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Hair Color: Black
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Black
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 6’3″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Top

Lucas Entertainment gay porn scenes of Andre Donovan

Dirk Caber is a true muscle bear to be lusted after, but don’t let his butch appearance fool you. Dirk might be a guy’s guy, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t interested in some backdoor attention.

He invites Andre Donovan over to show him what a big black cock can offer him during his trip to the city, and Andre doesn’t let him down.

Andre Donovan fucks Dirk Caber in the ass bareback so hard he can barely walk after he’s through with him….Join them!

Arad Winwin is a powerful Persian business tycoon who is not afraid to use his influence to get men to do whatever he wants whenever he wants.

Arad is well aware of Andre Donovan and his business acumen in New York, and he’s also aware of Andre’s personal life as an alpha top in the city and how it intermingles with his white-collar life.

Arad makes it his mission on his business trip to New York to make Andre work very long and very hard for his executive contract.

This means Andre Donovan, a total top, is going to have to bottom for the first time and take a hard pounding from Arad Winwin and his rock-hard raw cock…Join them!

The Lucas Men shoot their loads in the second part of the studio’s gay bareback group action! Lucas Entertainment brings you one of its hottest and sweatiest gay bareback orgies to date!

Starring amongst the guys sucking and fucking in this seven-man group fuck-fest are Alexander Volkov, Riley Mitchel, Rafael Carreras, Manuel Skye, Andre Donovan, Edji Da Silva, and Andrey Vic.Join them!

Over the years, Devin Franco has proven time and again his lust for taking lots of raw dick up his ass. But here’s his ultimate conquest: a double dose of raw black cock.

Devin puts his throat and ass in the hands of two hung black hunks: Andre Donovan and Max Konnor. Andre, an exclusive model, has plenty of fun sharing Devin Franco’s holes with Max, who is a hulking beefcake with a rock-hard, battering ram of a black penis between his tree-trunk thighs…Join them!

If Dakota Payne wants to earn his promotion, he’s got to submit his ego and strong youthful will and be subservient to the powerful Andre Donovan and his big black cock.

Andre makes Dakota test his limits by sucking his feet before he has him take care of his cock with his mouth. And when Andre Donovan is ready, he spins Dakota Payne around and fucks him up the ass bareback…Join them!

Ever since the little white Russian muscle-twink Klim Gromov got a taste of the Pheonix Fellington’s incredible body and the big black cock, he’s been hungry for more.

Because of this, he took the first chance he got to service the cock of his fellow Lucas Entertainment exclusive model, Andre Donovan.

Klim keeps his bareback boy hole tight and clean for his tops’ enjoyment, and Andre is especially pleased when slamming Kilim’s ass until he’s ready to shoot his load…Join them!

It’s a good thing Andy Star and Christian Haynes learned how to share when they were younger, because they’re two horny bottoms craving raw dick all the time.

And this time around, they need to feed their appetites with one raw cock.

Andre Donovan offers up his big black dick to them, but thankfully there’s plenty of meat to go around for Andy and Christian.

Andre loves playing with holes excited to take his BBC, and it’s beyond hot to watch him get into these guys’ asses before he starts fucking them bareback…Join them!

Donato Reyes has been out of the gay porn industry for four years now, and when he was actively filming he never once starred in a bareback sex scene.

Donato is now back and he’s chosen Lucas Entertainment as the studio where he’s making not one, but two debuts.

You’ll get to see Donato in a never-before-seen gay bareback sex scene for the first time ever, and it’s his first scene filmed in four years.

Lucas Entertainment exclusive models Andre Donovan and Andrey Vic were hand-selected to pop Donato’s bareback cherry.

Andre is the first to slip in his raw dick as he goes back and forth fucking Donato Reyes and the Russian star Andrey.

Afterward, Donato is used from both ends as Andre gets his cock sucked while Andrey fucks the cum out of Donato…Join them!

Hot black muscle stud Andre Donovan and sexy Canadian hunk Ethan Chase partner with horny bottom boy Drew Dixon in this sordid anal threesome.

Power bottom Drew’s hot hole has been aching to get fucked by Andre’s huge ebony dick and today is the day when he and Ethan get full access.

They all start off in the shower room where Andre is probing Ethan’s hot bubble ass with a huge black dildo as he kisses Drew’s hot lips.

As Andre withdraws the big sex toy from Ethan’s asshole Drew sucks down hard on it.

They each take it, in turn, sucking dick with Ethan blowing Drew and Ethan and Drew alternating swallowing Andre’s huge black member as both hot men gag as it gets stuck at the back of their deep throats.

Andre then forces his big thick black dick deep into Ethan’s muscled butt hole bare fucking him with long strong strokes getting his cock in balls deep.

Ethan moans as his ass is ravaged by Andre’s massive black butt destroyer.

Andre is also well aware of just how much of a bottom whore Drew Dixon is, so he always brings some extra manpower when he fucks the horny Brit in the behind.

Ethan Chase, with his bright and lively smile and incredible body, is invited to destroy Drew Dixon by Andre Donovan’s side.

They double penetrate Drew, and he loves having both dicks up his ass at the same time.

Drew will not be able to stave off his orgasm for too long as he is moaning deeply with both tops pumping his ass with their big dicks.

Drew suddenly cums spraying jizz across them all, he’s quickly followed by Ethan who shoots a volley of jizz shots, and finally, Andre empties his low hanging balls of their full cumload making a huge mess.

Their sex drives sated the trio relax in each other’s arms as they catch their breath after a fantastically hot sex session.

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Oliver Hunt has made his way through many of the sexiest guys here, but he’s never met a guy quite like Andre Donovan.

Andre is tall, handsome, charming, and looks utterly incredible when he strips down and shows off his hot body and huge black cock.

Andre and Oliver spend a romantic evening together, but neither wants it to end.

Back at Andre’s beautiful villa, the heat turns up as Oliver makes his move. Oliver Hunt is all about making sure his man’s needs are taken care of, and he works on Andre Donovan from head to toe (and nipples, too, since Andre loves having them played with).

Andre shows off his strength by picking up Oliver and holding him upside down while they 69 each other.

And before the night is over, Andre Donovan pounds and batters the boy hole of Oliver Hunt.

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Valentin Amour is known among the Lucas Men for being sensual and seductive.

And when Valentin first met Andre Donovan on the Lucas Entertainment set in Puerto Vallarta, he put his sensual nature and seductive good looks to use to win over the black stud.

Andre Donovan himself never fails to deliver one hell of a pounding whenever he fucks a horny bottom up the ass with his huge black cock.

Valentin Amour steals away Andre Donovan one evening for some skinny dipping in the pool.

There they hug, grope, and make out in the calm water.

And before long, Andre’s alpha-top cock is rock hard and ready to do.

Out of the water, Valentin bounces on Andre’s erection until he squirts his seed.

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Noir Male gay porn scenes of Andre Donovan

High school reunions can be stressful especially for Adrian Hart who doesn’t look forward to seeing Andre Donovan, the school bully. When Andre finally recognizes Adrian, and sees how much he’s grown up, the two engage in quite the grown-up grudge fuck…Join them!

Falcon Studios gay porn scenes of Andre Donovan

65208 05 01 - Andre Donovan

The Devil’s Dark Angels have been sent to a sinful nightclub to capture and return Rogue who abandoned their master. In his quest for information, one of the Devil’s Dark Angels, Andre Donovan, encounters a bar patron, Barfly.

After learning what he needs to know, Andre decides to have some fun with Barfly. A single kiss snowballs into writhing and groping, which then turns into Barfly sucking Andre’s massive cock. Moistening his fingers with spit, Andre probes Barfly’s hungry hole, eager to sample its pleasures.

Spreading Barfly’s ass wide, Andre dives in tongue first and delivers a frantic rim job. Removing all his clothing, Andre slaps his huge cock across Barfly’s ass, then presses it inside. As sweat glistens on their bodies, Andre picks up speed, pounding the hell out of Barfly.

After doing it doggy style, Andre positions Johnny V in a seated position, using gravity to bounce him up and down. Barfly’s huge balls flop up and down as he rides Andre’s thick fuck stick. When he climaxes, Barfly shoots a hot, white load across Andre’s muscular thighs.

Kneeling before Andre, Barfly eagerly licks the Dark Angel’s cock and balls. His reward is a blast of cum to the face, and he gratefully uses his tongue to clean Andre’s throbbing cock…Join them!

Internet star Andre Donovan is teaming up with the charismatic Luke Truong in his latest unboxing video.

For their first product, Andre is trying on some barely-there underwear from Sukrew that highlights off his giant dick.

Luke seems to approve of the crotchless underwear and even interrupts filming to suck off Andre’s cock.

It’s then Andre’s turn for an oral workout as he unboxes some TastyHole Flavored Body Scrub, rubs it all over Luke’s ass, and licks his cheeks clean.

Ready for more, the boys open a care package from Fort Troff and start drilling Luke’s hole with the Missle Thruster.

Hung top Andre then replaces the rapidly pulsating toy with his own eight inches and barebacks the young stud’s hole until both cum-hungry influencers are shooting loads for all of Andre’s loyal followers.

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It is holiday time and Andre Donovan is on vacation and fancies a visit to the local spa for a steam, to help him to relax, but Pietro Duarte and Pol Prince have other plans for the sexy international traveler.

The two hotel guests proposition Andre as he walks by their room and just like that, Andre is opening up holes and pounding it out in an aggressive threeway.

When the language is sex, Andre quickly conquers all barriers. No conversation is needed as Andre thrusts his bareback cock into Pol’s ass while simultaneously using his tongue to service Pietro’s hole.

Pietro’s bubble butt hops over to ride Pol before the bottom is nutting all over his own thick thighs and going down to lick up the fresh loads that Pol and Andre are spitting out.

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Raging Stallion gay porn scenes of Andre Donovan

After overhearing about the investor’s plan, Grant Ryan sets a trap for developer Andre Donovan to pick him off.

The trap? Grant waits on all fours in a jock hoping Andre will take the bait.

Without a doubt, Andre falls for it and can’t believe what he’s seeing before diving in face first to rim Grant’s hole.

Andre teases with a couple of fingers before noticing Grant wants more and slides his giant bare cock in Grant’s hole.

With Grant’s hole clenching his cock, Andre pulls out and face fucks Grant, ass-to-mouth, before lying beside him and fucking his hole some more.

They take a quick break so Andre can slurp on Grant’s dick before climbing on top of Andre and riding him down to the base.

Before Grant is done, Andre has Grant get on his knees and take his load to the face while Grant cums on the forest floor.

Faster than Andre can put his clothes on, Grant delivers a sneak attack and ties Andre up. Has Grant’s plan to thwart the developer’s work?

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Sexy black hunk Andre Donovan was bound and tied, but he manages to escape and spies hottie stud Beau Butler peering into the house and spying on his investor friends.

Andre grabs Beau and leads him to the woods to teach him a lesson.

First things first, Andre puts Beau on his knees to feed him his dick.

After reaming his mouth, Andre gets on his knees and dives tongue first into Beau’s scruffy ass.

When Beau wants it all, Andre stands up and slides his dick deep into Beau’s ass.

The brunt of Andre’s thrusts are too intense for Beau so Andre sits back and lets Beau ride his cock all the way up and down. When Beau’s hole needs a break, he gets on his knees and sucks the fresh cock that was just up his ass.

While sucking Andre’s cock, Beau gets carried away and sucks and jerks Andre’s dick until he shoots his load.

To make sure he gets Beau off, Andre slides his cock back into Beau one more time to fuck his hole until Beau can’t help but to erupt with a thick load.

Now that the suits and the lumberjacks have exhausted their bodies, will the brothers, Beau and Cole, fight for ‘The Territory’ to the bitter end?

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After watching Jake Waters secretly touch himself during a work meeting, Andre Donovan is ready to see what the businessman’s stroke game is like first-hand.

Andre immediately gets down to business by pulling out his 9.5 inches for his co-worker to swallow.

Now completely rid of his constricting suit and only wearing a jock, a hard Jake gets into position for Andre’s hung dick to bareback him.

He winces while lying on the bathroom counter as his co-worker endlessly thrusts himself inside of his young hole.

With his eyes rolling into the back of his head, Andre pulls out and covers his fellow manager’s ass in a thick layer of jizz.

He then shoves his stiff dick back inside Jake with the bottom blowing his load just moments later.

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Pierce Paris the billionaire Las Vegas casino mogul wants to provide world-famous rap star Andre Donovan and his agent, Phoenix Fellington, with the gift of some premium ass.

The prison warden, who owes Pierce large sums of money, offers up the handsome inmate Beau Butler.

Beau is suddenly tossed into the smoke-filled crib of the high-rolling recording artist, is stripped naked, and gets to work immediately sucking down hard on both black studs Pheonix and Andre’s humongous cocks as they make out with each other.

On the sofa, Beau continues to blow Andre while Phoenix sucks on the convict’s man-hole until they spin him around and switch places. Beau gives in, and the two hulking men spit-roast their hirsute whore.

Beau rides Andre’s raw fuck-stick before he and Pheonix take turns pumping Beau’s hole while he’s on his back. Phoenix spurts his load onto Beau’s stomach and then pushes his still-hard cock back inside.

After, Andre takes the opportunity to lick out Beau’s hole so he can sample the taste of Beau’s wet ass mixed with Phoenix’s steaming nut milk. Andre thrusts his own massive rod into Beau again.

Beau is overtaken with physical pleasure getting plowed by two huge ebony dicks, and he soon shoots pools of cum around his belly button, allowing Andre to easily wipe it up with his fingers and then shove it into Beau’s overworked mouth.

In the intensity of it all, Andre continues to bang the prisoner bareback, even after Beau has climaxed, until he erupts and creampies Beau’s wide-open asshole.

As Andre slams his huge cock back inside the used-up bottom, Beau is pushed to his limit, bringing the afternoon to an explosively jaw-dropping climax.

How long can the Warden’s sex ring go on and who are all the players in his intricate web of deceit and corruption?

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Sexy black muscle stud Andre Donovan’s huge thick cock raw fucking Caden Jackson’s hot bubble butt.

Sweaty stud Caden Jackson has been working out with Andre Donovan for the better part of an hour when the personal trainer decides to pull down Caden’s shorts to get a taste of his salty hole.

Confused but intrigued, Caden gives into the sensation of Andre’s tongue in his crack and leans in as Andre buries his face, fingers, and cock between his furry cheeks.

Wearing only a jersey and a white jockstrap, Caden works up an even greater sweat as Andre rapidly pulls his big dick in and out of his beefy butt.

After some ass-to-mouth action, Caden is covering Andre’s abs in his cum right before leaning back to swallow down his trainer’s hot load.

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Men gay porn scenes of Andre Donovan

The rain pours down over Theo Brady’s lean body, dripping over his tattooed skin and down his ass as he pulls down his bathing suit.

Then it’s Andre Donovan’s turn under the spray, the water coursing over his defined muscles as he rubs his bulge through his skintight briefs.

The guys kiss under the water, with Theo swallowing the top’s thick cock, then Andre tastes the bottom’s hole.

Theo gets pounded doggy style in the rain, then looks up at the muscular top as Andre fucks him in missionary.

The guys 69, then Theo rides Andre reverse till he sprays his load, then the top rains his jizz on Theo’s face.

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