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Hair Color: Ginger / Red Head
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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Sports fans blonde hottie Felix Fox and tattoo muscled hunk Chris Damned are watching the big game with their couple friends Kyle Connors and his boyfriend, but when their other halves go to get some snacks at halftime, Kyle starts hitting on Chris behind their backs.

Felix catches Kyle sucking Chris’s cock and shows the interloper how it’s done, then Chris sneakily rims Felix.

When Kyle’s boyfriend returns with the food, the three horny dudes hide under the blanket as Kyle and Felix vie for who will jack off Chris.

Kyle’s boyfriend makes a trip to the store, and Kyle steals another taste of Chris’s cock before sucking Felix as Felix rides his BF.

Then Felix sucks Kyle as Chris pounds him doggy style, and Kyle jacks off as he watches Felix get fucked till the bottom gets covered with all three loads.

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When Kyle Connors finds out that his boyfriend, Nic, is a cheater who fucked another guy at the bar, he decides the perfect way to get his revenge is to do the same thing by fucking Nic’s coworker, Vinny Blackwood.

Vinny’s all alone mopping up before opening, and Kyle is soon polishing the handsome stud’s cock instead.

Vinny sucks the ginger’s dick and Kyle eats Vinny’s ass, then gets fucked doggy style.

Kyle rides Vinny’s dick, then flips the script to fuck his tight hole too, cumming on Vinny’s chest before Vinny gets himself off.

The only thing left to do is break up with his cheating man…Join them!

Everyone else has gone home, and Nic Sahara is cleaning up at the bar when his boyfriend Kyle Connors knocks on the door.

Kyle just dropped in to say hi, but Nic wants to do a lot more than that, because he’s super horny and they’ve got the place to themselves.

Nic sucks Kyle’s cock, then gets into a Go-Go cage and lets his man deep throat him through the bars.

Kyle bends over and backs his tight hole onto Nic’s dick before Nic cums outta his cage and bends Kyle over the bench to do him just fine.

Kyle goes heels over head to get fucked in pile driver till he cums, then Nic shoots his load all over Kyle’s hole…Join them!

When Johnny Rapid spots two hot guys sitting on the cliffs overlooking where his boat is anchored, he swims over and convinces them to come aboard.

But before Johnny can let ginger Kyle Conners and bohemian Xavier Cox into the cabin, they have to obey the maritime law and fuck.

Xavier sucks Kyle’s cock and Johnny peeks from above decks as Kyle sucks Xavier’s dick and Xavier fucks him doggy style.

Seeing just how horny these guys are, Johnny lets them use his berth to keep banging, and Kyle wants to take a turn sliding his dick into Xavier’s ass.

Xavier rides the horny ginger and then the guys each jack off till they cum before going up on deck for a scenic cruise…Join them!

Calhoun Sawyer has been criss-crossing the country searching for big dicks.

Today he drops by Chattanooga where he meets fellow young ginger and muscled farmer Kyle Connors for some hardcore dick action.

Kyle’s a sexy young stud with a biff body and big dick and he is a big fan of Calhoun’s famous hard cock.

Country boy Kyle has some impressive deepthroating skills, and he’s more than impressed by Calhoun’s tongue in his hole, which soon has him begging for that dick.

Calhoun fucks the burly bottom doggystyle, then blows Kyle’s mind by sucking his toes as he pounds him mish.

Calhoun cums on Kyle’s face, then asks the other redhead to shoot hot jizz all over his cock.

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Nate Grimes has been planning his Thanks Giving dinner for months but when his friends all cancel at the same moment he decides to invite his neighbors to share the celebrations.

While Kyle Connors and Kaleb Stryker are in the kitchen with Nate preparing the food, Jack Hunter is feeling horny and finds a hollowed-out gourd which he uses to jerk himself off.

They return to find Jack with his big dick balls-deep in the butternut squash and they get so excited that they get naked and Kaleb starts sucking Kyle’s huge dick.

Nate can’t believe his dinner party has turned into a veggie orgy, but Jack encourages him to give the gourd a try.

Nate’s dick gets super hard fucking the squash, and soon he’s joining Kyle and Kaleb and getting fucked in a hot threesome as Jack watches and strokes his cock.

Kyle, Nate, and Kaleb give Jack a triple facial before the veggie perv blows a hot load on the sexy squash.

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Tensions are high during Devy and Kyle Connors’s wrestling bout, but it’s after Kyle taps out that things really heat up.

Kyle angrily rips Devy’s singlet, letting the muscular top’s big cock fall out, and it gets Greco-Roman in the locker room as Devy plants a kiss on his opponent.

Kyle rides Devy reverse on a bench, then sucks the top’s cock, then Devy fucks him doggy-style against the lockers.

Devy pins Kyle on the bench, fucking him missionary till Kyle cums, then covers his sparring partner with jizz.

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Finn Harding’s college tour starts with a bang when he finds his roomie for the weekend, Felix Fox, riding a dick.

Finn teaches blond Felix and red-haired Kyle Connors about the sock code then gets schooled as Felix squirts out a big creampie on Finn’s head.

Felix says that fair’s fair and Finn can squirt on him too.

Kyle and Felix kiss around Finn’s cock, and Finn fucks Felix doggy style before Kyle rides him and Felix rides Kyle.

The redhead rims the bottom as Felix blows Finn, then Finn gives both the college guys their turn getting pounded in missionary till they orgasm.

As promised, Felix and Kyle share Finn’s cum load.

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Kyle Connors is in his home office where the stress levels are rising.

When he is close to meltdown he calms himself down by giving the fake set of balls under his desk a gentle squeeze.

Plumber Kaleb Stryker wants to know Kyle’s secret to staying so relaxed but ends up smearing grime all over the sack, so he hides and lets Kyle play with his nuts instead.

When Kyle discovers the switch, he’s upset that Kaleb dirtied his stressticles… until the crafty workman teabags him.

Kyle sucks Kaleb’s cock, then bends him over the chair to fuck him doggy style.

Kaleb rides the top, and the muscular redhead picks up the bottom for a stand and carry before cumming all over his ass. But just when Kyle was feeling chill, Kaleb gets jizz all over his desk.

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Chris Damned has the subway car all to himself so he starts rubbing his cock through his gray sweats, at least until Michael Boston gets on.

Chris closes his eyes and leans his head back, pretending he’s just resting, but Michael notices his bulge and snaps a pic before he reaches his stop.

He turns to flirt with Chris… and gets stuck in the doors.

Chris rushes over to help, but Michael gets dick-stracted and pulls down the tattooed hunk’s pants to get a mouthful of that cock.

Subway mechanic Kyle Connors is called in to fix the stuck doors, but when he’s greeted by Michael’s muscle ass, he gets his cock stuck deep inside the bottom instead.

Kyle fixes the doors and gets on the train so Michael can suck both dicks.

Chris fucks Michael doggy style, then sucks Michael’s cock as the bottom rides Kyle on the seats.

Pretty soon both tops are taking turns pounding Michael piledriver next to the pole before they both jizz on his face before Michael jacks off till he cums.

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Hottie young twink Theo Brady’s old “pal” has taken him on a shopping trip to New York for a spot of some shopping.

As they pull up on the tarmac to get on the private jet, Theo notices that the pilot is Kyle Connors who is waiting for him in the cockpit.

Theo is bored and horny, so he gets his cock out, but his rich old patron is on an important business call and doesn’t want to be interrupted.

Luckily, Kyle joins Theo in the cabin. Theo sucks Kyle’s cock and the pilot navigates his tongue into the twink’s hole.

It’s Theo who takes the stick as Kyle fucks him doggy style, then the bottom rides Kyle’s jet before he cums, and the pilot’s jizz lands on his ass.

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Kyle Connors is traveling home to his parents for the weekend to introduce his parents to his college boyfriend Tyler Castle.

As he is not yet out he tells his parents that they are just roommates, but left alone in the house they decide to enjoy their time together to the fullest.

Kyle sucks Tyler on the bed, and his boyfriend rims his hole before fucking him doggy style.

But as Kyle is riding his man, his brother walks in and Kyle hides in the closet.

Although he isn’t ready to come out quite yet, Tyler joins him to continue their tryst, fucking Kyle spoon till he orgasms, then cumming on the bottom’s face.

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Reality Dudes gay porn scenes of Kyle Connors

When their friend Parker Hayes ventures off alone to do a little exploring, tanned, muscular Jax Thirio and red-haired Kyle Connors grab the opportunity to get frisky in the sunny clearing.

When Parker returns and catches Jax sucking Kyle’s cock, he takes a turn before ordering Kyle to get on his knees and taste Jax’s dick and then his own.

Jax and Kyle both suck Parker, and then the tall hottie films on his phone while Jax eats Kyle’s hole and penetrates him with his fingers before fucking him doggy style.

Parker gets it all on video as Jax makes Kyle cum while fucking him mish, then keeps pounding the redhead’s ass till he pulls out and jizzes all over his hole.

As Kyle Connors enters the metro subway car the doors close fast ripping his sweatpants clean off, leaving him naked.

Precinct 69 undercover officer Theo Brady, radios for Agent Felix Fox for immediate backup.

Felix puts Kyle under arrest and takes him to the interview room, telling the redhead to confess his public indecency was planned.

As Theo watches from behind the one-way mirror, Kyle gets naked and waits for Felix on the desk on all fours.

Felix fucks that ass, and Kyle rides the sexy agent.

Felix penetrates the perp’s mouth, then sucks his cock.

Kyle lies back on the desk as the top pounds his hole, then they swap facials before Kyle makes his daring escape.

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Sexy ripped studs Finn Harding and Kyle Connors are all set for a quiet evening on the sofa, watching movies when they are both overcome by an urge to make out, kissing passionately as they undress each other.

Boyfriend Dante Colle has a sixth sense and realizes that he might be missing out on the sex so he hurries home and catches his boyfriends Finn and Kyle sucking each other’s huge dicks.

Dante drops his jeans to his ankles exposing his already full erect dick for Kyle to swallow as he kisses Finn.

Finn and Dante take turns rimming Kyle, then Dante penetrates the eager bottom in piledriver.

Finn takes his turn drilling Kyle’s hole as the redhead sucks Dante, then Kyle takes both dicks at once.

Kyle takes a double facial after riding both cocks, jacking himself off till he cums.

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Offices can’t run without a hot cup of joe, so when the coffee machine is broken, Kyle Connors and his coworker call in janitor Joey Mills to repair it.

The hot twink’s shirt gets doused in coffee, so he takes it off, and Kyle loiters to watch, checking him out and even jacking his cock before he has to get a taste of Joey’s ass in doggy style.

The twink sucks Kyle’s cock, but they get caught by a coworker as Joey rides Kyle on the floor.

The bottom orgasms as he gets drilled in a chair, then Kyle sprays hot “milk” all over him.

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