Sean Cody Lachlan

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 6 inch dick
Height: 5’11”
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 175lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Sean Cody Lachlan gay porn scenes

After getting their pump on with some kettle bells at the park, muscular hunks Lachlan and Deacon are all fired up and ready to fuck.

Deacon pulls out Lachlan’s big dick as fast as he can and hungrily devours it as Lachlan moans, “Your tongue feels so good.”

Deacon eagerly deep throats, asking, “You like that throat?

Your dick fits in it perfectly.” That’s not the only thing Lachlan’s dick will fit perfectly in, as Deacon proves when he rides the brunette top and then bends over to demand a doggy style fuck.

“It’s your hole, fuck it!” Deacon cries before Lachlan pounds him in pile driver till both guys explode…Join them!

Clean-cut newbie Lachlan is back, and Sean Cody pro Manny is “a little bit bummed” that he didn’t get to be the first to taste that dick.

“I thought I break them in and they break me in, and it’s like a mutual breaking-in and we’re just all happy and contented and there’s cumshots everywhere,” Manny explains.

But just because this isn’t Lachlan’s first time doesn’t mean he’s any less excited to shoot with Manny: “He’s built like a Greek god.

I’m glad that he’s able to teach me, because I’m still learning.”

Power bottom Manny’s ass gets the pounding he was hoping for today.

Would Lachlan ever consider letting Manny teach him to take a dick? He’s not ruling anything out…Join them!

As they go for a walk in the country, tanned Latin hunk Asher can’t keep his hands off tall, muscular Lachlan… especially his muscled ass.

The guys make out surrounded by nature, then head back to the studio where they can go au naturel, stripping out of their clothes as they kiss and caress each other’s bodies.

Asher sucks Lachlan’s big dick, then takes it doggy style before riding the buff top hard.

“I’ll fuck the cum out of you!” Lachlan promises. “Oh fuck yeah,” Asher moans as he shoots his big load…Join them!

Muscular, tattooed hunk Sean is catching rays at the beach in his tight swim trunks when surfer Lachlan strides up with his board.

The hunks eye each other up and wordlessly head back to the house, where Sean immediately starts sucking Lachlan’s cock before he rides that dick.

The horny bottom loves getting fucked deep in doggy style, and the naughty top covers Sean’s ass and balls in his cum, then licks it off before going straight to round two…Join them!


Lachlan is an East Coast bisexual hunk, with a nice dick and great ass. He’s a top, so he loves to fuck big bubble butts, and to top it all off, one of his fantasies is to get plowed.

He’s a nature lover, and has a dream to “live off the land”. He learned from a young age what to eat in the wilderness, what to avoid and, basically, how to survive among other things, of course.

“If we did get lost in the woods, I would definitely be the best person to get lost with because I am a lot of fun, and there would be a lot of sex.”

Well, sign us up…Join him!

There is quite some excitable behavior in the studio, Lachlan is looking forward to partnering with Vic Ryder today.

“Uh, have you seen his ass?”

Vic the picture of modesty quietly explains, “I do get compliments occasionally,” before admitting that just about everyone is totally obsessed with those muscular ass cheeks and his extra tight hole.

Vic gives Lachlan’s abs some appreciation, and the guys agree it’s “meant to be” for their best assets to appear together on film.

Vic swallows Lachlan’s cock, then rides it till the top cums.

Lachlan is just getting started and he worships Vic’s stupendous ass, then pounds it doggy style and missionary before finishing with a facial as Vic jacks off till he orgasms.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Devy wants to get in a quick morning workout, but the gym isn’t open yet.

Lachlan lets the hunk in early just this once, and as he watches Devy’s muscles ripple as he does his reps, he starts getting so turned on, he strokes his huge thick cock.

Devy notices the gym employee jacking off and beckons him over, eagerly sucking Lachlan till he cums on his face.

“Fuck me with all that cum,” Lachlan begs, bending over to get his ass pounded doggy style in his bottoming debut.

Lachlan gets to admire Devy’s muscles up close as he rides the top, then Devy fucks him from behind against a machine.

They flip fuck as Lachlan penetrates Devy missionary, then cums on his face as Devy jacks himself till he orgasms.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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