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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8.5-inch dick
Height: 6’0″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 175 lbs
Sexual Positions: Top

Raging Stallion gay porn scenes of Jesse Zeppelin

What is better than a hot horny duo, but a hung horny threesome. Rikk York, Jesse Zeppelin, and Sharok were born to boned.

Sharok and Rikk could almost be brothers and they happily take turns on each other’s gorgeous cocks and fuck-holes, rimming, sucking, and barebacking with abandon while servicing and riding the mighty meat of Jesse Zeppelin.

Jesse takes his time plowing the asses of these inked, hairy fuck pigs and hosing them down with cum while they also shoot huge loads…Join them!

Fisting Central gay porn scenes of Jesse Zeppelin

Kirk Cummings is roped to the bathroom’s urinal with a ball gag in his mouth.

He is at the mercy of Jesse Zeppelin who rims his slave boy’s smooth asshole.

With Jesse’s cock full to bursting he shoves the rock hard member deep into Kirk’s well-lubed hole as Kirk braces himself against the urinal.

Jesse fucks him with a force pushing his dick deep into Kirk’s ass.

Kirk takes the ass pummeling and the shocks as Jesse flails his body with the electric sex wand.

He’s turned on further as Jesse attaches the clothespins all over Kirk’s chest and abs.

Jesse wants to see what Kirk’s hole is made of, so he unties the tatted stud and sits down on the bathroom floor to let Kirk ride home still covered in clothespins.

Bouncing up and down on his captures impaled cock, Kirk strokes his meat until a thick load erupts out onto the floor.

Now it’s Jesse’s turn to cum so Kirk gets on his knees again to take the janitors second load down his throat.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Missionary Boys gay porn scenes of Jesse Zeppelin

Elder Oliver Star, believes that loyalty matters above all else, and loyalty to the Order is to be the most respected over that of good friends who come a healthy second in line.

Star is more than willing to help Bishop Jesse Zeppelin when he is called to help decide if his friend and fellow Order member Elder Chase Daniels is being totally truthful about all the sins he may have committed.

To Star, this is not betraying a friend’s confidence but being true to the friendship and the Order.

Everyone knows that to reach the furthest goals and one’s ultimate potential it is imperative that one follows all the rules of the Order.

Star’s cooperation has not gone unnoticed by Bishop Jesse and he bestows on him a reward letting him take his turn with Daniels.

The ritualistic session begins with Bishop Jesse unleashing his big manly uncut dick and forcing the boys to both suck down hard on it while preparing themselves for deep intense penetration.

Daniel’s ass is fucked hard by Bishop Jesse’s dick and as Star fucks his mouth, spit roasting the naught missionary. The punishment tries to teach Daniel that being honest and telling the truth to the high priesthood is one rule not to be broken.

Once the ritual is complete, Bishop Jesse stands over the boys triumphantly.

He is sure that Daniels has learned the importance of following the rules, and he is proud that Star helped him accomplish this task.

As a reward, he shoots a load of cum all over Star’s face and watches as Daniels licks it up and swallows it.

With a friend like Star, Daniels is sure to become the perfect servant he is destined to be.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Icon Male gay porn scenes of Jesse Zeppelin

While most guys can’t stand their stepdads, Michael Boston has what seems to be the stepdad of the year.

Stepdad Jesse Zeppelin is a man’s man, and Michael is just the man to take care of his stepdad’s every need.

When mom is away, stepdad Jesse knows how to take care of his stepsons’ ass and shows the young man how to take care of daddy’s cock.

Everybody wants Michael’s stepdad Jesse, but lucky Michael gets him first.

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Young Perps gay porn scenes of Jesse Zeppelin

Oh dear sexy young dude Ryland Kingsman is once again getting caught for stealing stuff from a local store.

The store security guard, Jesse Zeppelin, marches Ryland into the back office and accuses him of looking suspicious with no wallet.

Jesse asks Ryland to strip naked as he is going to do a full body examination, looking for hidden stolen goods.

With Ryland bent over against the wall, Jesse uses his bare hands to part Ryland’s smooth ass cheeks.

Then Jesse admits he just wants a look at the hole his other Loss Prevention Officer nailed.

“I know you fucked the other officer, son!”

Jesse forces Ryland’s face down to his crotch and gets him to suck his already fully erect dick.

He then turns him around and spits on his tight boy hole before pumping his big cock deep inside Ryland’s tight hole.

All the while, Jesse bare fucks Ryland, he moans loudly.

Then Ryland takes control hovering above the seated Jesse, slowly getting his ass hole impaled on Jesse’s big dick.

Now Ryland bounces up and down getting Jesse’s cock deep in his hole.

They switch positions again and then Jesse sucks Ryland’s dick until he shoots his cum load directly in Jesse’s mouth.

Cum drips off Jesse’s tongue and out around his lips. What a dirty mess they’ve made.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!