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Hung Bearded Mike is a handsome, humble High School Math Teacher from Eugene, Oregon with a natural smooth ripped body, firm bubble butt, sporting a tattoo of him ‘getting poked” in the ass by a monkey and a thick 8 inch cock he spins like a helicopter, big balls, ginger blond beard hair and bushy ginger pubs who flops his cock out of his sexy underwear. Mike flexes, poses, and stretches fully nude and hard, placing his smiling face upside down between his dangling balls and gaping open ass hole in a unique yoga position, workouts with weights with a throbbing boner, takes a bucket piss and later another power pee on the deck. He opens his nearly hairless manhole 6 times, spreading his muscle butt wide open with his hands, sits in a chair by the forest jerking off manhandling his heavy nuts, before shooting a massive load of jizz all over his smooth ripped abs and balls for the first time on camera. Math Teacher Mike is every High School students fantasy mathematics teacher: 28 years old, just short of 5’8″, 150 lbs, with a happy bright eyes and a sincere friendly smile that lights up the classroom. “I don’t know if I have a booty, but I always get complements on my Butt”, he says with a smile as he moons our camera wearing only his sexy tight blue undies! Inked on his right ass cheek is a tattoo of two cartoon monkeys: One with his finger up the ass of the second monkey, who with an extended arm is attempting to stick his finger up Mike’s hole! WTF! “I like getting poked in the butt,’ this sexy High School Teacher states humbly and without embarrassment. This video is an amazing behind the scenes afternoon I spent in the sun with horny Mike, taking while stroking his beautiful, perfectly formed, 8” cock. Listen to him tell so many stories from his life in the Pacific Northwest. How both girl and boy students flirt with him in class, why he loves thin Asian women who bend him over and fuck his creamy white man hole with dildos, growing up in Eugene with two sisters and always seeking a secret place to jerk off as a lad! “I am naked at home with my girlfriend all the time, even when she is fully clothed,” he states with easy. Mathematician Mike is one of our most comfortable first time models and it shows with how easily his mouth watering 8 inch thick throbber springs to attention once he is nude…Join him!

Sexy straight curly haired stud Mike drops his red undies stroking out a huge cum load.

Ginger Beard, with a Hung Horny Math Instructor Mike is back for his 2nd video. This a happy, handsome High School Math Teacher from Eugene, Oregon with a natural smooth ripped body, cute bubble butt sporting a unique tatoo of him “getting poked” in the ass by a monkey, a thick 8″ cock and big balls surrounded by a full man bush of strawberry blond crotch hair.

Mike flops his cock out of his super tight sexy red underwear, flexes, poses fully nude and rock hard both standing up and also while stretching on a red exercise ball, manhandles his heavy cum filled balls repeatedly, takes 2 powerful pisses on the wooded deck, then sprays his yellow urine with a garden hose.

Then he opens his nearly hairless manhole 4 times, spreads his muscle butt wide open with both hands revealing his gaping hole, gets dirty as he soaps up and scrubs the deck chairs on his hands and knees with his pink butt hole shining in the sun and his muddy feet exposed, sits in a chair by the lush forest stroking his 8″ throbber while he manhandling his hairy nut sack.

Mike moans loudly and shooting a massive load of jizz all over his smooth ripped abs and juicy balls before taking a sexy showing while talking to the camera, taking extra time to scrub clean his dirty feet and ginger butt hole. You won’t find Maths Teacher Mike anywhere else on the web, complete with his amazing muscular body and gorgeous 8-inch ginger cock.

Math Teacher Mike is the homosexual student of every high school’s wildest dreams when it comes to the field of mathematicsShe is 29 years old, just shy of 5’7″, 150 pounds, with cheerful bright blue eyes and a true pleasant grin that brightens up the classroom.

He flashes a grin as he tells our camera, “I feel flattered to be asked back to model” all the while mooning our camera while wearing nothing but his gorgeous tight red knickers.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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