Lane was the catcher, are we still talking about baseball?

After playing around a bit, Lane was ready for something a little more interactive,

“I’m ready for that baseball bat now!”

All the while eyeing Jess’s bulge.

“Ready for me to be a pitcher? You’re gonna catch.” Jess threw that out there, but Lane stayed confident.

“Oh, I’m gonna catch all day long!”…Join them!


“How you been?” I asked Cory. It’s been a while since we have seen him on the site. “I’m good, I’m good. Been hitting the gym a lot and working on some stuff here and there.”

Cory usually trims his chest hair when he comes out but this time he let it really grow out. “I like it!” Lane said as he ran his hand through it. Looks manly.” “Are you jealous Lane?” I asked

“I mean kind of, I’m pretty hairless I’m hoping as I get older some will sprout out!”

These two had a great time fucking and just for fun we cranked up the temperature in the room so we could see Cory really sweat! “Its like a sauna in here. I feel bad for Lane, I’m dripping all over him!” “Nah man, I like it!

Every film we are starting to notice Lane become more and more of a great bottom and this scene was no exception. He really goes for it…Join them!

Today we have a new stud who joins Sean Cody Lane who returns, hitting the beach with hot bearded newbie Jaxon Kingston.

When the long-haired stud introduces himself as they hang out under the boardwalk, Lane notices his accent.

“A little down under,” Jaxson says about himself, and Lane adds, “I would love to see what’s down under!”

Jaxon doesn’t make Lane wait; as soon as the bottom enters the studio, the tall Aussie hunk drops his towel and shows his huge throbbing cock.

Lane gets to his knees to suck it, and Jaxon bends him over the couch to rim his hole, then penetrates him doggy style.

Lane sits on Jaxon’s cock, then the top shows Lane what Down Under is all about as he puts him upside down in piledriver position. The bottom cums as he gets drilled in missionary, then Jaxon shoots a big load on Lane’s chest.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Hottie young muscle hunk Justin’s huge cock bareback fucking sexy stud Lane’s bubble butt.

“I’ve been wanting to meet you.

I’ve seen your videos,” Justin tells newly returned Sean Cody veteran Lane.

Lane laughs that he doesn’t know anything about Justin yet, “I love it, though, because that way it’s a surprise.”

Justin’s most looking forward to fucking Lane’s hole, and the bottom lets him know not to hold back.

After some fooling around and a little football at the park, Lane’s ready to see what Justin can do, sucking his cock and riding him.

Justin rails the bottom in missionary and gives him every inch in piledriver, then bends him over the couch and shows Lane he’s got the dom top chops to make him pop.

A very satisfied Lane gets to take a hot facial.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Sexy tall ripped muscle stud Sean Cody Lan’s huge dick barebacking bearded hottie bottom dude Sean Cody Holden.

“I like it all. I like to top, I like to bottom,” tall hunk Lan tells first-timer Holden.

The bearded cutie says he’s into “really good, genuine connection.

I feel like we have a really good one.

Anything else is perfect.”

The guys discuss what really turns them on before eagerly devouring each other’s cocks.

Lan makes Holden moan as he rims him and slides his huge cock into his hole.

Holden rides Lan and swallows his cock, then Lan gives him a hard pounding in doggy style and missionary.

The top gives Holden a big facial, and Holden strokes himself till he cums.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Sean Cody says: Hottie gym fuck fest threesome Paco Colombiano, Rocky Unleashed, Sean Cody Lane big dick anal Clean-cut Paco and bearded Lane are spotted looking at each other in the gym as they perform their workouts, taking off their shirts. Paco walks up to Lane after he has pulled down his underwear, while fucking and eating his bottom doggystyle. Rocky is a shaving-headed hunk, joins the twinks and they spit roast Lane together with Paco. Paco is sucked and fucked. Then Lane gets to be pounded until he expands up before he is sexually sucked and bred by Rocky.

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