Philip Zyos

Philip Zyos has natural handsome features that remind us of a classic movie star like Chris Evans. His masculine face, slim figure and green-grey eyes make him catwalk suit wearing material. But while on the one hand he looks like a demur fashion model, his ethereal gaze beguiles the monster that lies beneath those suit pants.
Yes! the man has an amazingly juicy thick long cock that is a mouthful for even the more experienced deep throater.

Thankfully he puts this throbbing rod to proper use enjoying not only to see his partners gag on it but also thrust it deep in to their ass stretching their holes in painful pleasure. Don’t miss Philips debut scene on Menatplay with Massimo Piano “Wrong Place Right Time”. Its Massimo that make the first move and initiates the unveiling of Philip’s monster. We’re not sure if Massimo was aware what he was letting himself in for but he seems to quite happily take it fully, in both orifices!

Philip Zyos is classically handsome with a perfect triad of features. His face, body, and cock are all beautiful, and he’s a talented top, making the package flawless. Philip hails from Spain, and it’s his Spanish roots that give him his insatiable appetite for sex.

This top’s favorite way to fuck a guy is bareback in bed and in the missionary position; Philip knows it’s vanilla, but it also maximizes the pleasure for him and his partner. He loves sex, falling asleep with his guy, and then waking up and fucking him all over again!

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8.5 inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 170lbs
Sexual Positions: Top
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Nationality: Spanish

Philip Zyos scenes at Lucas Entertainment

The beautiful Philip Zyos is sketching a picturesque landscape in the woods when Josh Rider spots him during a hike along the stream. Josh stops for some conversation with Philip, who eventually decides to sketch Josh’s lean muscular body.

But the sketching quickly stops and the two move into a clearing where Josh shows Philip his real skills: those of servicing the needs of a handsome top. Josh uses his mouth on Philip’s big uncut cock, sucking the shaft long and sensually, all the while using his tongue to tease the foreskin.

Josh’s ass is an object to desire, and Philip gets his chance to stick his raw cock deep inside. If you check out 13:40, the intensity between Philip Zyos and Josh Rider is palpable, Philip has a big uncut dick to give, and Josh is lusting to take every inch of it until climax…Join them!

Both Philip Zyos and Ibrahim Moreno are beautiful men, they have incredible faces, stunning bodies, and big uncut cocks ready for action. From the onset of the scene Ibrahim (who is enamored by Philip’s stunning good looks) drops to his knees and starts giving his top one of his perfect blowjobs.

And yes, Ibrahim mindfully makes eye contact with Philip while performing fellatio on him, a require Philip has when his bottoms pleasure him. Ibrahim, one of sexiest models to date, loves getting his ass fucked, and if you skip ahead to 10:00 you’ll see him taking Philip’s big cock like a champ…Join them!

Philip Zyos scenes at Men at Play

Sometimes the biggest mistakes can turn in to the best times. Massimo Piano had no idea that turning up at the wrong venue for his important business conference would lead to him falling to his knees and deep throating on a big juicy Spanish cock.

Similarly Philip Zyos couldn’t have known when he put on his suit and tie that morning that he’d find himself ripping it off again to pummel some guy he met at a conference that was actually happening a few blocks away.
The two executives arrive punctually for business lectures on a marketing course but discover they are in completely the wrong building.

Now, they could run and make it and discover some new blah blah sales technique or, they could stay put and discover depths of anal pleasure that they never reached before. Seeing how they are both young handsome virile studs obviously they went for option 2.

In Philip Zyos we see a handsome but unassuming young business man. But the Star of the show has to be Philip’s juicy dick and when Massimo makes that first move Philip’s grey eyes turn green as his monster cock pushes at his flies begging to be let loose on Massimo’s beautiful ass.

Massimo probably had no idea what he was letting himself in for but his throat and his hole both seem to enjoy taking that rod long and deep. They may have completely missed the conference but it looks like they learned some new tricks to try out on the boys back at the office…Join them!

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