Mario Roma

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Mario Roma is a ruggedly handsome, well built, blue eyed man. Mario’s stiff cock is sharp and straight as a spear, and his ass consists of perfect muscular globes. And Mario isn’t afraid to use all his assets to please his men!

Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Blue
Dick Size: 7.5 inch dick / 19.05 cms
Height: 5’10”
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 180 lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Nationality: Spanish

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On a beautiful spring day Mario Roma talks a walk through the park when he spots a familiar face, Vitorio Mendez. The guys give each other inspection and see that they both have been strict with their gym routines.

Heading back to Mario’s flat, Vitorio is impressed with how well Mario’s shorts stretch to accommodate his ever-expanding cock. Mario’s cock is released and Vitorio immediately beings sucking on it and getting face fucked by the hairy, muscle mans cock.

Wanting a taste of Vitorio’s cock, Mario moves in and begins sucking on the magnificent, amber colored uncut cock. Vitorio’s cock quickly responds as it becomes a living marble stature, to be admired by all.

Mario gets flipped around and Vitorio is eager to start eating that hairy, muscle ass. Vitorio gives it a thorough tongue bath and tongue fucking. With his ass properly prepped, Vitorio stands up and slips his huge cock into Mario’s ass and slowly builds a rhythm that brings pleasure to both men.

Mario gets flipped onto his back this time and Vitorio rams his hard cock deep into Mario’s dripping ass. The sensation coursing through out his entire body puts Mario and the edge as Vitorio continues with his hard ass fucking.

One last thrust and Mario’s cock is erupting with a creamy load of cum. Vitorio takes advantage of the fact that Mario’s cock is pre-lubed with cum and is still rock-solid and lowers his raw ass down onto Mario’s awaiting cock.

Mario spreads Vitorio’s ass open and gives him a deep, hard fucking. The fucking gets too intense for Vitorio and his cock explodes a huge load of cum that flows down his cock, across his balls and drips down onto Mario’s hairy balls. Today was a good day to be a gay porn model…Join them!

Hairy hunks Mario Roma and Oliver Marinho hooked up last night and they wake to feel each other’s hairy chests and are ready for some more highly charged sex.

As they feel each other’s sexy bodies and start making out, kissing passionately, Mario reaches down and pulls on Oliver’s thick uncut dick.

Mario gets his tongue around his huge cock head and plays with his foreskin between his teeth.

The bedroom smells of sex and this turns both men on as Oliver sucks down hard on Mario’s big uncut cock.

Oliver is extremely turned on as he begins sucking on Mario’s cock, as he can taste their fuck juices still lingering on his cock.

With the smell of sex wafting throughout the room, Oliver is ready to go again.

Lowering his ass onto Mario’s cock, Mario can still feel his hot load inside of Oliver’s ass, lubricating him perfectly for this morning’s sexual maneuvers.

Oliver fucks his ass up and down Mario’s throbbing cock as his cock flops around full of lust and desire.

The guys flip positions and Oliver finds himself on his back with Mario above him fucking him deeper and harder.

Mario’s cock has massaged Oliver’s ass perfectly, which triggers Oliver’s cock to erupt with a creamy load of cum.

Mario continues with his fucking and flips Oliver onto all fours and slams his cock into that wet ass from behind.

Mario’s pace picks up a rapid pace and drives him to the edge as he showers his hot load all over Oliver’s ass.

Mario slips his cock back into Oliver’s ass, adding the remainder of his load with his load from the night before.

Now that is a top-notch mixologist.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

On a leisurely afternoon, Manuel Reyes is seductively lounging on the sofa when Mario Roma, or Daddy as Manuel likes to call him enters the room.

Mario has just arrived from a stressful morning of demanding meetings and needs to release some of that stress and tension.

Daddy Mario is still in his southern, linen suit and driving gloves that help set the tone for Manuel’s fantasy.

Mario unleashes his fat, uncut cock, and Manuel is enthralled with the pleasures that are about to be bestowed upon him.

Manuel grabs hold of daddy’s fat cock and presses his hungry lips up against the bulging head, emerging from the foreskin that has kept it concealed.

After giving Mario’s cock a good sucking, Manuel stands and presents his hot, pink hole to Mario, who is more than eager to get his lips on that hot ass.

Mario gives that ass a thorough ass eating, making sure Manuel’s ass is wet and ready to be fucked.

Manuel turns around and Mario cannot resist such a hard cock demanding his attention and begins sucking up and down the full cock shaft until reaching those smooth balls in his hand.

Daddy bends Manuel over and rams his raw cock balls deep and begins a deep, penetrating fuck.

Mario likes to keep things new and fresh and takes a seat while Manuel takes a seat on top of his throbbing cock.

Manuel works his ass up and down on daddy’s cock, feeling every centimeter entering his sweet hole until he can feel daddy’s full hairy bush brushing his smooth ass.

Getting his ass flipped again, Manuel is on his back, legs spread wide and Mario shoving his cock deep within.

Mario quickly picks up the pace and is giving Manuel a hard-ass fucking. With each thrust of Mario’s throbbing cock, both men are brought that much closer to explosive pleasures.

Daddy’s cock has massaged Manuel’s ass perfectly as he showers his load of cum all over his ripped abs.

All that pleasure pulsating around Mario’s cock has blown him over the edge as he explodes his thick cum onto Manuel as his cock slips back inside of that hot ass. Daddy’s gift.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!