Sean Cody Blake

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Hair Color: Blonde Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 7-inch dick
Height: 6’0″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 185lbs
Sexual Positions: Bottom
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Nationality: American

Sean Cody gay porn scenes of Blake

After showing off their muscles in a little game of one-on-one soccer by the water at sundown, victorious Rowan brings Blake back to the studio.

Blake admits he may not be the next soccer superstar, but adds, “You know what I’m better at, actually?” “Taking a dick in that ass?” Rowan guesses.

The top warms Blake up with his tongue, then slides his cock into his hole doggy style.

The bottom rides Rowan hard till he cums, then Rowan showers Blake’s chest with hot jizz.

After a little rest, it’s time for the second half, and both of these hotties are looking to score again…Join them!

“Ready to fuck?” asks horny top Jayce as he gets cozy with tall, handsome Blake.

“The real question is, are you?” Blake responds.

Jayce is more than ready, as Blake sees for himself when he kneels in front of him and sucks his cock.

Blake is ready too, as Jayce tongues his hole and then fucks him doggy style.

The dominant top loves seeing the sexy bottom on his knees as he pounds him till he cums, then hungrily swallows Jayce’s load.

Blake definitely wants more: “Can I take you home with me?” “Fuck yeah!” Jayce replies…Join them!

“You want to suck this cock?” stud Blake asks cute ebony Ace after the pair return to the Sean Cody studio from a romantic walk through the woods.

Ace doesn’t need to be asked twice, and he barely even takes the time to say “Yeah!” before swallowing Blake’s huge meat.

Ace hops into Blake’s lap to ride that hard dick, and gets plowed hard in doggy style while jacking it till he cums just as hard.

Perfect gentleman Blake has been waiting for that signal so he can pull out and shoot a huge load on Ace’s ass…Join them!

No matter how good you are, you can always learn something new, and Archie is stoked to pick up a few tips from experienced hottie Blake on set today.

“Do you have a couple of tricks you haven’t shown anyone?

You must be a pro by this point,” flatters Archie.

“I could whip something out, I think. You seem pretty experienced yourself,” Blake retorts.

These guys have already enjoyed watching each other’s scenes, so they quickly get naked and Blake demonstrates the cock-riding skills Archie’s always admired in real life, and they both end up covered in cum…Join them!


“It’s my anniversary!” says tall, blond hunk Blake as he opens his card. This is Blake’s fiftieth scene here at Sean Cody, and he’s sure to make it a very special time for everyone…especially his cute costar Cam.

These guys toss a beach ball around the park to work up a sweat, roughhousing a little and flashing their asses, then head back to the house where Blake gets right to work tonguing Cam’s tight hole.

“You really know what you’re doing back there,” Cam exclaims, then moans as Blake eases his cock into his ass. After Blake cums, he wants to continue the anniversary celebration by taking Cam’s cock…Join them!


Muscular cutie Josh is battling his nerves as he mentally prepares to get it on with chiseled hottie Blake. It will be the first time he’s slept with another man without his current boyfriend being present.

“I think he thinks it’s hot so I think he’s excited about it. I’m nervous! It’s going to be weird without him,” says brown-haired Josh. “I’m all for new experiences! I like the aspect of playing with a couple even though it’s just one of them.

It’s kinda hot!” says slender Blake. “Ready to get your feet wet?” asks Blake, as he leans in closer for a kiss. “Yeah, I think so,” replies Josh.

Josh combats all those nerves as he sits atop Blake’s hard-on, and passionately kisses him…Join them!


Spring has sprung but these boys are bringing us some serious summer heat.

In his first ever Sean Cody duo, Sly takes Blake’s sun-kissed ass for a nice bareback ride with his throbbing uncut cock… a sexy way to start your Saturday morning…Join them!


Blake has had an eye on Kaleb for a while now, especially since he saw Kaleb bottoming for the first time on the site Blake just had to have him.

Both studs marveled at each other’s perfect bubble butts, telling one another that they like the other’s ass more than theirs it was definitely adorable, and that led to them wanting it all, so both guys got a chance to fuck and get fucked.

“It’s fun getting to do the other side for a change, especially since I have a dick and I know how to use it.”

Well, Blake’s got that right.

He doesn’t always get a chance to top, but he really showed Kaleb how to take dick well…Join them!


Dillan and Blake brought out each other’s inner goofball in a friendly competition of who can deep throat the furthest using bananas, of course.

It’s all about the angle, “I think that angle was actually helping me” Blake clearly knows his stuff, so Dillan had to try him out with his big dick to see for himself.

Verdict. Blake can deep throat like a champion, among other things but we already knew that…Join them!


Two sexy guys driving around in the desert naked is hot…two sexy guys having sex in the desert is even hotter.

Brysen and Blake really go for it in this sweaty, cum-filled scene, and you can really feel the sexual desire they have for each other which makes it that much better.

After using Blake’s ass and cumming all over him in the desert, Brysen wanted more ass, and Blake couldn’t agree more, “You better be ready for round two.”

Even that wasn’t enough, so round three ensued, clearly, these studs couldn’t get enough of each other…Join them!


Blake has had a longtime fantasy about being in a hotel room bed with his ass in the air, and having some hot guy come in and start pounding away at it.

Who better to bring this fantasy to life than Blake’s biggest fan? One of our newer models, Malcolm.

He was eager to get all up in there, “That ass! Like, ridiculous I’ve been thinking about it for a while.”

When asked how much he loved Blake’s ass, his face quickly turned, “Oh my God just ass for days.”

Needless to say, they both ultimately got exactly what they’ve been wanting for a while…Join them!


Jakob is back to fuck some ass, something he hasn’t done before with a guy, and Blake is happy to show him the ropes.

“Me and Blake are going to explore, and we’ll see where it goes!”

We had to add something, “I think Blake’s explored every avenue here at Sean Cody.”

Jakob replied, “Well, he’s gonna explore my avenue today.”

Blake loved that answer, and ultimately set the mood for the day. Let’s just say that Blake broke the new guy in really well…Join them!


Two hot guys, a game of strip lawn darts, and a happy ending? Sounds like fun to me. When Frankie suggested the game, Blake was intrigued, “Strip lawn darts? I’m only wearing two pieces of clothing.” Frankie was blunt, “Perfect don’t lose two times.”

They really got into the game and clothes were coming off but just so none of us would get in trouble out in public, we took it back to the house for the removal of the final articles of clothing. Frankie was really into Blake’s perfect ass, and he gave Blake exactly what he wanted: a good pounding and three loads.

Blake really dried Frankie out by the end of it all…Join them!


Blake has been wondering when he would top again, and here it is. He was really excited to just start pounding Lane’s little ass. Even though both men are bottoms, it doesn’t mean they can’t fuck. Lane had an idea, “I think we should flip!” Blake was intrigued, but still wanted to make sure Lane knew he would be the bitch bottom, “I’d be down with that. I might even top a little bit more.” Lane wasn’t complaining one bit…Join them!


“I just love it when I get taken to the ground and he’s on top of me I mean, wait we’re talking about wrestling?”

Blake was clearly very excited when he took one look at sexy newbie Nixon. What’s a good way to break the ice? Wrestling, of course! Wrestling outside, in the water, half naked this is what dreams are made of!

Nixon is a wrestler, so naturally he won, even though Blake put up a good fight. However, Blake didn’t seem to think he lost, “My definition of winning is getting pinned by a sexy guy. It’s win-win for me!”

If that’s the definition of winning, then Blake won all day! Nixon gave him a good pounding and both were left feeling like winners…Join them!


It took some convincing but we were able to drag Daniel outside for some good old fashion fooling around on the beach. “Why are you nervous?” I asked.

“Cause there are people! Lots and lots of people!” He nervously laughed. Without missing a beat, Blake came up with the best way to calm him down. Blow him. Right in the middle of the beach.

These two spent the afternoon running around naked and making out in the waves and getting to know each other. Daniel would run up to Blake every now and then and slap his ass, or give him a big kiss on the cheek.

“I heard he has a reputation of being pretty raunchy on set. I’m pretty excited to see what happens.” Clearly, Blake was up for the challenge…Join them!

By now, tall, blond hunk Blake and tanned, sexy stud Asher have been around the block more than a few times, which is why these vers hotties are experts at getting each other out of their clothes for this Sean Cody flip-fuck.

Blake sucks Asher’s cock hungrily as Asher plays with Blake’s ass, fucking him missionary before Blake rides his cock, then pounding him against the wall till the guys cum hard.

Then it’s time for Blake to top, eating Asher’s ass and fucking him doggy style before these guys make out in missionary until another pulse-pounding orgasm that leaves both their top and bottom sides satisfied.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Today we see three hot muscle dudes Jayden, Blake, and Porter in a hot bareback threesome.

The feeling around these guys is electric, they get along like lifelong friends, and their sexual chemistry is off the charts.

Blake heads out in the car to collect Porter and Jayden and they start to kiss as soon set off back home.

Blake quickly told the boys exactly what he wanted, “My goal today is I wanna get in the middle Where I’m getting fucked, I don’t care who’s fucking me, and I’m fucking.

That’s all I want out of today.” Jayden and Porter affirmed the request, “I think we can make that happen.”

Jayden then expressed something on his wish list, “You know what I’ve always wanted to do is put my dick and another guy’s dick in one hole.” Porter raised his hand, “Me.”

All three guys got exactly what they wanted, and more. All that sex talk got these studs really horned up, so Blake put the pedal to the metal to start this thing.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Young fun cute twink Conor is in the Sean Cody studio for the very first time and he is being teamed up by hottie hunk Blake.

The sexy guys start making out, kissing passionately as they undress each other. Blake undoes Conor’s shorts exposing his hard erect young dick.

Blake on all fours sucks down hard on the young stud’s thick cock getting it balls deep and making Conor moan at the intensity of his blowjob.

Conor then pushes Blake onto the sofa and lifts his legs above his head, so he can rim his hot asshole.

Blake closes his eyes as the younger dude licks his tongue up and down his bubble butt ass crack before diving in deep to his hot hole.

Keeping Blake in the same position, Conor forces his thick young cock deep into his waiting hole.

Conor expertly bareback pummels Blake’s ass hole in long strokes from balls deep until the tip of his big mushroom cockhead is only just inside.

Blake can feel every inch of the youth’s hard erection moving inside his hole and he gets close to orgasm several times, although Conor sensing pulls back a little and the sensation resides briefly.

“Harder… I said fuck me harder!” Blake demands, and Conor does just that, even choking the blond bottom a little as he pounds his ass harder and faster.

Then without warning Blake can hold off no longer and he orgasms, hard and loud, spraying jizz all over his six-pack abs.

Conor’s huge cock is still inside him and they fucks doggy style until Conor cums pulling out and coating his tight bare ass, then fucking his jizz back inside Blake’s freshly fucked ass.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Here’s another threesome coming your way with hotties Blake, Jayden, and Porter.

These three guys are really fun to be around.

Not only do they get along and joke around like old buddies, but they also have great sexual chemistry.

Blake went to pick Jayden and Porter up, and what started as friendly reminiscing in the car, quickly turned into kissing and groping they just couldn’t wait.

Blake quickly told the boys exactly what he wanted, “My goal today is I wanna get in the middle Where I’m getting fucked, I don’t care who’s fucking me, and I’m fucking.

That’s all I want out of today!” Jayden and Porter affirmed the request, “I think we can make that happen!”

Jayden then expressed something on his wish list, “You know what I’ve always wanted to do is put my dick and another guy’s dick in one hole.”

Porter raised his hand, “Me!”

All three guys got exactly what they wanted, and more!

All that sex talk got these studs really horned up, so Blake put the pedal to the metal to start this thing.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Gay muscle orgy Blake, Brysen, Clark Reid, Eddie Burke and Axel Rockham’s big dick ass fuck.

What could be better than some of the hottest newbies paired with a few of our hottest veterans for a five-man orgy?

Brysen, Blake, Clark, Axel, and Eddie chill by the pool in their matching Sean Cody swimsuits, horsing around in the water and flashing glimpses of their cocks for the camera.

But the orgy action really begins in the gym, with Clark and Blake getting their pump on together until Blake fucks the curly-haired hunk.

They’re joined by Axel, who helps Blake spit-roast the bottom, and then Brysen joins the party.

Once Eddie arrives, he gets Clark to himself as Axel, Brysen, and Blake form a train, and these guys’ powerful thrusts give the gym equipment a major workout.

Clark bends over on a block and takes four big loads on his muscle ass, then lies back and jacks it till he cums.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!