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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8 inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Sean Cody gay porn scenes of Archie

Nixon, Archie, and Manny are all seasoned performers who’ve filmed together before, but this is a big day: Nixon’s first ever three-way.

Are these studs ready to try a DP? Manny states with confidence, “We’re not gonna try, no. We’re gonna do it.”

The guys begin with a three-way kiss before Archie kneels to suck Nixon and Manny’s cocks, then Nixon fucks Archie while Archie and Manny 69.

After the hotties cum once, it’s time to stretch Manny’s hole with a DP…Join them!

Jeb’s got a few scenes under his belt now, but he’s still got plenty to learn, and Sean Cody old hand Archie is the perfect person to teach him.

Archie gives Jeb some info and it shocks the tall top into saying, “Oh my goodness, you’re so promiscuous!”

Archie replies with a laugh, “Well, I do porn, so that shouldn’t be a shocker. Are you a little bit promiscuous too?”

Jeb can be shy sometimes, he says, but he’s not shy about teasing Archie with his mouth before sucking his balls and swallowing his cock.

The guys jerk each other off, and then Jeb can’t wait to fuck Archie’s ass.

Jeb is definitely promiscuous enough to keep up with Archie…Join them!

Handsome silver fox Daniel has been looking forward to his scene with Archie for a while.

“Although, he’s like a fucking bad boy, got that classic look, he’s got a really cute face. And I’m excited to cum on it!”

He’s also hoping to make today his first ever creampie, and Archie is more than ready.

“No one’s ever came in my hole before, so it’s something I’m looking forward to. I wanna know what it feels like.”

Daniel gets to fulfill both his ambitions as Archie rides his dick and milks out all his cum with his tight hole, while the sexy bad boy shoots over and over.

These guys don’t stop till Daniel pulls out to put his second load right on Archie’s cute face…Join them!

“I’m pretty excited to stretch that hole out,” says Brysen about getting to top Archie on Sean Cody.

Archie’s been working on his bottoming skills, and he thinks he’s ready for a challenge, so after the guys do some inflatable jousting at the beach, they head back to the studio for Archie to take on Brysen’s jousting pole.

“Oh my god, I don’t know if it’s gonna fit!” Archie gasps as Brysen teases his hole with his thick cock.

Will it or won’t it? You’ll have to watch the scene to find out!…Join them!

No matter how good you are, you can always learn something new, and Archie is stoked to pick up a few tips from experienced hottie Blake on set today.

“Do you have a couple of tricks you haven’t shown anyone?

You must be a pro by this point,” flatters Archie.

“I could whip something out, I think. You seem pretty experienced yourself,” Blake retorts.

These guys have already enjoyed watching each other’s scenes, so they quickly get naked and Blake demonstrates the cock-riding skills Archie’s always admired in real life, and they both end up covered in cum…Join them!

All American cutie Archie and bleach blonde Josh bareback ass fucking SeanCody 014 Gay Porn Pics - Sean Cody Archie

Both all-American cutie Archie and bleached-blonde stud Josh have pretty high expectations for their encounter together.

Archie has already been paired up with Josh’s boyfriend, and he’s eager to complete the set, saying, “Now I’m gonna see which one is better in the sack.”

Josh is thrilled because Archie is just his type, both for his cute, hairy, muscular physique and his love of aggressive, high-intensity sex, but most of all, because of Archie’s newfound love of bottoming!

“I definitely want to fuck the cum out of him. It’s my goal, and I think I can do it.”

These two turned-on tops switch things up and take turns riding each other’s dicks, and it’s hard to say who has the most fun…Join them!

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After getting kinky while watching the perfect sunset, boyish cutie Archie and toned hunk Sean sit down for a little chat before going back into the bedroom. “So, Archie how did you like our little walk to the sunset?” asks brown-haired Sean.

“It was beautiful, especially when you have a hot guy to warm you up. Did it turn you on at all? ” replies athletic Archie.

“Yeah, it did. I like PDA; I like to do stuff in public,” answers Sean. “I know it turns you on that someone could walk out and see you at any moment. They could freak out, but I don’t give a fuck,” explains Archie.

“Or they could watch!” retorts Sean. “For all we know someone might’ve been masturbating to us making out.

We could’ve given some dude a great orgasm!” says Archie…Join them!

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Super-hunk Riley and dapper, young Archie have spent the day in the park playing catch, but now these two are back in the bedroom and ready to heat things up.

“So, how was the outing at the park today?” dark-haired Archie asks shy-guy Riley, “It was fun! You know, trying to teach you how to catch.” Archie laughs, “well, you’re the one who’s the catcher, but maybe I will be one day.”

“Hey,” freckled Riley replies, “like I said, all you need is a little practice.” Turns out that ripped Riley has had plenty of practice as a ‘catcher,’ and which those beautiful, firm cheeks who could resist him.

Surely not naturally-fit Archie who can’t keep his hands (among other things) off this chiseled hunk….Join them!

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Blue-eyed Kaleb and dark-haired Archie spent some time together over the weekend so they could get better acquainted. The lean cutie is hoping athletic Archie will take it easy on him.

“I’ll consider it for a cutie like you,” says Archie.

“So, what’s your favorite thing to do? What’s your fetish?” asks Kaleb.

“Well, penetrating a hot guy like you!” replies a horny Archie. “Do you like when someone goes deep on your cock? Like a nice, good deep throat where eyes are watering,” asks Kaleb.

“Oh yeahhhh! Are your eyes going to water for me?” questions Archie. “We can try, I mean I like that. That turns me on,” replies Kaleb. “You like to deep throat? Oooh! Not everyone can do it but can you?” inquires Archie.

“We’ll see! Maybe. If you’re lucky!” says Kaleb smirking…Join them!

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“So, you like sucking dick?” asks Archie. “Yeah, I love it! It’s my favorite thing to do,” says Cole. “Well, I’d like to find that out,” says a curious Archie.

The two studs are eyeing each other and both are getting hornier with every unfiltered moment.

“So, how do you like to fuck? Are you pretty rough?” asks Cole.

“If you’re willing to take it, I can give it,” replies Archie.

“Yeah? I would love it,” retorted Cole. Archie takes Cole inside to get a full service blowjob before turning his ass around and relentlessly pounding it doggy style…Join them!

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A little dip in the pool couldn’t cool these two studs down they wanted to get right to the action.

Being Archie’s first time with a guy, he was definitely looking forward to these new experiences he was about to have.

Meanwhile, Joey was all smiles, “We got a new guy!” And Archie predicted the outcome “I think both of us will be happy.” He was right…Join them!

Archie is answering so horny sexy questions from Jax, like sex with the lights on or lights off?

“Oh definitely lights on. I want to see who I’m working with,” Archie answers immediately.

Archie’s got a few questions of his own, and Jax blows the vers hunk’s mind when he says that although he’s a top, the sex toy he could never do without is a dildo.

“Nothing gets me busting bigger loads than a fuckin’ dildo up my ass.

That’s a dirty little secret of mine.”

Archie can’t wait to experience the same phenomenon with Jax’s huge cock in his ass, and their hot fuck soon has both of them busting huge loads.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

One of Archie’s fave pairings was a natural for the pop-up treatment.

When this throwback scene begins, Archie’s had a bit of a sunburn and Kaleb wiped out on his scooter.

“Should have been a stunt man instead of a pornstar,” Archie teases, but despite his scrapes Kaleb is “Ready for some action, ready for a pounding.”

As you watch this playful pair get lustful, get the diet tip that helps Kaleb maintain what are unquestionably the best abs on Sean Cody, and find out which category Archie takes the number one spot in.

Kaleb manages to shoot two accidental facials before Archie cums in his mouth, and the bottom hungrily sucks out every last drop.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Today we welcome back Archie for a solo jerk-off session at the Sean Cody studio.

We’ve really missed him, but he’s been doing his best at home.

“Just being in the house all day, being in bed, I am so fucking horny.

I haven’t been able to control myself.”

Archie is more than ready to give you a taste of his quarantine routine, shucking his shirt to show his hairy chest and abs, and pulling down his shorts for a quick, teasing peek at his ass before slipping them off to stroke his long, thick erection.

Archie teases his hole with his fingers before sucking on a toy and fucking himself with it as he jacks his cock, even riding the toy before he releases a nice big load.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Hairy chested muscle hunk Archie arrives back in the studio and he is really up to flip-flop fuck.

“I haven’t had a chance to do that in a while, and I’m in the mood for it.”

“I would actually love to bottom two my ass is aching for a big bare dick”

Hot new model Cody Seiya is into the idea of a flip-fuck.

“For the longest time I was a total bottom, and then I realized, hey, I have a nice dick, I should use it.”

These guys start with some passionate making out, and Archie admires Cody’s body when he takes his shirt off, then feeds him his cock before having the bottom ride him.

Cody takes a pounding in doggy-style and mish before he cums as he rides Archie’s dick and gets a hot creampie. Then it’s time for him to top.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Archie’s paired with blond newbie Max Campbell today, and he’s thrilled.

“He’s built like a Greek god. He’s got an amazing body,” the Sean Cody regular gushes.

Although he’s a bit nervous to bottom for the first time in months, Archie is excited to see what Max is packing. For his part, Max can’t wait to film his first ever scene with Archie.

“I love the boy-next-door muscled look, I’ve heard he’s a fan favorite, so I’m stoked to shoot with him.”

These guys get right to it, kissing naked in the bedroom, and Archie impresses Max with his blowjob skills before taking the top’s cock doggy style and missionary till neither can hold back, and they stroke their dicks and cum together.

But these guys still have plenty of stamina left for round two.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Men gay porn scenes of Archie

Dante Colle and Archie are about to eat Thanksgiving dinner, but Dante asks Archie to hide so he can video call his boyfriend, Chris Damned, first.

As Dante chats with his man, he can’t see that at the other end, Pierce Paris is on his knees sucking Chris’s dick.

Archie impatiently rubs Dante’s dick, then gets his cock out and rubs it on Dante’s arm, while Chris bends Pierce over the kitchen island and fingers his hole.

As Dante hears Pierce’s moans and Chris hears the sound of Archie sucking Dante’s cock, both guys mute the connection to fuck their respective bottoms.

Chris pounds Pierce doggy style, while Archie rides Dante’s dick till he cums, then Dante fucks him doggy style. Meanwhile, Chris lays Pierce on the dining room table till they both orgasm.

Dante blows a load on Archie’s sexy ass, then the bottom cums again all over Dante’s face, just in time for Chris to notice.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Sexy stud Archie has been playing with the new Men Pop app, and he has been playing tricks on his roommates with funny schemes and tricks.

He’s a bit disappointed when his “drop the towel challenge” falls flat as Joey Mills and Michael Boston don’t even look up from their video game screens.

So Archie decides that his next spectacular will get their attention, so when he jizzes on their pizza both hot dudes sit up and take notice.

Joey checks out Archie’s profile to take his revenge, then hides in his room to give him a “surprise facial” just like Archie wanted.

Archie sucks out the last of Joey’s cum, and then Joey deepthroats the top’s cock.

Archie rims Joey and then gets a close-up on his phone as he pounds his ass doggy style.

Joey climbs on top to ride Archie, then takes his dick super deep as the top penetrates him in missionary till he cums.

Archie pulls out and shoots so far that he gives Joey a facial of his own.

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