Paul Wagner

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8 inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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I pulled up to the park and caught sight of a super hot dude with a big butt doing calisthenics, so I just had to go see if he would talk to me.

Vincent Oreilly said he’s working on training before signing up for the army, and since’s he’s trying to save up for college he didn’t even hesitate when I offered him some cash to take off his shirt and flash that juicy ass.

I even got him to give me a peek at his dick, and that big thick cock made me want more.

We headed to a hotel room where I got him to start jerking off while I watched, and soon he was letting me rub his cock and even giving me head.

That big ass felt so good stretched around my dick.

It must have felt pretty good for him too, because once I pulled out to cum on his chest he shot a big load right after…Join them!

Titus is a hottie! Hands down. His reaction when Paul Wagner started fucking his sweet ass got him even harder because of his eagerness.

Paul didn’t think that he’d be able to take all of Titus, but man was Paul wrong about him.

Titus was undeniably one of Paul’s best conquests.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Felix Fox takes loving cars to a whole new level when his client’s new car literally turns him on while washing it.

Little does he know that handsome stud Paul Wagner is watching him from the dark back seat of the car.

Once Felix lays eyes on Paul jerking his big dick, he jumps at the chance to go down on him, almost swallowing Paul’s entire cock in one gulp.

The two take turns blowing each other until Paul starts rimming Felix, getting his hole ready for his huge cock.

Once ready, Felix guides Paul’s throbbing dick right into his puckering hole as Paul thrusts in and out of him.

Leaning forward on all fours to take it all in, Paul keeps fucking Felix’s hard, glistening body.

The pair’s moans get louder and louder until Paul shoots his load all over Felix’s face and chest.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

When Nick LA gets back from a disappointing date to find that his roommate, Luke, has invited over a sexy top from a hookup app, he decides to swoop in and steal that cock.

He locks his buddy in the bathroom and lets Paul Wagner in, flirting with him hardcore and taking him to the bedroom.

He kisses the top and gets him undressed, licking his balls and sucking his cock before getting on top for a ride.

Paul hears Luke pounding on the bathroom door, but Nick assures him it’s just the wind as he bends over to take a deep pounding from Paul.

In the bathroom, the horny prisoner takes off the doorknob in time to see Nick getting rawed doggy style on the couch.

He can only watch as Paul sucks the bottom’s cock and fucks him missionary till Nick cums. Paul pulls out for a facial, and shoots so far, some of it hits Luke in the face too.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Officer Paul Wagner is supervising a visit between a prisoner and his husband, Ty Mitchell, but Ty has shown up to tell his soon-to-be-ex that he wants a divorce.

The criminal watches sadly from behind the glass as Ty begins kissing the sexy cop, then Paul takes out his huge cock, bends Ty over the desk, and fucks him doggy style.

The guys take turns sucking each other’s dicks, and Paul picks Ty up before putting him on the desk and penetrating his hole in missionary.

Ty rides Paul’s nightstick like his own personal toy, stroking his cock as he takes every inch till he orgasms loudly, then takes a sticky facial from Officer Paul.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Curious Paul Wagner sidles up to The Cock Stop to see what’s on offer, and performer Dante Colle seduces him through the window, enticing him inside.

The guys start kissing and Paul gets his hands all over Dante’s hot body, then lies down on the bed as Dante kisses up his thigh before stroking and sucking his cock.

Paul rubs Dante’s bulge, then gets on his knees to suck him before Dante takes him from behind against the mirrored wall.

The bottom gets on the bed on all fours to take that dick doggy style, then stares up at Dante as the top pounds him in missionary.

Paul orgasms as he rides that thick cock, and Dante pulls out to cum.

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Have you ever dreamed of getting young star Michael Boston between the covers, then now is your chance.

Michael starts things off with a tease, pulling down his briefs to display his muscle ass and powerful thighs, then showing off his flexibility as he does the naked splits.

Follow Michael to the bathroom as he slips into his singlet, posing and rubbing his bulge.

Back in the bedroom, you caress his hard dick print, then rip open the singlet to stroke his cock before stretching his eager hole with a dildo.

Michael wants the real thing, so he sucks your cock, then gets on his hands and knees for you to fuck him doggy style.

You get to see his handsome face as you penetrate him in missionary, and even after you cum he demands you put it back in as he jacks himself off till he orgasms.

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For our 10-year anniversary, exclusive talent Malik Delgaty got all dressed up, and Paul Wagner helps him get undressed, kissing the muscular hunk’s body and sucking his cock before penetrating his hole with his fingers and a toy.

But as Paul tries to fuck Malik for the first time ever on screen, his cock won’t fit.

Luckily, Felix Fox shows up to teach a class on bottoming, telling Paul to take notes as he rides Malik expertly.

Just one cock isn’t enough for this power bottom, so Felix calls up eight more of his closest friends, Clark Delgaty, Darenger McCarty, Gabriel Clark, Kenzo Alvarez, Markus Kage, Skyy Knox, Tony D’Angelo, and Trent King, to celebrate this Menniversary the best way he knows how, with a gangbang.

Felix helps himself to an all-you-can-fuck-and-suck buffet, then the tops take turns pounding his hole in piledriver till he cums all over himself before lucky Felix gets absolutely covered in nine cumshots.

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By popular request, Paul Wagner is going to be fucking a big toy ass for his fans today.

He piles some blankets on top to make it look as real as possible, squeezing the toy and sliding his fingers inside, but when it’s time to fuck it, his lube is gone.

Paul goes to find some, while unbeknownst to him, his horny roommate Zeno Rey mischievously creeps into his room and takes the toy’s place.

Paul penetrates that ass, but soon Zeno can’t stop himself from moaning.

He talks Paul into shooting more content with him, sucking the top’s cock then taking it deep inside in missionary.

Zeno gets just what he’s been wanting as he rides the sexy top and orgasms, then Paul takes his roomie doggy style and cums all over that ass.

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Bearded, curly-haired hunk Lucca Mazzi smooths lotion onto his muscular chest and arms, slipping his hands down inside his briefs, then slowly caressing his body and teasing his cock as you watch.

Lucca finally lets his hard length free and strokes it before beckoning you closer.

Paul Wagner heeds the call, running his hands down the handsome bottom’s hard chest to his cock, before he’s rewarded with a slow and sensual blowjob.

Lucca straddles the top as Paul rubs their dicks together, then eases Paul’s cock inside his hole.

Paul fucks the bottom doggy style, then turns him on his back to go deep in missionary, stroking Lucca’s cock till he orgasms, and pulling out to shower his muscle ass with cum.

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It’s a quiet, romantic night in for Paul Wagner and Pierce Paris as the guy’s head to the bedroom.

Paul kisses the bottom, turning him on by playing with his nipples before caressing his cock through his shorts.

Pierce returns the favor before eagerly sucking his man’s cock.

Paul rewards the bottom by taking out Pierce’s dick, stroking it with his hand, and then wrapping his lips around it before moving down to rim Pierce’s hole.

Paul fucks the bottom missionary, then puts him on his knees to pound his hole in doggy style before the eager bottom rides his cock.

Pierce cums as Paul fucks him deep in mish, then it’s Paul’s turn to blow his load on Pierce’s balls.

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Aiden Ward knows that watching him play with his cock is turning Paul Wagner on, and he enjoys teasing the top by stroking his cock till Paul has to help out, jacking his dick, rubbing his balls, and teasing his hole with his fingers.

Aiden pulls out Paul’s cock and sucks it, getting on top as he swallows every inch before lowering his ass onto it.

Paul turns him on his back to pound his ass, and Aiden urges the top to cum inside him, then jacks off his rock-hard cock till he orgasms.

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Today Paul Wagner goes deep with Ian Greene, asking him about his experiences in his five years making porn and some of his hottest fantasies, including any Ian, might have about him.

In fact, there is a fantasy the bottom has been cultivating, and he acts it out on camera, rubbing his face against Paul’s bulge before taking out his big cock and sucking it.

Ian gets naked and gets on all fours in a chair for Paul to fuck him doggy style, then he rides the top.

Ian takes that fantasy-cum-true cock deep in missionary, then sucks Paul and takes a facial as he strokes himself off.

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As Paul Wagner watches, Jay Tee slips off his briefs in the bathroom, admiring himself in the mirror as he rubs lotion over his chest, legs, and ass.

Jay puts on a robe and sits on the couch, noticing Paul’s bulge.

He pulls out the top’s hard cock and sucks it, then Paul bends him over and fingers his hole before fucking Jay doggy style.

The horny bottom rides Paul, then moans as the top pounds him missionary till he cums.

Jay wants Paul’s hot load all over him, and he gets just that.

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We are invited to get up close and personal to Johnny Ford’s hot body as he lies down on the bed, teasingly caressing his big cock.

Turned on, Paul Wagner reaches out to stroke the bottom’s muscular chest and play with his nipples, then enticingly fingers his lover’s hole until it’s nice and loose.

The sexy bottom makes intense eye contact as he swallows up every inch of Paul’s thick rod and hungrily slurps his balls.

After a sensual blowjob, Johnny eagerly bends over, and Paul pounds his ass before flipping him on his back to drill his hole in missionary.

The horny bottom rides Paul’s thick cock while jacking off until he climaxes, then the satisfied top scoops up Johnny’s cum and feeds it back to him.

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Paul Wagner’s friend wasn’t able to stay at the party to give him his housewarming gift, but he left it laid out for him, Piotr Watts, naked and waiting, face down, ass up, and topped with a bow.

Piotr is there to do anything Paul wants, so Paul starts by fucking the bottom’s face, then fills up that ass with cock in doggy style.

Piotr rides Paul, then the top pounds his ass and paints it with his load, and Piotr jacks himself off and cums.

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Paul Wagner and Chris White wake up in Paul’s brand new place, and he opens his eyes to the feeling of hot redhead Chris’s wet lips on big dick, making him spring to a full erection.

Paul sucks the bottom’s cock, then pushes his legs back and fucks him before Chris gets on top to ride him.

Then the freckled cutie takes control, pounding Paul’s ass doggy style in this flip fuck before he pulls out and the guys cum together.

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Hairy muscle hunk Paul Wagner bottoms for big muscled stud Malik Delgaty’s massive uncut cock.

Malik is nervous about meeting his girlfriend’s dad for the first time, but Paul is way more welcumming than he expected.

Paul keeps touching Malik’s muscles, and when they’re alone, he sucks Malik’s cock.

The daddy rides the buff straight guy, showing him just how much better a tight man’s hole feels, and Malik pounds him on the couch.

They hide in the shower so Malik can drill the bottom doggy style, then puts Paul on the counter to fuck the cum out of him and gives him a facial.

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Sexy hairy chested hunk Paul Wagner’s huge dick fucking horny barman Chris Cool’s bubble ass.

It’s Chris Cool’s first shift at the bar, and experienced bartender Paul Wagner gives him a little pep talk… but it’s more action than words.

Paul slowly strips and strokes his cock, and Chris eagerly sucks it as the top fingers his hole.

The guys take turns swallowing each other’s dicks, then Chris sits on that big hard-on.

Paul taps the bottom’s ass in doggy style and fucks him deep in missionary on a table till Chris orgasms, then serves the bottom up a heaping mouthful of cum.

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