Chris Cool

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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Hottie big muscled blue-collar construction workers Malik Delgaty and Clark Delgaty are working hard on the latest gig doing some drilling and looking for just the right screw, but their co-worker Chris Cool would rather interrupt their work by swinging his cock and balls around or showing his spread ass.

When Chris jizzes all over their freshly painted wall, the muscle hunks vow to teach him a lesson.

Chris hides in a box with a hole at each end, and when Malik finds him inside, he makes Chris suck his cock, then calls Clark over to pound the prank-playing bottom’s ass doggy style.

They take Chris out of the box to make him suck Clark as Malik takes his turn on that hole, then put him in piledriver and drill his ass with a dildo… literally.

Chris promises not to cause trouble again as he takes first Malik, then Clark in missionary, and after the bottom cums he takes two big loads on his face.

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Young big muscle hunk Malik Delgaty and his girlfriend think they sneaked into the sauna to by themselves, but to their annoyance, they are quickly joined by young hottie gay boy Chris Cool.

When Chris catches Malik staring at his bare ass after he drops his towel, he’s the one who’s about to get lucky.

Malik makes eye contact with Chris and sneakily strokes his dick, and Chris sneaks over and sucks the top right under his GF’s nose.

When Malik’s girlfriend opens her eyes and catches them, she storms out, bringing over an employee to complain, but the spa attendant is so turned on he keeps watching Malik fuck Chris’s mouth through the window.

Malik pounds the bottom in doggystyle, then Chris rides the top’s dick.

The lucky bottom cums as Malik rams his ass, then gets it filled up with a creampie.

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Chris Cool thinks his buddy Aiden Jacobs’s dick pic was good enough to share, so he grabs Aiden’s phone to try to send it to his girl, but Aiden tackles him on the stairs and does the first thing he can think of to make him drop it, kisses him.

Chris likes it so much, that he bends the blond hunk over, spanking his ass and teasing his hole with his cock before rimming Aiden, then sliding his cock inside.

The guys suck each other, and then it’s Chris’s turn to get fucked as he sits on Aiden’s cock.

Chris has the last hurrah in this flip fuck as he pounds Aiden’s hole from behind, then cums on Aiden’s face and slaps it with his dick as the blond jacks himself off till he orgasms.

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Paul Canon is having some romantic sex with his boyfriend Chris Cool, when his side piece, Hatler Gurius, sneaks into the bedroom.

To avoid arousing Chris’s suspicions, Paul cuffs and blindfolds him, then puts him on their riding sex machine as he secretly penetrates Hatler behind his man’s back.

When a stranger’s cum lands on Chris’s face, he suspects something’s up, and soon he catches the tattooed homewrecker riding Paul’s dick.

“All your cocks are mine now,” Chris declares as he pushes Hatler down on the motor toy, then sits on his dick as he sucks Paul.

It’s Hatler’s turn to wear the cuffs as Chris and Paul spit-roast him, then Paul fucks both their holes until he cums on his boyfriend’s ass and his side piece licks it off.

Chris shoots a thick load on Hatler’s face before kicking him out.

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Ripped hairy chested hunk Finn Harding’s huge dick bare fucking young hottie Chris Cool’s bubble butt.

Chris is a regular at Finn’s food truck, and not for the hot dogs.

As Chris’s flirting starts interfering with business, Finn invites him inside so they can work and play at the same time.

Chris tries to take orders as Finn rims him, but he’s not a people person… he’s a cocky person, so he sucks Finn as the top works.

Finn bends Chris over to fuck him doggy style as Chris mans the window, then pounds the bottom on the counter.

Chris takes Finn’s big sausage in his buns till he cums, then puts the top’s dick in a bun and takes some special sauce on his face.

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Sexy hairy chested hunk Paul Wagner’s huge dick fucking horny barman Chris Cool’s bubble ass.

It’s Chris Cool’s first shift at the bar, and experienced bartender Paul Wagner gives him a little pep talk… but it’s more action than words.

Paul slowly strips and strokes his cock, and Chris eagerly sucks it as the top fingers his hole.

The guys take turns swallowing each other’s dicks, then Chris sits on that big hard-on.

Paul taps the bottom’s ass in doggy style and fucks him deep in missionary on a table till Chris orgasms, then serves the bottom up a heaping mouthful of cum.

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Sexy construction worker Theo Brady’s huge young cock fucking mate Chris Cool’s bubble ass.

These construction guys are hard at work.

Theo Brady does some nailing, while next to him, Chris Cool is busy screwing.

They soon get so hot, they have to take their shirts off, and Theo can’t help but check out Chris’s tempting crack as he bends over… Time for a break as Chris hungrily devours Theo’s tool, then sits on it.

The bottom takes a drilling in doggy style and squirts out some cock caulk as he gets nailed in missionary, then takes a facial.

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