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When asked how he got into adult modeling, Leo Rex responded: “I really wanted to be a porn star, so became a porn star! I love the freedom of expressing my inner sexual self!” Leo prefers to top , but he’s been giving his ass a workout to learn how to be a better versatile lover. 09. What is Leo’s favorite sexual activity? He has more than one: roleplay, dirty talk, sucking cock, and cum. And the kinds of guys Leo Rex is attracted to? “Looks-wise: rough looking, love tats and muscle, and a daddy makes me wet. Vibe-wise: fun and wild guys, people who make jokes, and can keep up with my level of hype!”

Hair Color: Black
Sign: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Dick Size: 8.5 inch dick
Height: 5’9″
Cut / Uncut: Cut / Circumcised
Weight: 165lbs
Sexual Positions: Top/Versatile

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I gotta send some love to The Boner Guide for this one folks.

I’m shitty with who’s who in the “industry” so I’m not as privy to who’s fresh meat as I used to be, but I’m so thankful this dude was put on my radar. Long story short, The Boner Guide sent out a tweet saying that it would be so hot if me and Leo Rex did a scene together.

I hop onto google, find Leo Rex’s Twitter account, and I’m in lust, because he’s dripping with ink AND has a British accent, so I’m already having serious FOMO.

But the dude lives in the UK, and I can’t afford that kind of trip, so I just tacked Leo to my fantasy list.

And then, the universe decided it had to see us fuck because no more than two weeks later I was in San Francisco visiting my buddy Nick, creeping on social media, when I saw that Leo just happened to be visiting the same city from the UK.

So attention all viewers, tell me about your fantasy pairings and what you want to see, it gets me off getting you guys off, so send in them requests…Join them!

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Power bottoms Wagner Vittoria and Jeffrey Lloyd are always hungry for some Alpha Cum, either in their mouth or up their ass.

Alpha-top Geordie Jackson never disappoints a little bottom bitch when he breeds him, and Jeffrey Lloyd is lucky enough to take a rough fucking from him in this encounter.

And while Geordie is fucking Jeffrey bareback, Leo Rex takes control of Wagner and raw-dogs him too…Join them!