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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8 inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

Jeffrey gay porn scenes at Island Studs

Surfer Jeffrey, is a super cute 19 year old horny young twink, fresh outta high school, with a thick bush of untrimmed dick hair who enjoys walking around the property fully hard with with a Hawaiian Flower Lei around his fat boner.

He spreads his sweet smooth surfer butt wide open while floating naked on a raft in the pool, takes a long piss in the garden while holding his board, flexes and poses with his boogie board.

He skinny dips underwater and shows in pink hole a second time, before busting a big creamy load of boy juice on the lawn between his bare-feet while wearing a Hawaiian Lei around throbbing cum covered cock.

The underwater sports action cam follows this sexy surf twink Jeffrey UNDERWATER as he plays, swims like a fish, holds his breath and then grabs his butt cheeks and spreads them wide open again, this time under water, revealing his bright pink hole for a second time.

This video is full of intimate footage of soft spoken Jeffrey’s sweet laid back Hawaiian surfer boy personality and sexy smooth body! Check out his big friendly smile, bright blue eyes, totally hairless young athletic body and smooth white ass cheeks.

This Colorado Springs native moved to Hawaii with his mom and dad when he was just 4 years old! Listen to him recount, with excitement, his first impresses of the Hawaiian Islands when he was just a small guy.

Horny Jeffrey confesses to being a little nervous about jerking off, for this, his first ever ‘professional’ photo shoot. But he is loves being in front of the camera.

He proudly exclaims he has been sending girls his cock shots since middle school! Watch as Jeffrey strips out of his surf shorts and starts to stroke his furry boy dick with one hand and his very own surfboard in his other hand.

It is so hot to watch a REAL HAWAIIAN SURFER boy stroke his cock with his surfboard by his side! Jeffrey is all smiles as he clearly enjoys showing his cock and athletic body for the camera.

This hot smooth twink is a real exhibitionist. “Can I pee”, polite Jeffrey asks, still holding his board. With permission, Jeffrey takes a power piss on the lawn holding his cock with one hand and keeping the surfboard in his other. He has clearly done his at beaches before.

Bright yellow pee blasts out of his cock as he smiles and me and the camera. After the pee stops dripping from his cock, I toss sweet Jeffrey two Hawaiian Floral Leis: one for this neck and one to wrap around his throbbing red hot cock…Join him!

Fat 8 inch Monster Cock young Daddy Dakota is Back for his first ever Man on Man Action Duo with popular sweet Surfer Boy, “Beer Can” Cock Jeffrey in the newest episode of Football Nude #13.

Watch as these two enjoy showing off their identical killer cocks and low hanging balls sacks while flexing, posing and hugging for the very first time together beside the roaring Pacific Ocean on a black sand beach in Hawaii.

See them toss the football in their board shorts, then strip down to their sexy white jockstraps for more playful football action and then totally nude with throbbing boners and continue to play a hot nude football game with their thick cocks and low hanging balls slapping their white thighs and dangling below their perky butts.

They then relaxing side by side in their beach chairs for a rock hard cock stroking session together dripping cum and comparing their throbbing stiff cocks for time on camera.

These two naturally smooth sexy young jocks agreed to meet us in the bright morning Hawaiian winter sun for their very first ever sweaty duo together for a totally hardcore pounding Football Toss Session and then jerking and playing with each other in a clearing under the palm trees.

In this outrageous new video, we learn neither of these sexy lads are shy about being photographed naked together for the first time! Check out their perfectly smooth young bodies as they strip off their board shorts, revealing their smooth bubble butts framed in tight white jockstraps.

Dakota’s bulging 8′ cock can barely be contained in his tight jockstrap. Feast your eyes on their athletic supporters framing their amazing bubble butts and tightly griping their man size cocks as the pose and hug each other for photos! Jeffrey, who played Wide Receiver in High School, is excited to start the Football practice in his jockstrap.

There is something so sexy about watching to young guys jumping and bending over repeatedly as they toss and catch the football wearing only their jock straps outside in the sun, unaware that the camera is watching.

Check out their contrasting bodies: stocky Dakota with his thick blue collar man butt and taller ripped Jeffery with his perky Surfer butt!

Excited to get out of their tight white “jocks”, they both strip fully naked posing, flexing and embracing each other again for some photos on the beach together.

Dakota wraps with big hands around Jeffrey’s naked narrow waist. Jeffrey grabs onto Dakota’s thicker man body! 27 year old Daddy Dakota, has never touched another naked guy before today!

Excited to be naked in public and in the sun they pick up the ball and the nude pounding football action begins…Join them!

Super Cute Twink Surfer Jeffrey, with his fat Beer Can Cock which leaks pre-cum x3 times and his thick bush of untrimmed dick hair is BACK with his real Childhood Best Friend, sexy newcomer Surfer Boy Bubble Butt Micha, in Hot Duo Action – the newest episode of the popular Frisbee Team in Frisbee Nude #4.

Both studs flexing, posing and hugging both in and out of their beach shorts, before they both strip fully nude and get huge boners for a totally hot nude game of ultimate Frisbee, then relax side by side for a rock hard cock stroke session together in the jungle by the Hawaiian black sand beach, skinny-dip and play together in the warm ocean for first time on camera.

Friends since Elementary School these sexy real life Best Friends agreed to meet us in the bright morning Hawaiian sun for their very first ever sweaty duo of totally hardcore pounding Frisbee action and then jerking and playing with each other in the clear Pacific Ocean and stroking their hard cocks on the beach for all to see! Once again, another Hot Duo with two REAL STRAIGHT YOUNG HUNG LADS with two awesome thick cocks and ripped abs, tossing and catching the FRISBEE fully naked on a Tropical Hawaiian Beach.

In this outrageously sexy new video, we see these two beautiful High School friends, both with a full bushy dick hair surrounding their perfect throbbing cocks. Veteran model, Beer Can Cock Jeffrey teaches his best friend & newcomer, Micha how to stroke his mouth watering, rigid belly slapping cock at the beach! Micha, 21, 5’10, 140 lbs is a little bit nervous for this his first ever nude photo shoot AND the first time he sees his Best Friend “since birth” fully naked AND with a cum dripping throbbing hard cock.

Jeffrey, just one year younger, is the exact same height and weight as Micha: 5’11” & a tight 140 lbs. Beer Can Cock Jeffery became famous for the size of his cock in the High School Locker-room where he played Wide Receiver and Quarterback at Hawaiian High School.

Jeffrey’s first HOT DUO with Horse-Hung 9″ Cock Kurt has made him a pro with man to man outdoor Athletics and Cock Jerking.

We love your horny cock and skills Jeffrey.

Both boys are not shy about showing off their awesome smooth hairless bodies and stroking their BIG FAT cocks together for the first time! Watch as Micha Jumps HIGH and catches the disc with his hairy cock bouncing around in the breeze and his smooth bubble butt shining in the Hot Hawaiian Sun.

Jeffrey’s round hairless boy butt also glistens in the sun as he pounds Micha with with the flying disc! Listen as Micha & Jeffrey talk totally unscripted as they play Naked Frisbee together…Join them!

Real college classmates and hung lifetime 9-inch horse cock Shannon and girthy big dick Jeffrey are back in this hot action-packed boy duo.

They enjoy getting naked together, laughing and joking as they strip out of their stylish college clothes and their super tight matching undies.

They check out each other’s impressive throbbing boners surrounded by a full bush of twink cock hair, as they pose, hug, piss, and stroke their mouth-watering cocks together.

They then walk to their ‘job site’ fully naked with their towering erections slapping their smooth bellies, give us an amazing boy butt hole show as they get down on their hands and knees to scrub the outdoor deck in the hot Hawaiian sun.

Showing off their pink virgin holes gaping as they get down and dirty together, sit down on a sofa side by side for a playful and sexy stroke session.

Each of the young dudes explodes with volcanic streams of cum which shoot high into the air before they walk to the outdoor shower dripping cum to bath together.

These two all-American college twinks are veteran models and very popular on the site.

Now 21 years old, always horny Jeffrey has appeared in 5 full-length videos, two solo jerk-off videos the first when he was just 19 years old, and 3 action-packed jerkin’ bros duos with his big dick.

And popular 9-inch horse-hung Shannon, now 22 years old, has one explosive jerk-off video available, shot when he was a young 19-year-old high school skater.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Jerkin’ school mates, super cute twink surfer Jeffrey, with his popular fat beer-can cock, and his big low hanging balls is back for his 7th video with his real childhood best friend, newcomer rugged Hapa Hawaiian local boy, bubble butt bearded Kaiholo, in hot jerk off duo action in the newest episode of “Jerkin’ Bros Series”.

Flexing, posing, pissing, and hugging each other, in their tight sexy matching underwear which can barely contain their hard cocks, before they both strip fully nude, get huge boners and embrace again.

Then get down and dirty for a hot, sweaty nudist garden work session, bending over repeatedly showing off their perfectly pink boy holes, shower, then offer us their Aloha spirit as they relax naked side by side wearing only floral Hawaii Leis around their necks.

The unique Hawaiian “cock ring” Leis around their full bushy throbbing cocks for a long rock hard cock stroking session together, explode in fountains of cum at the exact same time, before showering for a second time to clean up. Jeffrey and Kaiholo are both huge cummers.

Fat dick Jeffrey continues to recruit new models for us. He was excited to suggest we shoot him and his best buddy, newbie big dick Hawaiian, Kaiholo together.

Kaiholo has one of the most beautiful largest Hawaiian cocks. Their first bromance is full of horny rock hard dick. Both with smooth, yummy hairless boy bodies, standing 5 ’11”, a thin ripped 140lbs and employed at the same family-run ‘burger joint’ in Hawaii, these best friends since 7th grade, have never seen each other nude until today.

Listen to surfer Kaiholo, 22 explain that his 100% Hawaiian mother named him after “the moving sea”, in Hawaiian, and that his father and he are a hapa mix of Japanese, Portuguese and Hawaiian.

“This is just for you guys”, Jeffery, now 21 years old, confidently states with a big smile as these two sexy twinks stand stroking their big throbbing cocks together as the camera roams around their amazing tan lean bodies.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Sexy straight dudes Jeffrey and Hawaiian Akamai strip naked wanking their huge thick dicks.

Super cute twink surfer Jeffrey, with his yummy fat beer-can cock and his big low-hanging balls is back for his 8th video with his real middle school best friend, newcomer rugged Hapa Hawaiian, local boy, fat dick bearded Akamai.

These sexy boys flex, pose, piss, and hug each other, both in their tight sexy matching underwear which can barely contain their hard thick cocks.

Then they both strip fully nude, get huge boners, and embrace again, as horny Akamai released and ‘accidental” cum shot, his first of 2, then offer us their aloha spirit wearing only Hawaiian Leis and grass skirts with their erections in full view.

Jeffrey and Akamai get down and dirty for a hot, sweaty nudist garden work session, bending over repeatedly showing off their perfectly pink boy holes and swingin’ balls, shower, then relax naked side by side stroking.

Their full bushy throbbing cocks for a long rock hard cock stroking session together, exploding in fountains of cum, before a face-to-face shower piss, and then clean up all their cum.

Jeffrey and Akamai are both huge cummers. Fat dick Jeffrey continues to recruit new models for us.

He was excited to suggest we shoot him and his best buddy, newbie big dick Hawaiian dad, Akamai together.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Hottie young American twinks Adam and Jeffrey strips naked wanking their huge thick dicks Two of our most well-liked Filthy Farm Boys come out as gay just in time for our Hawaiin celebrations on “Adam Jerkin’ Jeffrey!” Bisexual Twink Super Cute Tall 10 inch Monster Cock Adam’s returned. mouth watering jerking The most recent episode of the well-known “Jerkin’ Bros Series” features Beer Can Cock Jeffery performing Full Contact Jerk Off Duo Action for the very first time on camera! Watch as these two hot twins, both wearing tight, sexy underwear that can hardly contain their erect, thick cocks, flex, pose, skinny dip, and hug each other. They get down and dirty for a hot, sweaty nudist garden boy work session, getting down and dirty while repeatedly bending over displaying their perfectly pink boy. They strip fully nude with their huge boners bouncing as they strip, embracing again fully nude, and stroking their cocks together. Then, horny Adam grabs Jeffrey’s fat cum fulled cock while it leaks jizz with one hand while he jerks in 10 inch Anacond Excitedly, Adam strokes Jeffrey again while they are submerged, then they relax naked side by side while Adam strokes their full, bushy throbbing cocks. Adam, once more, unable to keep his hands off Jeffrey, takes control of his friend’s thick throbber, forcing them both to explode in fountains of cum, walk to the shower while dripping sperm, and then take a second shower “boner scene” to clean up all their sticky goo. Adam and Jeffrey are both enormous scumbags! Join them!
Island Studs says: Hottie young twink Island Studs Jeffrey strips naked jerking his big hairy cock Super Cute Surfer boy Jeffrey is back in his 10th horny, cum-filled video for Island Studs. He enjoys showing off his youthful tight smooth, smooth body and FAT BEER Can Cock. He moons the camera as the throbbing high-pitched cock and a heavy low-hanging ball sack from underwear. Watch as he shows his young, tight-ripped smooth boy body, a fat Can Cock, surrounded by an untrimmed thick bush of College Boy dick hair covering his crotch and thighs as he screams at the camera, flips his hot cock, and a heavy hanging ball sack from his sexy tight blue underwear, strokes is perfect cock that explodes into a rumbling erection, shows off his furry armpits, walks around the property in the sun completely erect, carrying an ox bucket and swamp boots sweaty and dirty clearing the Koi Pond of weeds with his big fat cock slapping his thighs with white cream, bends over while working naked, his big low hangers dangling between his sweet boy cheeks, and then smacks his smiling face between his legs with his balls dangling by his mouth. He then spins around, points his adorable boy butt at the camera, and opens his cheeks wide reveling his hungry gaping hole as he sits in the lush garden for an extended jerk off session with his belly slapper dangling, proudly flexes and poses with his hard cock throbbing between his smooth thighs. He then carries an immense load, walks to the shower dripping cum, then takes a powerful shower, dripping wet, scrubs his dirty feet and then spreads his smooth and sweet surfer butt WIDE OPEN with his pink virgin slit while smiling at the camera.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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