Sean Cody Jack

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7 inch dick
Height: 6’4″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 230lbs
Sexual Positions: Power Top

Sean Cody gay porn scenes of Jack

“Oh, you’re so fuckin’ tight, I can’t wait to stick my cock in you,” says big, burly stud Jack as he plays with Chris’ hole while the ebony cutie sucks his cock.

Chris wants that dick, moaning “Harder, yes!” as Jack pounds him, so the muscular hunk picks Chris up for a stand-and-carry and fucks him upside-down in pile driver till Chris shoots a huge load.

Jack can’t believe how good it feels as he pulls out and cums, and he just has to stick his dick back in that tight hole for more…Join them!

Beefy bros Brock and Jack have a novel way to select who’s going to top today: “I’ve decided that we’re gonna arm wrestle, and whoever wins two out of three is going to top,” says Jack.

Both guys seem pretty confident about their chances, and their muscles are just about evenly matched, so it’s anyone’s game.

After three bouts, Brock comes out on top, and he immediately establishes dominance by putting Jack on his knees to suck his cock, then sitting on Jack’s face.

Jack moans with pleasure as he takes Brock’s cock in his tight ass till he cums, and then Brock sprays a hot load on Jack’s chest.

Jack’s going to have to challenge Brock to a rematch soon…Join them!


Blond, muscle-bound Jack and lean, tanned Asher run into the surf to have a splash fight, squirting water on each other, and that’s not all these studs will be spraying each other with before the day is done.

Asher can’t take his eyes off Jack’s muscular ass as they get back to the Sean Cody house. “So beefy,” he says with a grin, giving in to temptation to squeeze it.

“You like that big butt, huh?” Jack retorts, before he gets his dick deep in Asher’s butt.

Asher rides Jack’s huge cock and takes a deep pounding in piledriver before Jack covers him in cum…Join them!

What better way to get your blood pumping and your cock hard than by heading to the beach for a little pre-sex workout?

Jayce and Jack get so horny playing around on the workout structures that they have to head back to the house and get right down to business. Jack towers over Jayce, and the shorter guy barely has to kneel to suck his cock.

“Oh yeah, that’s good,” Jack moans. Jack pounds Jayce’s little ass hard and cums all over him. “Did you enjoy that hole? I enjoyed your fuckin’ cock,” growls Jayce.

Both guys enjoyed it so much that they have to hop in the shower and go for round 2…Join them!


Jack and Riley sure know how to swing their bats.

They warm up on the baseball diamond, prepping for a ball-filled day. “We’re about to get know each other really well,” says Jack. “I’m excited to see what the day entails for us.”

“We got a little pump in, a little workout playing some baseball,” says Riley. “I got him ready. I don’t want to wear him out later.”

“I’m going to have to you up a couple times I think,” says Jack. “Well I definitely like being pushed around,” responds Riley…Join them!


“It’s my first time bottoming!” says an anxiously, excited, athletic Murray. “Oh he’s in for a treat,” responds muscular Jack with confidence. “I think I can take your dick,” replies brown-haired Murray.

“The thing is you’ve only seen me in action, you’ve never had me in action so just wait until you have me in action,” specifies tall Jack.

“I’m looking to stay lubed up cause it’s gonna hurt!” says Murray.

“It’ll feel good if not better. You have nothing to worry about,” says Jack.

Jack continues, “you ready for it?” “Yeah, I’m ready,” replies Murray. It is always a treat watching a top getting his bottom cherry popped….Join them!


Yet another hot newbie is back, and we were pleasantly surprised.

“For Jack over here, I had to make the trip.”

This is Ace’s first time bottoming, and it’s about time! With an ass like that, it’s shocking that nobody has been inside that bubble butt of his.

Muscle giant Jack had fun dominating, and Ace couldn’t have asked for more on his first time taking dick.

After Jack was done with him, his face showed that this won’t be last time he has sex with a guy…Join them!


“I can’t wait to just worship you man. Look at this body.” Cassian marveled over Jack’s muscular physique, and our friendly giant couldn’t help but smile while the compliments poured in.

To thank him for all the praises, Jack gave Cassian the pounding of his life! It’s a give and take world out there…Join them!


Daniel couldn’t help but gawk at Jack’s muscular physique and touch every muscle on his body. He was amazed at how big he was.

Jack was taking it all in with a smile, “He’s making me feel pretty good about myself right now.”

Daniel added, “I feel pretty good about yourself.”

Then he discovered Jack’s ass, and from there on out it was a matter of when he was going to fuck it and own it…Join them!


Jack and Samuel are both big muscle guys who absolutely look great together. There was a bit of competition as to who was stronger comparing muscles, teasing each other, joking around just like old workout buddies.

Jack really enjoyed the company, “I wouldn’t mind a workout partner everyday doing these glad I got this one.” Samuel clearly did too, “I know what else I could do every day with you.” He was really excited to bottom for the first time, “I got a virgin little asshole, so we’re gonna see what we can do with it.”

Lucky for him, Jack was there to assist. There’s nothing like two burly men going at it in a battle of the Titans…Join him!


Jack has gotten so ripped since the last time we saw him, “I’ve been working out a lot actually”.

Cole felt a little intimidated, but quickly realized that’s exactly what he wanted. “Do you feel like you’re gonna be man-handled a little bit?” We asked knowing full well he would be.

“I hope so!” Cole was excited about the idea. Jack definitely liked Cole as well. “I prefer my men to be a bit more on the petit side”, he smiled and looked at Cole.

Jack worked himself a bit too hard showing off his workout routine. “Don’t use up all your energy, you’ll need some of it later.”

That didn’t stop Jack from fucking Cole hard and long later on…Join them!

Big muscle dude Jack has given plenty of horny bottoms the benefit of his huge thick muscle cock but today he is going to take a cock up his own ass.

Yes, the very first time he bottomed.

The lucky top is young ripped stud, Jess. That is quite a responsibility bareback fucking a huge muscle guy like Jack.

“I am excited, but I’m a little nervous too I don’t know what to expect, you know.

I’m sure I’ll have fun!”

Our friendly giant had no idea who he was paired with, “Whoever I’m paired with, I’m sure it’s gonna be a blast!”

Oh, and it was! Jess was more than happy to pop Jack’s cherry with that big ol’ dick of his.

The dominant giant became the submissive one, and it was fantastic.

His manly moans and groans were enough to make Jess just continue on and show no mercy.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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