Dirty Scout 232

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Hair Color: Brown
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8-inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Versatile

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I met this young dude in the streets of Prague who had a weird combination of hobbies and jobs.

He said he worked in IT coding simple online computer games which was cool, but then he also loved selling financial products including insurance. It seemed a bit strange but well what am I to say, look at my job.

He was definitely interested in the finance job I had especially open for him.

This dude was very enthusiastic and qualified although a bit rough looking, best thing though he was stoney broke.

He said that unfortunately although he was interested in my job offer he wasn’t able to pay the finders fee of 5,000 crowns. So I made him an offer, and he couldn’t refuse.

I was getting super horny so I didn’t take long to come to the point.

For all my help I would accept a quick blowjob from him. How easy is that? He was initially stunned into silence, then quickly made the financial calculation and agreed there on the spot.

He wolfed down my dick like a whore so this guy’s ass was going to be easy, I was gonna stretch it wide open with my big cock.

Funnily enough, this was the easiest part as soon as I flashed the cash he was on his back with his legs in the air.

I have to admit I loved everything about this assignment especially fun when he agreed to get fucked then he saw that my uncut cock is actually pretty big.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!