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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Bareback That Hole gay porn scenes of Romeo Davis

When Romeo Davis gets a call from Atlas Grant to pay Drew Dixon a visit, the tall bearded stud immediately jumps at the chance. He is down for the challenge of getting into Drew’s pants, all so Atlas can get dick elsewhere.

Romeo teases and taunts Drew, who puts up a good fight, but soon caves. Naturally, he ends up with Romeo’s big uncut dick in his mouth. Romeo takes great pleasure in watching Drew choke on his slab of meat before fucking his face and throat and then eventually returning the oral favor.

Romeo soon gets Drew face down and eats out his ass with great relish. Romeo then lines up his enormous shaft with Drew’s hole and works the entire length inside.

Romeo proceeds to fuck Drew bareback, eventually fucking the cum out of the horny bottom before spraying a thick load all over Drew’s face and into his mouth…Join them!

Dad Creep gay porn scenes of Romeo Davis

Young sexy smooth dude Benjamin Blue is visiting his stepdaddy Markus Kage and step-uncle Romeo Davis at their home.

Benjamin is in trouble as he’s been neglecting his chores, coming in late, and sucking dicks.

Big muscle tattooed hairy daddy Markus lets him off this time if Benjamin sucks his big thick dick dry.

As he is finishing up, Markus reminds him that his step-uncle will be visiting and he’ll be expecting the same total service.

When Romeo arrives he wants to jump straight to the action, “show me what you got Benjamin.”

Benjamin bends over and shoves his bare ass in their faces so that Romeo can lap up that ass crack, getting his tongue deep in his hole.

Both sexy men Romeo and Markus jerk their huge dicks in front of Benjamin’s face inviting him to suck them both.

With Benjamin perched naked on a stool both feed his ass with their dicks pumping him balls deep.

Benjamin then lays on the sofa sucking Markus while his ass is bareback fucked by Romeo.

This raw fucking continues until Benjamin can take not more and unload his hot boy cum all over the place.

Markus and Romeo soon respond by covering him in both their huge cum loads.

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Young soccer player Felix O’Dair is excited for his soccer match today.

His hunky hairy stepdad Romeo Davis has promised to be there supporting the home team.

But after a call from work Romeo has to cancel on his stepson.

After the match, Felix arrives home having a ball kicked in his crotch.

Stepdad Romeo reaches inside his stepson’s shorts and feels his already hardening young cock.

Romeo wanks his young dick before wrapping his lips around it and sucking it back.

Young Felix returns the favor sucking his stepdad’s huge uncut dick.

Romeo then bareback fucks Felix’s hot hole getting his cock balls deep in the young soccer dude.

They switch up changing positions each time Romeo getting his big uncut cock deeper into his stepson’s hot hole.

The bare fucking continues until Felix can hold off no longer and shoots a huge cum load across his stomach and chest.

Romeo follows this showering Felix with his hot jizz in long spurts until his balls are empty.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Raging Stallion gay porn scenes of Romeo Davis

Undercover cop Cole Connor is watching from a hidden hole in the wall as Romeo Davis and Beau Butler cruise each other and start to jack each other off.

Not knowing they are being watched, Beau gets on his knees and gags on Romeo’s cock.

The action is so hot, so Cole decides to abandon his post and reveal himself, Beau and Romeo keep doing their thing while Cole jerks off.

They invite Cole to join, and Beau is still on his knees, now servicing two cocks at once. Cole joins Beau on his knees to deepthroat Romeo’s cock.

All three hunks take turns swallowing cock before Beau gets hoisted up and bareback fucked by Cole.

After working out Beau’s ass, Cole bends over and gets stuffed on both ends.

When it’s Beau’s turn again, he bears down on the sink to let Romeo stretch him from behind.

Both Romeo and Cole take their turns fucking Beau’s hole multiple times until Romeo sits back and lets Cole and Beau take turns riding on his raw cock.

In the end, Cole is sitting on Romeo’s cock and slams his ass up and down until his cock throbs and Cole shoots a thick load on Romeo’s abs.

Beau strokes a load out onto Romeo to add to the mix before Cole and Beau get on their knees to receive Romeo’s load in their mouth.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

After a hard day of cutting firewood, the humble and rugged inhabitants of ‘The Territory’, Beau Butler and Romeo Davis, take a break on a pile of rocks where Romeo unzips his pants to let Beau deepthroat his uncut cock.

Now that Romeo’s meat is fully stiff, he lays back so Beau can stand over him while he eats Beau’s hole.

Romeo makes sure to lick every inch of Beau’s hairy hole before spinning him around, so Beau can sit on his throbbing dick.

The mountain men take a break from fucking bareback to 69 on the bench before Beau bends over and gets stuffed with some more of Romeo’s massive trunk.

Switching positions one last time, Beau holds his leg up while Romeo stretches his ass so wide it makes Beau shoot a creamy load that Romeo rushes to lick up.

Beau drops to his knees one last time to catch Romeo’s load that shoots from his cock and into Beau’s mouth.

Has this attraction distraction allowed for some unwanted visitors to invade ‘The Territory’?

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Extra Big Dicks gay porn scenes of Romeo Davis

Romeo Davis has his big meaty cock sucked by Justin Eros.

Swapping positions Justin gets his ass licked by Romeo before they fuck.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Raw Fuck Boys gay porn scenes of Romeo Davis

Smooth twink Jack Bailey and bearded tattooed hunk Romeo Davis meet again in the latest gay porn movie from RawFuckBoys. They’re an eccentric, yet incredibly sexy pairing.

Romeo’s hot body is covered in tattoos, and he has a dark, brooding air about him; the very opposite of the sexy young twink boy, Jack Bailey, who is trussed up in a black leather collar and tight black jockstrap.

They kiss like hungry sluts. Romeo pulls Jack’s hair and grabs him by the throat. The boy beams with the lustful excitement of a corrupted innocent. Romeo will enjoy using this boy tonight, and he’s gonna use him hard.

Romeo aggressively pushes Jack to his knees and insists the boy take his dick right to the back of his hungry little mouth. Romeo’s huge, pervy cock makes the boy choke. Endless strings of saliva stream helplessly from his well-used throat.

Romeo orders Jack onto a bench and preps his tight hole for deep, raw penetration, the sort of ride only a sleazy daddy would know how to give. Jack groans with pleasure and quivers with anticipation, begging for the DILF’s horny dick.

Romeo stands and slides his raw meat into the boy. Jack begins to whimper, then yell as the strokes get harder and faster. Before long, Romeo finds himself banging the screaming boy like a living sex doll, using his dick like a devastating weapon of mass destruction.

Jack’s hole is soon a wrecked, gaping, sloppy mess, oozing with saliva and slimy pre-cum. With every brutal stroke, Romeo inches closer to orgasm, finally letting go with a depraved roar and an epic explosion of semen deep inside Jack’s raw asshole. The spent boy can do nothing but thank his master repeatedly.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!