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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Sagittarius
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick / 20.32 cms
Height: 6’1″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 185 lbs
Sexual Positions: Top
Sexuality: Gay
Nationality: Portuguese

Kristen Bjorn gay porn scenes of Sir Peter

Hairy Portuguese muscle hunk Sir Peter has his huge 8-inch uncut cock in his hand wanking when Lucio Saints arrives naked wanking his own massive 9.5-inch uncut dick.

Lucio walks over to Sir, drops to his knees, inhales the aroma of his hooded cock head then samples the taste of the full shaft of his cock.

Sir drops to his knees and is pleasantly pleased when Lucio’s cock juts out and is just a breath away from his lips.

Sir opens wide and begins to savor the flavor of Lucio’s cock.

Lucio drops to his knees once again and this time he shows Sir what an expert cock sucker he is.

Working his way to the base of that huge cock is no easy feat, but Lucio doesn’t give up until he can feel those pubic hairs tickling his nose.

Lucio switches to a chair, where he spreads his legs and Sir moves in and begins sucking his demanding cock and luscious ass.

Sir gives Lucio’s ass and cock a perfect tongue lashing before flipping the chair and Lucio so that his wet ass is at the ideal level for his immense cock.

Lucio gets a deep fucking before Sir pulls out and teases his tasty pucker hole then slams his cock back in deep and hard.

Lucio wants to take control and switches up and squats down onto Sir’s throbbing cock.

As Lucio gyrates up and down on Sir’s cock, his own meaty cock flops around in pleasure with each thrust.

Lucio repositions onto his side and Sir comes in from behind, penetrating his ass hard.

Sir fucks Lucio to perfection and is unable to hold back any longer.

With Lucio’s ass begging for more, Sir pulls out and drains his thick load of cum all over Lucio’s hungry tongue and wet lips.

With Sir’s cum fresh on his lips, Lucio strokes out a huge load that flies across his abs and lands dead center on his heaving chest.

Lucio scoops up his hot load and coats Sir’s fat head with his load then sucks it all off. No cum wasted here.

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While Max Saga is at home perusing a fashion magazine when Sir Peter enters the room and has a fashion issue that needs attention.

Max immediately stands up and begins inspecting the firmness, strength, flexibility, and support of the fabric that is restraining Sir’s ever-growing cock.

Releasing Sir’s cock from the confines of the fabric, Max drops to his knees and begins to service the magnificent cock that is dangling just a breath away from his wet lips.

While Max is seated in the rocking chair, Sir has his foot on the back of it to assist Max with his undulations forward and down onto his meaty cock.

Max is a gifted cock sucker, but today his ass has a hunger that is very demanding and Max flips around so that Sir can have access to it.

With Max on all 4’s in the rocking chair, it acts with the same ease of a sling by allowing smooth, fluid movements that allow both men full pleasure.

Sir possesses such an accomplished tongue that he is able to sense when an ass is wet enough and relaxed enough for his fat cock.

With his senses on overdrive, Sir stands up and rams his massive cock deep into Max’s equally talented ass.

Max is proving exactly how talented he is and Sir grabs the opportunity, feeding and filling his ass with his huge cock.

Max is flipped and fucked in a variety of positions, one more penetrating than the other, only to raise the pleasure of both men to astounding heights.

With Sir’s engorged cock pumping pleasure deep inside of Max’s ass he as no other option but to blow his thick, creamy load of cum.

Max’s incredible fucking skills have given Sir the opportunity to fuck hard and deep, which he is rarely able to achieve, but not today.

Today Sir has slammed his cock deep and hard and the pay off is his huge load of cum that showers down onto Max.

Take advantage of what is already in your home for some deep leveraged fucking.

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Hairy chested muscle hunk Sir Peter and bearded young stud Delan Benobe meet for the first time.

We can see their huge rock hard uncut cocks outlined in their pants, as Delan reaches out and runs his palm through Sir’s hairy chest down to his massive boner, he gives it a squeeze.

Then Delan kneels as Sir pulls his pants down releasing his thick erection which bounces into view, right in front of Delan’s face.

Delan grabs ahold of Sir’s big cock with his lips and slides up to the very tip enveloping his huge mushroom cockhead in his mouth.

By the time Sir’s cock hits the back of Delan’s throat it is at full attention and ready to fuck.

Delan opens wide and Sir gives his throat a good fucking. Sir bends Delan over a chair and pulls his cock back as he begins eating his hot ass.

With Delan’s throbbing cock in his hand Sir goes back and forth from his ass to cock, filling both with immense pleasure.

Delan is hot and Sir is ready as he slips the full length of his fat cock inside of Delan’s smooth, beautiful ass.

The harder Sir fucks Delan the harder Delan’s cock becomes.

Sir drops back to the sofa and has Delan sit down on his cock and the view from this angle is incredible to see as that monster splits Delan open and just does not stop.

The intensity of their fucking has Delan’s cock rock-hard and Sir fucks him until he forces the cum out of his cock.

With Delan’s cock still oozing cum, Sir flips him onto his back and continues with such vehemence that has his cock exploding cum all over Delan’s ass.

Sir grabs his cock as it is still spewing cum and shoves it deep inside of Delan.

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Jonas Brown has been in hot pursuit of Sir Peter and his legendary huge cock and tonight his persistence pays off. Sir greets Jonas with a kiss and the party begins.

The passionate kissing leads to a slow, seductive striptease, and then the massive, meaty cock of Sir’s bursts forward and impresses all who view it, but for Jonas, this is a big deal.

Being the perfect host, Sir drops to his knees and begins sucking on Jonas’ dark mahogany cock as Jonas takes Sir’s head into his hands and begins fucking his mouth with his rock solid cock.

Sir’s expert cock sucking skills has Jonas begging for more as he drops to his knees to service his dream cock.

Jonas opens wide as Sir begins fucking his throat with his monster cock.

Jonas chokes, gags and swallows as much cock as he possibly can and Sir backs off for him to catch his breath, but Jonas has waited too long to pleasure this dream cock. Sir turns Jonas around and begins by making a meal out of his magnificent ass.

Sir’s pink tongue probes, penetrates, and titillates that beautiful brown ass, amplifying both men’s desires. As Sir stands up his raging hard-on slips the full length deep inside of Jonas’ hungry ass.

Jonas feels the sheer girth of Sir’s cock splitting his ass open beyond anything he has ever felt before.

Sir flips Jonas onto his back and continues with the onslaught of deep monster cock fucking. One last flip and Jonas is lowering his ass onto Sir’s straining cock.

The men enter into a union of pleasure as both service the other, Jonas with his tight, wet ass and Sir with his huge, fat cock at full strength and full girth pounding away in search of ecstasy.

Jonas grinds his ass down hard onto Sir’s monster cock as his own cock erupts with a thick, creamy load of cum.

As Jonas unleashes his load his ass muscles grab hold of Sir’s cock and milks his cock for his luscious load of cum.

The onslaught of Sir’s cum splatters all over Jonas’ thighs, but Sir shoves his erupting cock back into Jonas and leaves him with an ass full of cum.

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Max Hilton and Sir Peter are checking out the other’s profile pics carefully because we all put the best of ourselves forward in our profiles and you know you eventually have to show up in person and the truth will always be revealed.

Well, these two sexy men have the goods to back up each of their photos. The guys hook up and are thrilled to see that they both match up to what was in the photo and what they are like in person.

Max takes a seat next to Sir and then takes his hand and assists him in exploring his muscular body. Max quickly removes his sexy underwear and Sir takes his cock into his hot mouth and begins lavishing him with a deep throat cock sucking.

The guys swap positions and Max eyes up Sir’s cock before opening his mouth farther than he has ever done before and sucks in the head of Sir’s monster cock. Max tries his best to suck his way up and down the gigantic width of Sir’s cock shaft, and with sheer determination, he keeps sucking.

Sir flips Max around and spreads his hairy, muscular ass cheeks revealing his pink pucker hole, and then dives in for a taste. Savoring all the delicious flavors swirling around Max’s ass has Sir’s mammoth cock throbbing and hungry for a tight, muscle ass. Max is bent over and Sir begins to gently slip his cock into his ass.

Eager and willing, Max quickly finds out just how thick this cock is going to stretch him open. Max yells out in anguish that is filled with more pleasure than pain and encourages Sir to go further. Sir flips Max onto his side and is able to get a better angle that will accommodate both men.

Working on his breathing, Max finds that with each new thrust forward Sir’s cock opens him up that much more. Another swap and this time Max takes more control by squatting his ass down onto Sir’s monster cock. As Max rides the giant his own cock responds by rising to full staff and bouncing about in full satisfaction.

Sir’s balls have drawn up tight and are ready to deploy when Max hops off and positions himself to be fed.

Before Sir is able to fill him up, Max erupts his thick load of cum in anticipation of tasting Sir’s hot load. Sir’s creamy load of cum saturates Max’s beard before he can get a taste. Always represent the Best of You!

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Lucas Entertainment gay porn scenes of Sir Peter

Marco Antonio has an insatiable sexual appetite he’s always looking to get his huge uncut Venezuelan cock worked on by the wet mouth and tight hole of an eager and submissive pussy bottom.

Double that with an alpha male like Sir Peter, so when Marco Antonio and Peter team up, they get into plenty of bareback trouble.

Silver Steele, Allen King, and Valentin Amour submit their asses for the pleasure of Sir Peter and Marco Antonio, and these two tops don’t show any mercy when they fuck.

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There’s no denying that Valentin Amour has a thing for Sir Peter.

It’s no wonder why Sir Peter is the definition of masculinity with his rugged good looks, macho-muscular body, and his enormous uncut cock that makes a Red Bull can look paltry.

While staying in Mexico, Sir Peter gets to know the uncut Cuban stud, Rafael Carreras.

Rafael is always up for fucking a beautiful bottom, and when Sir Peter shows Rafael pictures of Valentin, he’s taken in by Valentin’s perfectly muscled body and dark bedroom eyes.

Valentin Amour has no idea how big Rafael Carreras is in the pants, but he’s always up for fun, and the more hung the better.

And if their cocks were not enough, they also pull out some anal toys to stretch out Valentin’s bitch hole even more.

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Hairy muscle hunk Sir Peter’s massive uncut cock barebacking young Latin stud Alfonso Osnaya.

There’s no more perfect model for a “high-caliber cock” than the nine-inch uncut cock Sir Peter displays whenever he strips naked.

“Displays” in an apt word, because Sir Peter’s dick is a work of art, and only the most worthy of bottoms get a chance to service it.

Enter Alfonso, who is a bottom of great skill and passion.

Though he’s slim, don’t think this guy is unable to handle himself.

He is one hell of a stud in the sack and loves taking dick.

Sir Peter and Alfonso are out on the deck in Puerto Vallarta one sunny afternoon when Sir Peter gives Alfonso exactly what he needs.

When Sir Peter fucks, he mounts his bottom, thrusts, and goes in far and deep.

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Valentin Amour and Joaquin Santana as a couple is a love story that started when they were both young men deeply in love.

But like with many gay relationships, there’s a strong emotional connection wrestling with the big pitfall of sexual incompatibility that develops over time.

Eventually, they both had to admit they’re both bottoms.

But Valentin also has a devious side that plays off of Joaquin’s submissive side.

Valentin Amour has long fantasized about including Joaquin in sexual forays where he’s turned into a cuckold.

Not only is Joaquin Santana not allowed to answer his own urges of sucking cock and getting fucked up the ass, but he’s only allowed to experience them by watching Valentin enjoy such pleasures.

Valentin doesn’t give Joaquin much say, and he invites another couple over.

Both of these guys are alpha men and top bulls, Sir Peter and Isaac X.

Valentin Amour presents his boy pussy to them while Joaquin Santana sits idly by, partially underdressed.

But he is not allowed to play with himself.

Sir Peter and Isaac X take turns slamming their big hard cocks down Valentin’s throat and up his ass while Joaquin sits on watching, half wishing he could join in, but also half enjoying his subjugation.

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Horny muscle hunk Sir Peter’s massive thick uncut 9-inch cock bare fucking ripped hottie Shae Reynolds.

Shae Reynolds has convinced himself that there’s no cock too big for him to service.

But that was before he met Sir Peter, who has one of the biggest and fattest uncut cocks to ever be filmed by Lucas Entertainment.

Not only is Sir Peter packing an incredible punch in his underwear, but he likes it when his bottom guys learn a lesson in submission.

Before he gives Shae Reynolds what he really wants a hard and deep anal fucking he leashes Shae as the bottom gets ready to give Sir Peter some oral service.

Shae Reynolds is all too anxious to prove he’s a good boy and excited to serve the needs of Sir Peter, as his uncut cock is of godly proportions.

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Big muscle hunks Sir Peter and Rudy Gram’s huge uncut dicks double fucking hottie stud Zayd Andres.

Whenever the Lucas Men are in the presence of Sir Peter, they all have to take a number. That’s because everybody wants a chance to service his dick, which is already legendary, even by gay porn standards.

Have you seen that thing in action? His huge and uncut, and when Peter is hard, he could break down a door with his member. You don’t have to tell Zayd Andres twice, as a new face among the Lucas Men, Zayd not only gets the opportunity to be with Sir Peter, but also Rudy Gram.

Sir Peter and Rudy first introduced Zayd during a Bareback Auditions interview. But once that is over, it is time for Zayd Andres to get to work.

When his mouth is full servicing one cock, his pussy hole is being filled up from behind. And Sir Peter can get in him so deep he can feel it in his stomach.

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Portuguese hunk Sir Peter’s massive uncut dick raw fucking ripped muscle bottom Ridick’s hot hole.

Ridick is in the doghouse. He’s been having an affair on Sir Peter, his boyfriend.

Why is anyone’s guess, but maybe sometimes a guy needs a little variety?

But in the end, Sir Peter finds out, and if Ridick is going to get out of this mess, he’s going to have to do everything for Sir Peter that he’s been doing for the douchebag he was with when stepping out.

It starts with Sir Peter having Ridick undo his shorts, revealing that incredible uncut cock Sir Peter has between his legs.

But it’s not oral Sir Peter really wants. It’s ass, and he wants Ridick to shut his mouth, open up his hole, and take the fucking of a lifetime.

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Horny muscle hotties Sir Peter and Pol Prince’s huge dick double fucking Joaquin Santana.

Sir Peter and Pol Prince both have a dominant streak to their personalities, and they manifest with a vengeance when they’re in the bedroom.

Here both Peter and Pol team up and double-team the Latin twink bottom, Joaquin Santana.

Sir Peter and Pol Prince take turns sodomizing Joaquin Santana in the mouth and spreading his legs to invade his tight little asshole.

And while Pol is sucking and fucking, he shows off his trademark (and always sexy) tan lines around his cock and on his beautiful ass cheeks.

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Men gay porn scenes of Sir Peter

Sir Peter is annoyed by the television choices of his friend Andy Star’s girlfriend, so he suggests they play a game instead.

Andy suggests Marco Polo and they cover the blonde’s eyes with a blindfold, but as she looks for them, the guys start kissing, and Andy gets on his knees and sucks Peter’s cock.

When the girl finally finds them, she wants to join their game, but instead, the men go to the bedroom by themselves.

Andy blows Peter on the bed, then bends over as the top rims his hole before penetrating him doggy style.

Sir Peter makes Andy moan as he fucks him in missionary, then he bottom rides him while stroking himself till he orgasms.

Andy lies back to take Sir Peter’s thick load on his face.

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Master fencer Sir Peter doesn’t need to disarm his opponent Pol Prince when he can pull off his pants and expose that his cock is hard.

Pol isn’t the only one Sir Peter’s other sword is also ready and waiting, so the guys take off their helmets and come together in a steamy embrace.

Pol rubs their dicks with his gloved hand, and the top rims him before Pol blows Sir Peter.

Pol rides the top and Peter penetrates him in spoon, then puts him on all fours to fuck him doggy style and enjoy his victory.

He fucks Pol missionary, then the bottom rides Sir Peter until he cums before eagerly receiving the top’s load in his mouth.

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Portuguese muscle hunk Sir Peter is cultured and fashionable so what is it like to hook up with the hottie stud. Watch and find out!

The dominant European stud hangs out by the floor-to-ceiling windows of his modern abode, unbuttoning his shirt and teasing you with the sight of his sexy, furred chest and abs before stripping down, stroking his cock, and playing with his hole.

He’s joined by cute bottom Ruslan Angelo, and the guys kiss passionately before Ruslan eagerly swallows Sir Peter’s pole.

The horny top rims Ruslan then sucks his dick while fingering his ass before sliding his hard cock inside. He fucks the bottom doggy-style, then lies back to enjoy the sight of Ruslan riding him.

The bottom cums, then passionately kisses Sir Peter as the top strokes himself off, and when Peter cums Ruslan cleans his cock from top to bottom.

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Blond and blue-eyed twink Craig Marks connects with top Sir Peter as they gaze into each other’s eyes before their sensual play begins.

They run their hands over one another’s bodies, and Craig takes out his hard cock, kissing up Peter’s chest before wrapping his soles around Peter’s dick.

Craig swallows the top’s cock as Peter, fingers his hole, then gets face down, ass up, while Peter rims him.

The bearded twink rides Peter reverse, then the top pounds him doggy style before fucking Craig in mish as the bottom strokes himself until he orgasms.

Sir Peter treats the bottom to his hot load on Craig’s balls.

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Dracock the Dragon approaches, and the brave Norsemen prepare for battle.

The god of thunder Thor (Malik Delgaty) and the god of chaos Loki (Felix Fox) take their places at the head of the army, and Thor defeats the evil serpent with a bolt of lightning. Time to fuck.

Brave soldiers Sir Peter and Tyler Berg are eager for a taste of the gods, joining them for a celebratory orgy.

Tyler takes Thor’s godly cock as Loki gets fucked doggy style by Sir Peter, then the men switch.

After Loki and Tyler suck Thor and Peter, it’s Loki’s turn to top as Tyler rides his cock, while Sir Peter takes Thor’s mighty hammer doggystyle before the others blow their loads on Tyler’s face.

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Hottie muscle dude Pol Prince’s bubble ass raw fucked by Sir Peter’s massive uncut cock.

All this plunging might be a good workout for his arms, but it’s not doing Pol’s sink any good, so he finally gives up and calls a plumber.

The sight of hunky, bearded Sir Peter on his back wielding his tools makes Pol take out his own tool and stroke it.

When he sees the plumber’s crack, he just has to slide his fingers down it… Sir Peter tells the bottom to get on his knees and suck him, then tongues that hole before teasing it with the plunger handle.

Pol’s pipe needs to get penetrated doggy style, and the plumber is the professional for the job.

He pounds Pol in missionary on the counter, and the bottom rides him till he shoots his load before Sir Peter cums all over that hole.

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Hardcore gay orgy Tyler Berg, Malik Delgaty, Felix Fox, Sir Peter, Craig Marks, Dean Young, Papi Kocic.

Enjoying their simple lives of fighting, carousing, and fucking their fellows, the Norsemen have no idea that a threat is on its way that could wipe them out forever.

When a spy (Sir Peter) overhears god of chaos Loki (Felix Fox) tell a comely servant (Dean Young) about Dracock the Dragon’s imminent arrival and the location of long-lost god of thunder Thor (Malik Delgaty) he hurries to inform the King (Papi Kocic).

The Viking ruler persuades Loki to find Thor, and the trickster must find a way to convince his fellow god to give up his simple, peaceful life and join him in battle once again… and that way is his divine hole.

Will the power of the gods be enough to save the Norse warriors’ asses?

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Bearded muscle hunk Sir Peter’s massive thick uncut dick bareback fucking Justin Jett’s hot bubble ass.

Loose cannon Euro prince Sir Peter is on thin ice with his mother, the queen, after yet another scandal hits the news.

But that doesn’t stop him from hitting on palace waiter Justin Jett right under her nose.

After Justin spills some tea on Sir Peter’s lap when he’s taken by surprise by the prince grabbing his ass, the horny royal puts Justin’s hand right on his cock, then takes it out under the table.

The servant sucks the royal appendage just outside the door, then Justin gives Sir Peter a foot job.

The horny prince rims and fingers the bottom’s hole then fucks him deep and hard.

Justin rides His Majesty till he cums, and takes the royal load in his mouth.

But the Queen is going to punish his royally slutty behavior once and for all.

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Hottie young twink Joey Mills’s bubble butt raw fucked by Sir Peter’s massive uncut cock.

A prince’s life isn’t all play and no work; for example, today Prince Sir Peter is giving a lecture to a tour group of Men University students.

But when the prince lays eyes on hot twink Joey Mills, he can’t concentrate on describing the antique palace furnishings… especially after Joey crawls behind the podium and starts sucking his cock.

Joey loves how expensive that dick tastes, and once the rest of the tour group leads, the handsome prince rips open the commoner’s jeans and shows him what it means to be royally fucked.

Sir Peter pounds the bottom doggy style and fucks his mouth, even lifting him up for an upside-down blowjob.

Joey rides His Majesty’s cock until he cums and takes a Royal Facial.

Has the Playboy Prince finally found his perfect partner?

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Tuxedo bottom stud Allen King’s hot hole stretched by tall bearded hunk Sir Peter’s massive uncut dick After the tall, bearded stud Sir Peter notices that Allen King is looking dashingly handsome in his tuxedo, he courageously makes the first move, and it isn’t long until the romantic duo are passionately hugging one another. After they had finished jacking each other off, Allen knelt down to enthusiastically deep throat blowjob Sir Peter’s long and thick dick. After that, Sir Peter turns the eager bottom around and drills his tight hole from behind in standing doggystyle. After that, the horny bottom gets face fucked. Allen, who is in the mood for some excitement, rides Sir Peter, and then the powerful top fingers the bottom’s hole in order to loosen it up even further before easing his cock back into place. Allen reaches the point of climax by stroking himself, and then, once Sir Peter has had his fill, he pulls out just in time to fire a hot load all over Allen’s face! See all Allen King gay hardcore fuck sessions at Men here. See all Sir Peter gay hardcore fuck sessions at Men here.Join them!

Men at Play gay porn scenes of Sir Peter

Corporate Financial Controller Dani Robles is being given a polygraph by examiner Sir Peter.

Mr. Robles is accused of tax fraud cheating the government out of millions of dollars in revenue.

The government tax agency is in search of the truth but Dani insists on his innocence throughout.

Once the lie detector test is complete, Dani demands to know the results.

However, the results need to be analyzed and can only be reviewed by the inspector general.

So, Dani tries to bribe Sir Peter for a favorable test result.

Sir Peter is an honorable examiner – and money won’t buy him peace of mind.

But, then Dani offers Sir Peter something he simply cannot resist.

It’s time to get down to real business.

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