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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8 inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Raging Stallion gay porn scenes of Jake Nicola

‘Cake Shop’ owner, Jake Nicola greets his old flame Donnie Argento, who wants to surprise his husband, Sharok, with a special cake for their first anniversary.

The secret ingredient he wants to add is his own jizz as the cream filling. Donnie is hot to trot and wants to extract it with Jake’s help, but the chef wisely suggests that they include his man.

Sharok arrives, and the horny trio convene in the bakery for a three-way, bareback flip fuck with Donnie nude in position on the counter: rock hard cock, beefy butt and perky hole at the ready.

Jake and Sharok strip down and take turns eating his ass, especially after Donnie squats down on the special dessert and gets his own cakes covered in frosting.

Licking him clean, the boys get him primed and ready for a raw, deep-dick fuck as Jake’s thick prick pries Donnie’s ass open, and Sharok’s huge tool gets in for sweet, sloppy seconds.

Donnie gives as good as he gets and he fucks his hubby hard, then climbs on the counter to sit on Jake while Sharok bangs the baker.

Sharok blasts his seed in Jake’s hairy hole till Jake blows a load on his furry belly, then guzzles Donnie’s jizz in a cum-thirsty finish…Join them!

Hairy big muscle daddy Drew Sebastian has been waiting around the sauna cubicle for someone to suck his aching big dick.

He’s passed on a lot of sexy guys but none of them had what he was searching for.

Then along saunters tattooed muscle stud, Jake Nicola and Drew feels a impulse of intense excitement.

Jake falls to his knees and takes hold of Drew’s huge dick between his lips, deep throating him till he’s balls deep choking.

Jake sucks and gags on Drew’s thick long cock before bending to expose his hot hairy asshole for Drew to finger and rim.

Drew’s fingers open up his hole and his tongue gets in there deep, lubing him up good.

Drew’s huge cock slips easily between Jake’s ass cheeks and enters his hot hole until he is hitting his prostate bareback with a bang.

The relentless raw fucking continues until both guys can take no more.

They switch positions with Jake holding himself in position directly over Drew’s cock, riding his man meat up and down fully in control until Jake unleashes a huge cum load that coats Drew’s hairy abs.

Covered in Jake’s cum, Drew stands over Jake and shoots a big load all over his face.

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Sexy hot car mechanic Chris Damned arrives at work late today after a busy night partying.

His manager Vince Parker is not happy and complains about his attitude of late.

Once at work their first customer Jake Nicola drives into the workshop with his hot-rod that is giving him some problems.

After taking a look under the hood Chris can’t seem to find the problem but he instead unzips his jumpsuit coveralls as Jake falls to the floor sucking down hard on Chris’s huge erect dick.

Chris lies back on the car’s hood as Jake swallows his whole thick cock balls deep massaging his huge cockhead with his tongue.

Vince returns to find Jake on his knees blowing Chris and joins the horny pair kissing Chris and twisting his hard nipples.

Both Jake and Vince service Chris’s thick erect dick before Vince pushes Jake down and parts his hairy ass cheeks with both hands getting his tongue in deep along his ass crack.

Vince rims Jake’s hot hole prepping it for Chris’s bareback dick. Chris plunges his raw cock hard into Jake’s tight bubble ass in long strong strokes making him moan.

While Jake chokes on Vince’s big cock Chris pummels his bare hole switching positions midfuck and getting Jake close to orgasm.

Jakes’ hardcore anal fucking continues with Chris forcing his hot cock in and out of Jake’s sore hole until he can cope no longer and blows a huge load of jizz across them all.

Chris and Vince quickly follow shower their horny bottom stud with their huge cum loads.

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Bearded muscle stud Jake Nicola is overwhelmed to discover a completely naked Beau Butler waiting for him in bed.

The hairy hunk quickly disrobes and immediately starts to rim Beau’s furry ass.

With Jake’s daddy dick now stiff as a board, Beau squats onto his meat and moans louder with every inch that enters his hole.

The tattooed top begins to break a sweat as he holds Beau’s arms behind his back and continually thrusts himself into Beau’s insatiable, muscle ass.

A few more bareback pumps into Beau has Jake busting his load inside of the beefy bottom and breeding his ass right before Beau unloads his own balls over his hairy body.

Jake then pulls out of the stud’s ass just in time to play with the fresh cream that Beau’s pushing out of his cum-coated insides.

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An extremely bored Ian Holms has nothing to do, but luckily, he has a reliable booty call that’s ready to come over at a moment’s notice.

Five steps into the door, Jake Nicola is already being swallowed by Ian.

The horny host then hops onto his bed and exposes his hole for the bearded top to rim.

His ass now ready for the bareback drilling of a lifetime, Ian slides onto Jake’s overly thick pole until his ass has swallowed every last inch of the booty call’s girthy meat.

The sound of skin slapping together only grows louder as the hairy top thrusts himself harder and harder into Ian.

When both are ready to blow, Jake underestimates the power of his own dick as his cum rapidly flies across the room while a stretched-out Ian lies there and covers his body hair in a thick layer of his own nut.

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When Austin Avery wants to break away from a crowded birthday orgy, he grabs stripper Jake Nicola to go somewhere a little more private.

Already out of his sexy cop costume, Jake shoves his face between Austin’s cheeks as the partygoer begs him to fill his ass.

More than happy to satisfy his boy, the bearded top slides every inch of his meat into Austin’s wet hole.

The bottom’s bubble butt jiggles and his moans progressively get louder with each bareback thrust from the hairy top.

Now fucking Austin on the coffee table, Jake digs his dick deep into the stranger’s ass as he breeds and blasts cum all over his insides.

Austin then finishes himself off before throwing his legs back to push out the fresh load that his new stripper friend left inside his hungry hole.

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Icon Male gay porn scenes of Jake Nicola

On this quiet night at home reading a book, Avery Jones is joined by Adam Ramzi and Jake Nicola.

A view reveals that their little secret about hooking up is not such a secret.

Avery expresses how hot he thinks it is and new step-uncle Adam, asks if he wants to join in the fun.

Without missing a beat, Avery gets right on those big hairy daddy dicks.

The three of these horny men take care of each other‘s cocks and holes with extreme vigor.

Avery ends up covered in hot cum and the trip has come to a delicious end…Join them!

After checking out the rental house, Adam Ramzi and Jake Nicola decide to check each other out in the master bedroom. These two horny new stepbrothers are ready to get into some nasty hairy fun with each other. Lots of cock sucking ass eating and hot wild fucking will keep you guessing, who is the master…Join them!

Newbie straight stud Zayne Roman is concentrating hard trying to beat his best buddy on a video game. All-time ace gamer Jake Nicola is up for the challenge.

Zayne tries to reminisce about college days and girls they’ve had over a drink only to find out that all this time Jake has been thinking about him…

Straight man Zayne is anxious about his bud and his questions but slowly gives in to get his straight dick seduced by his best bud.

Now he’s back in town we bring you the past, the present, and two hot dudes with a future.

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Bareback That Hole gay porn scenes of Jake Nicola

Donnie Argento gets naked stripping off his clothes then sucking down hard on hairy hunk Jake Nicola’s big thick cock.

Jack returns the favor deepthroating Donnie’s slick dick. It isn’t long before Donnie is bent over the bed, with Jack behind him, getting his ass wet and ready for some thick cock.

They take it slow to start, but that doesn’t last long, as Donnie shows Jack just how good he takes dick from behind.

He also uses those dancers’ legs to show us how good he can ride a cock as well.

Jake then flips Donnie on his back to show him a move or two as he fucks a load deep into him, then works Donnie’s prostate, with his finger, till he shoots his load in Jake’s mouth.

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