Dakota Lovell

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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Another young missionary boy is in trouble, today it is Elder Jesse Avalon who must pay for his latest transgressions.

Elder Avalon is happy to say a few more prayers to make good but Father Dakota Lovell and Bishop Dante Drackis have other ideas for some retribution.

As the two of them join Elder Avalon kneeling on the floor they grab him and ties his hands behind his back. They then force him to suck their big hard dicks.

First Elder Avalon sucks Father Lovell’s erect cock. All the while Father Lovell pushes the back of his head down so that he gags as his young dick hits the back of his throat, almost choking him.

Not wishing to miss out Bishop Drackis undresses and pushes his already fully erect big cock deep between Elder Avalon’s smooth butt cheeks getting his cock head deep into his hot boy hole.

Bishop Drackis fucks him hard then he holds Elder Avalon over Father Lovell’s cock in a reverse cowboy fuck position.

Young Elder Avalon works his ass down onto Father Lovell’s big thick dick. While Bishop Drackis jerks his cock.

Then Father Lovell bareback fucks Elder Avalon’s ass hole doggie style as Elder Avalon sucks on Bishop Drackis’ big dick.

The fucking continues until Elder Avalon can hold off no longer and he shoots streams of hot boy cum across his smooth stomach and chest.

He is quickly followed by Father Lovell and Bishop Drackis who both unload over the young boy, covering him in their cum.

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Elder Jesse Avalon still has questions about joining the mission and Father Dakota Lovell and Father Dante Drackis offer him advice and support.

“Don’t you get horny? asks young Elder Avalon.

“We have to keep ourselves pure,” replies Father Drackis, “So sexual things”.

It’s clear that Elder Avalon is not ready to be ordained into the mission. However, when they ask him to leave, he stands up and undoes his pants.

As his jeans drop to his ankles Elder Avalon’s big twink dick falls out and it is quickly getting fully hard and erect.

Both Father Lovell and Father Drackis touch his cock and start to wank it slowly.

A moment later Elder Avalon is kneeling on the floor with two big cocks in his mouth. He’s licking and sucking them both getting them nice and wet.

Then as Father Drackis gets in doggie style on the sofa to suck Father Lovell’s dick, Elder Avalon rims then bareback fucks Father Drackis’ hairy ass hole.

Hairy chested hunk is fucked by both young missionary boys until they each one by one shoot their loads over each other making a sticky mess.

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Hottie young dark-haired Missionary twink Dakota Lovell steps out of the shower in a bathrobe and enters Bishop Jax Thirio’s bedroom.

Bishop Jax looks up from his bible and ushers young Dakota to strip off his clothes and come to him for some hole training.

Elder Dakota has been quite uptight around the church and so Bishop Jax is going to help him loosen his tightness by penetrating his boy hole with Jax’s huge erect dick.

First Elder Dakota sucks down hard on Bishop Jax’s thick cock taking it right to the back of his throat until his huge mushroom cockhead hits the back of his throat choking him.

Bishop Dax then bends the little cutie Dakota over and forces his hard erection deep into the young boy’s hot hole making him scream with delight.

Then Bishop Dax opens his hole for the young Missionary boy to fuck him. They switch back and forth until both are super horned up.

Young Dakota takes the ass pummelling in a number of different positions until he can hold off no longer and ejaculates spraying jizz all over his stomach and chest.

Seeing all this boy cum, Bishop Jax loses control and orgasm jizzing all over the young boy’s asshole.

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Sexy young boy Dakota Lovell is out by the pool trying to get some rays of sunshine when he is interrupted by his hot older stepbrother Johnny Bandera.

Johnny is a bit stressed and Dakota offers to give him a back massage, try to rub those tight muscles away.

As the boys finish up the massage Johnny has a better idea, getting his big young dick out.

It’s already rock-solid as he pokes it between Dakota’s young lips, getting it deep right to the back of his younger stepbro’s throat, choking him.

Dakota jerks his thick dick while swallowing Johnny’s. Then Johhny gets down on his knees and returns the favor blowing his younger stepbrother.

He then spins Dakota around opening up his ass cheeks with both hands and spitting lube into Dakota’s tight boy hole.

Johhny then pumps his erect dick deep into Dakota’s tight bubble ass, till he is balls deep in the boy.

Dakota moans loudly with every stroke in and out with Johnny’s balls slapping against the young dude’s smooth butt cheeks.

Lying side by side Johnny bare fucks Dakota’s ass hard and fast until Dakota can hold off no longer, spraying his cum load all over the sofa, quickly followed by Johnny who pulls out shoots his load then fucks the cum back into Dakota’s freshly fucked hole.

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