Lucio Saints

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Virgo
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 9.5-inch dick
Height: 6’0″
Cut / Uncut: Uncut / Uncircumcised
Weight: 185 lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Nationality: Venezuelan

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International gay porn star Lucio Saints wanders through the town square when he spots sexy young Brazilian hunk Jonathan Miranda, a note of recognition flashes across his face.

Horny Lucio is chomping at the bit as the chase begins.

Lucio pursues his target as Jonathon pretends to ignore his flirtatious advances.

Quick as a flash, Jonathon ducks down into a doorway and he is quickly joined by a panting Lucio who can’t help but grope the young stud.

Lucio is addicted to public sex and he gets down on his knees as Jonathon unleashes his huge thick uncut dick.

They both keep a watch out for onlookers as Lucio takes Jonathon’s cock right to the back of his throat.

Jonathon is a little nervous, this is his home town and he’s worried he might get busted by friends or relatives.

But he can’t give up the chance to suck a world-famous gay porn star’s dick. He bends down and slurps up all of Lucio’s massive cock.

The risk is too great and so they decide to hotfoot it to Lucio’s apartments to finish what they’ve started on the street.

As soon as the door closes both muscle guys strip naked as Lucio swallows Jonathon’s dick taking it whole.

Jonathon can hardly believe he’s bagged such a famed gay porn star as Lucio and enjoys the balls deep blowjob.

Cock-hungry Jonathon takes over pushing Lucio onto his back so he can suck on his legendary dick.

Jonathon struggles at first to deep throat Lucio’s massive member.

With Lucio’s cock dripping wet, Jonathan squats his ass down onto Lucio’s monster cock as his fat cock flops around with every thrust.

After a long, hard, raw ass fucking, Jonathan flips Lucio and slips his fat cock into Lucio’s sweet ass.

With Lucio on all fours, Jonathan is able to get up on his feet and go as deep as he wants.

Lucio’s ass proves to be too much temptation for Jonathan as he unleashes a fractional part of his load up his ass, but immediately pulls out and moves into position to shower his load all over Lucio’s face.

As Lucio is licking and sucking all the cum flying in his face, he lets his own huge load of cum flies like a rocket headed into space.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Hairy Portuguese muscle hunk Sir Peter has his huge 8-inch uncut cock in his hand wanking when Lucio Saints arrives naked wanking his own massive 9.5-inch uncut dick.

Lucio walks over to Sir, drops to his knees, inhales the aroma of his hooded cock head then samples the taste of the full shaft of his cock.

Sir drops to his knees and is pleasantly pleased when Lucio’s cock juts out and is just a breath away from his lips.

Sir opens wide and begins to savor the flavor of Lucio’s cock.

Lucio drops to his knees once again and this time he shows Sir what an expert cock sucker he is.

Working his way to the base of that huge cock is no easy feat, but Lucio doesn’t give up until he can feel those pubic hairs tickling his nose.

Lucio switches to a chair, where he spreads his legs and Sir moves in and begins sucking his demanding cock and luscious ass.

Sir gives Lucio’s ass and cock a perfect tongue lashing before flipping the chair and Lucio so that his wet ass is at the ideal level for his immense cock.

Lucio gets a deep fucking before Sir pulls out and teases his tasty pucker hole then slams his cock back in deep and hard.

Lucio wants to take control and switches up and squats down onto Sir’s throbbing cock.

As Lucio gyrates up and down on Sir’s cock, his own meaty cock flops around in pleasure with each thrust.

Lucio repositions onto his side and Sir comes in from behind, penetrating his ass hard.

Sir fucks Lucio to perfection and is unable to hold back any longer.

With Lucio’s ass begging for more, Sir pulls out and drains his thick load of cum all over Lucio’s hungry tongue and wet lips.

With Sir’s cum fresh on his lips, Lucio strokes out a huge load that flies across his abs and lands dead center on his heaving chest.

Lucio scoops up his hot load and coats Sir’s fat head with his load then sucks it all off. No cum wasted here.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!