Sean Cody Daniel aka Daniel Le Bang

Every gay porn video and gay porn image gallery of Sean Cody Daniel aka Daniel Le Bang.

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7-inch dick
Height: 5’8″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 175lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Sean Cody gay porn scenes of Daniel Le Bang

Playful studs Daniel and Angelo enjoy each other’s company out on a sunny country road and back at the Sean Cody studio as they undress each other.

“Open up,” says Daniel, feeding Angelo his cock and fucking his face before he turns the bottom onto his hands and knees to get to know his hole a little better.

“Do you like my hole?” Angelo asks, feeling Daniel’s big, hard cock sliding inside.

“I fuckin’ love this hairy fuckin’ hole!” the top responds…Join them!

Handsome silver fox Daniel has been looking forward to his scene with Archie for a while.

“Although, he’s like a fucking bad boy, got that classic look, he’s got a really cute face. And I’m excited to cum on it!”

He’s also hoping to make today his first ever creampie, and Archie is more than ready.

“No one has ever came in my hole before, so it’s something I’m looking forward to. I wanna know what it feels like.”

Daniel gets to fulfill both his ambitions as Archie rides his dick and milks out all his cum with his tight hole, while the sexy bad boy shoots over and over.

These guys don’t stop till Daniel pulls out to put his second load right on Archie’s cute face…Join them!

After a fun day of sun and surf, working out their muscles with some beach volleyball, Robbie tells silver fox Daniel, “You kept up with me today.”

“Well, I whooped your ass, is what happened,” the handsome top playfully fires back before telling the sexy twink that it’s time to have a little more fun.

Robbie sucks the top’s big cock, then bends over the couch to take Daniel’s dick, telling him to fuck that hole before taking it even deeper in pile driver.

Robbie can’t believe how hard he cums all over himself, and Daniel pulls out to paint Robbie’s hole with jizz…Join them!

Daniel and Brysen are serving some sexy cowboy looks as they lean against a weathered fence, taking off their shirts and flexing their muscles.

These guys roughhouse a little as they flirt before heading back to the studio where Brysen gets right down to sucking Daniel’s dick.

Sexy silver fox Daniel wants to taste Brysen’s cock too before Brysen takes the cowboy play to the next level, hopping into the saddle to ride Daniel’s dick.

“Fuck, your hole feels so good!” Daniel moans, then penetrates the bearded hunk in doggy style.

Brysen rides Daniel once again in reverse till he cums, and Daniel shoots his load all over Brysen’s hole…Join them!

It’s a stunning day in California, so Kurt picks up Daniel in his convertible with the top down to drive over to the Sean Cody studio.

“Thanks for giving me a ride,” says Daniel.

“Want me to give YOU a ride?” Kurt is ready to go, and Daniel gives him a deep pounding as Kurt moans, “It feels so fucking good in my ass!”

Kurt crosses the finish line first as Daniel fucks him in pile driver, and the silver fox pulls out and cums right after…Join them!

Sean Cody veteran Daniel is excited to shoot with hairy-chested Brayden, especially when he finds out he’s a fan.

“I won’t lie, I’ve seen you before. One of my favorites is your first one, I think,” Brayden tells him, offering to give Daniel a repeat of the massage and head he received in his very first scene.

Daniel is all about getting a rubdown from the handsome bottom. “You seem like you have very strong hands. Can we do that? Can this guy just rub me the whole time?”

These guys speed back to the studio where it’s time for Daniel to get a body rub and his dick sucked before Brayden takes a pounding from his favorite top!…Join them!


Studly Daniel leads sculpted Cam through a sweaty hands on yoga session. “It’s important to get grounded before you get pounded,” flirts Daniel. Daniel helps Cam stretch out, paying special attention to his ass.

“The ground feels pretty good,” says Cam. “Your ass feels pretty good,” responds Daniel before thrusting his hard bulge against Cam’s tight ass. “You feel that?” asks Daniel.

“Ya, I do,” responds Cam before Daniel stretches him out like never before….Join them!


Deacon’s out of town and it looks like his boyfriend has tapped into his naughty side.

Pairing up with Sean Cody favorite Daniel, Asher experiences sex for the first time without his man, feeling every inch of Daniel’s big rod.

A hard cock mixed with a steamy sauna finger fuck, what else could top that?…Join them!


Daniel will finally be on the receiving end of the playing field once again after a few years of just topping, and he’s not taking the easy route Randy is going to show him a good time.

Both studs have known each other for a while now, and have been asking us if they can fuck on camera together they’re finally getting what they want.

With Randy’s massive cock to keep in mind, Daniel had to prepare himself, so a little yoga was in order.

Randy was watching him stretch from inside the house, and he just couldn’t wait to get all up in that tight hole and make him his “yoga bitch”. This definitely was a long time coming, “Namaste, bitch!”…Join them!


Conrad was definitely a little nervous taking on the wild Daniel, but being the adventurous type he is, he was up for the challenge.

Daniel tried to ease him into it, but it wasn’t long before the beast came out…and nobody was complaining, especially not Conrad.

He asked eagerly, “Are you gonna dominate me?”

Daniel went right for it, “Yes.”

Needless to say, Conrad’s ass was plowed hard, and he was left begging for more as Daniel drenched him with his crazy loads…Join them!


Nixon is back and ready to get fucked for the second time ever, but this time by one of our veteran models Daniel.

It’s gonna be a wild ride…Join them!


Daniel couldn’t help but gawk at Jack’s muscular physique and touch every muscle on his body. He was amazed at how big he was.

Jack was taking it all in with a smile, “He’s making me feel pretty good about myself right now.”

Daniel added, “I feel pretty good about yourself.”

Then he discovered Jack’s ass, and from there on out it was a matter of when he was going to fuck it and own it…Join them!


There was an instant attraction between Daniel and Graham, so as a result, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Daniel explained how the day was going to turn out, “We’re gonna get wet, we’re gonna get wild!”

Graham was grinning from ear to ear, “Fuck yeah, for sure!” We decided to go on a boat and just bask in the great weather but these two horny studs couldn’t wait any longer, so they fucked right on that boat until Graham blew his load.

We knew this was going to be a good one from the get-go…Join them!


Daniel and Philip were very touchy-feely from the get-go, and very eager to get this thing started.
When we asked Philip if he did any research on Daniel, he revealed that he jerked off to his videos. This undoubtedly made Daniel even hornier than he already was to fuck this newbie.

“I think that I’m gonna get fucked very well today.”

Daniel replied, “Of course I’m gonna fuck you well, man!”

Philip continued, “Well, I didn’t come all the way down here to get mediocrely fucked”

That comment prompted Daniel give Philip the pounding of his life and man, did he ever…Join them!


A bouncing ball and sweaty shirtless men? Count me in! Clearly, Shaw and Daniel hit it off right from the get-go. Playing basketball was a great way to start the day, seeing as how sweat and bouncing balls was all they needed to get them all horned up!

With Daniel saying “You want some of this?” and Shaw responding eagerly “Yeah, let’s fucking do this!”, we knew this was going to be a hot fuck session.

Daniel’s wild side is exactly what Shaw needed to let loose and enjoy the ride I think it’s safe to say that both Shaw and Daniel were left wanting more while being surrounded by so much cum…Join them!


Manny has only been with us for a few months but has quickly become a fan favorite climbing up the SC ladder and riding some of our most popular models to get to the highest rung. That’s where Daniel comes in. He’s ready to give Manny exactly what he wants and craves a dirty fuck.

Manny was very excited to get started, especially because he knows that Daniel is a wild one, “I’m going to be used the way I want to!” He wanted to cater to Daniel’s wild side, so he blindfolded himself and went on all fours with his ass up in the air, waiting for Daniel to come in and ravage him.

Of course, Daniel was ecstatic to find out he could do whatever he wanted to Manny. Daniel never disappoints, and being paired with willing bottom Manny, this is surely going to satisfy…Join them!


It took some convincing but we were able to drag Daniel outside for some good old fashion fooling around on the beach. “Why are you nervous?” I asked.

“Cause there are people! Lots and lots of people!” He nervously laughed. Without missing a beat, Blake came up with the best way to calm him down. Blow him. Right in the middle of the beach.

These two spent the afternoon running around naked and making out in the waves and getting to know each other. Daniel would run up to Blake every now and then and slap his ass, or give him a big kiss on the cheek.

“I heard he has a reputation of being pretty raunchy on set. I’m pretty excited to see what happens.” Clearly, Blake was up for the challenge…Join them!

A lot may have changed since this scene was filmed, but Sean Cody hunk Daniel’s dirty talking, and his preference for controlling the action whether he’s topping or bottoming, are still the same!

“Today, Brandon is gonna shove his dick inside my butthole. Which I’m psyched for. This guy is so hot,” says Daniel, helping to bring the shy Brandon out of his shell during the interview.

Brandon needs no help once the guys get their clothes off and Daniel deepthroats his cock and gives his hole some attention.

As you watch Brandon pound Daniel’s ass, find out when he bottomed for the first time, hint: it’s not when you think, and what Daniel’s fan nickname is before this scene ends with Brandon shooting a load that impressed even him.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Well being outdoors isn’t for everyone, but being in the forest really brings out the horny beast in these four muscle hunks Deacon, Daniel, Sean, and Jackson.

In the truck on the way to the great outdoors, they can’t keep their hands off each other.

“They’re already going at it in the back seat!” remarks hunky, muscular Sean about hottie Jackson and ripped muscle man Deacon.

“I didn’t even know you guys can get so hot and heavy,” replies athletic Daniel.

“I mean look at this; he’s handsome as shit!” says Jackson while feeling Deacon’s bare chest.

“I mean nature is beautiful, but this is nature. This is my nature and it’s beautiful!” says Jackson.

“When I’m done with this one, I’ll work on one of you guys,” says Deacon coyly.

“Dibs!” calls out Sean. “Dude, I hope we all get to come on your face,” responds Jackson to Deacon.

“Let’s fuck!” says Jackson enthusiastically as the car pulls up to their private cabin. The boys go straight towards the woods to get their kinky outdoor adventure started.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

When Sean and Daniel first meet they get along so well it is hard to believe that they are not the very best of friends.

The two sexy muscle boys really hit it off and well the rest of the story is history.

“I really like Daniel, he has one particular thing that I just love,” Sean admitted.

“He’s always happy and constantly makes me laugh and that just puts a big smile on my face.”

The second we hit the record button and the cameras starting rolling we just knew that we were going to have trouble keeping them from falling about laughing all the time.

The result is just watching Daniel and Sean have a great time on and off the set.

Daniel brought his rough and aggressive fucking and Sean was a champ and took everything Daniel threw at him.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

For athletic, bearded hunk Brogan’s first scene, he’s paired with Daniel, and the guys get to know each other on the hiking trail, admiring each other’s muscular chests and rubbing their cocks through their shorts as they kiss.

Back in the studio, Brogan quickly gets to his knees, as Daniel instructs him, “Open your mouth.”

Brogan expertly sucks Daniel’s dick and his balls, and Daniel’s tongue exploring the bottom’s hole soon has Brogan begging for the top’s cock.

Daniel fucks the bottom doggy style, then sits on Brogan’s face and feeds him his dick.

Daniel penetrates Brogan deeply in missionary and piledriver, then cums on Brogan’s face as the bottom jacks off till he orgasms.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Sparks are flying and magic is in the air as Daniel and Dax get to know each other.

Silver fox Daniel introduces Dax by saying he’s “obviously hot as fuck, cause he looks a lot like me!”

Daniel’s descriptions of how their scene is going to go start to verge on the mystical, and Dax asks, “Are you a magician?”

“Would you like to see me make my dick disappear into your butt?” Daniel jokes.

Dax is already ready for the big finale, but the guys start off by kissing and undressing each other, then Daniel talks dirty as he fucks the bottom’s mouth.

Daniel works his magic on Dax’s hole with his tongue before sliding his wand inside.

The top wants more, pounding Dax in piledriver, then the bottom sucks Daniel’s cock.

Dax cums as Daniel’s dick disappears inside him in missionary, then Daniel penetrates Dax in doggystyle and conjures up a big load on the bottom’s face.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Hottie muscle hunk Daniel gets a sly look at young muscled hottie Kyle’s ripped body as he was changing, and he can’t wait to see it some more.

“His huge boner is just out of this world.

I just can’t wait to get his erect cock in my mouth.”

The guys are totally chilled as they make out on the bed together, and Kyle promises to give Daniel a reiki session after their scene before silver fox Daniel gets him laughing with some puns.

These horny studs are just eager to strip each other’s clothes off, and soon Kyle is sucking down hard on Daniel’s dick.

Then Daniel gets what he’s been waiting for, feeling Kyle’s thick cock between his lips.

“Oh just like that, fuck!” Kyle moans.

The top rubs their hard dicks together, then penetrates Kyle in spoon and missionary before the bottom gets on all fours to get fucked doggy style.

Daniel pounds Kyle deep in missionary till the bottom blows a huge cum load, then Daniel cums all over that hot bod.

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